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									                                          Offshore Staffing

In past few years, IT industry has changed almost 360 degree! Few years back, IT companies were
looking for human power which can help them to boost up the growth of their company but today that
scenario has totally changed. Companies were trying hard to find the skilled developers or programmers
or other staff which can work with them lifelong, in all these companies were spending their time and
money to train them as well as in other expenses. You can now get relief from all this hectic process of
finding and hiring of human resource, all thanks to ADDON SOLUTIONS who offers services of offshore

@ ADDON SOLUTIONS, we offer to hire dedicated developers or programmers according to your needs
and deeds. We give you immense flexibility in hiring offshore developers; you can hire them on monthly
agreement basis. Also you can choose from wide range of options like you can go for whole team of
dedicated and sincere programmers or you can opt for the few according your requirements. We provide
outsourcing facility all around the globe.

Our Offshore Staffing Service includes:

       Hiring PHP Developer (for PHP Programming & Development)
       Hiring ASP.NET Developer (for Microsoft Technologies (ASP.NET, VB.NET etc.))
       Hiring Java Developer (for Java Programming & Development)
       C# Programming & Development
       Hiring Web Developer (for Web Development)
       Hiring Web Designer
       C/C++ Application Programming & Development (for Mobile Application Development)

We offer certain committed service in offshore staffing, which will helps you to get better output from
our hired developers. Our hired developers will work for you minimum of 8 hours a day and 5 days a
week without fail. We offer time commitment, and stick to it to give on time project delivery. Our hired
developers will update you regularly about the progress through maintaining progress report on daily
basis and will report you if you need it. They will provide you proper documentation of your project which
will make it easy for you to understand how they carried out each process.

Why to choose us for offshore staffing services:

       Guarantee that you will work with most experienced and talented team of
       Devoted staff, which will work for your organization only.
       Quick start up on your desired project.
       Assurance of Trust.
       Continuous Technical support.
       Proper handling of confidential information.

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