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									          CRIMINAL LAW
            lawyer’s education. At the University of Virginia, the nation’s leading criminal
            law faculty offer an in-depth array of courses on both the substantive criteria
            of guilt or innocence and the procedures used in the arrest, prosecution
            and punishment of offenders. On topics ranging from the unreliability of
                                                                                                           It’s not every day
            eyewitness identifications to the consequences of plea bargaining, Virginia’s                  a law student
                                                                                                           gets to prosecute
            faculty are looking at the criminal justice system with fresh eyes and helping
                                                                                                           a felony jury
            students focus on how to make a more just society.                                             trial, but WADE
                                                                                                           GELBERT ’13
                                                                                                           tried and won a
                                                                                                           conviction against
                                                                                                           a Culpeper, Va.,
                                                                                                           man charged
                                                                                                           with possession
                                                                                                           of a firearm after
                                                                                                           being convicted
                                                                                                           of a violent
                                                                                                           felony — a crime
VIRGINIA STUDENTS do not study criminal law only from a distance. They also                                that carries
                                                                                                           a mandatory
            enroll in clinics that offer hands-on involvement in death penalty cases,                      five-year minimum
            criminal prosecution or defense, and innocence cases. In these courses,
                                                                                                             Gelbert, who
            students explore real-world problems and develop a nuanced understanding                       interned at the
                                                                                                           Culpeper County
            of the issues facing the criminal justice system today.                                        Commonwealth’s
                Finally, the Law School supplements formal classes and participatory                       Attorney’s
                                                                                                           Office during the
            clinics with a wide range of extracurricular activities dedicated to criminal                  summer of 2012,
                                                                                                           was offered the
            law. Virginia has a journal devoted to criminal law — one of only a handful of
                                                                                                           rare opportunity
            student-run publications on that topic — as well as an active innocence group                  to serve as the
                                                                                                           lead prosecutor
            and advocacy organizations focused on rape and domestic violence.                              in the felony jury
                Collectively, these experiences lead Virginia graduates to coveted                         trial and readily
            positions in the U.S. Department of Justice Honors Program, in U.S. attorneys’                   “I came to this
                                                                                                           office because
            offices, and in district attorney and defense offices across the country.
                                                                                                           they seemed like
                                                                                                           they’d be willing
                                                                                                           to give me cases
                                         Criminal Law                    Death Penalty: An International
 COURSES AND                                                                                               like this,” Gelbert
                                     Criminal Adjudication                   Perspective                   said. “To have
                                     Criminal Investigation              Ethics, Integrity and Avoiding    this opportunity
 Alternative Dispute Resolution      Criminal Law and Regulation             “Club Fed”                    so early in the
 Alternative Dispute Resolution:         of Vice                         Evidence                          summer and
     Negotiation/Mediation           Criminal Law in the Supreme Court   Evidence Theory                   to have this
 Analysis of the Military Criminal   Criminal Procedure                  Expertise, Science and the Law    experience
     Legal System (JAG School)       Criminal Procedure Survey               of Evidence                   has been just
 Causation in the Law                Criminology                         Federal Courts                    fantastic.”
 Contemporary Debates in             Cybercrime                          CONTINUED
                                       JUVENILE JUSTICE                 Of the more than 800 youths in juvenile
                                     correctional centers across Virginia, more than a quarter have been convicted of
                                     serious crimes, with a third receiving sentences that require some time in adult prison.
                                     University of Virginia law students work with attorneys from the law firm McGuireWoods
                                     and the legal aid program JustChildren to help many of the youths demonstrate to the
                                     courts that they deserve a second chance.
                                          Law student JANICE WANG ’12 said it was critical for the students to meet with
  their clients in person to build a rapport of trust and for the students to understand what clients feel is important.
           “We talked a little about what the client’s goals were — coming up with a solid plan for what he will do after his
  release and making sure he has concrete steps he’s thought through,” Wang said of one recent meeting.

 Federal Criminal Law               Mental Health Issues in Juvenile   Trial Advocacy College
 Federal Lawyer                         Justice                        Trials of the Century: Literary
 Federal Sentencing                 Plea Bargaining                        and Legal Representations
 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act      Police Misconduct                      of Great Criminal Trials
     Survey: History, Policy and    Practical Trial Evidence:          War Crimes (JAG School)
     Practice Behind U.S. Efforts       Principles and Practice        White Collar Crime
 Habeas Corpus                      Psychiatry and Criminal Law        Wrongful Convictions
 Innocence Cases: The West          Psychology and Law
     Memphis 3                      Punishment in Law and Culture      CLINICS
 International Criminal Law         Social Science in Law              Capital Post-Conviction Clinic       PROFESSOR
 International Financial Crimes     Topics in Federal Criminal Law:    Child Advocacy Clinic                RACHEL HARMON
 Issues in Criminal Law Theory          Fraud, Corruption, Group       Criminal Defense Clinic              recently wrote an
 Judging                                Criminality                    Innocence Project Clinic             article on the need
 Law of the Police                  Trial Advocacy                     Prosecution Clinic                   to re-examine how
                                                                                                            the United States
                                                                                                            handles regulating
                                                                                                            the police.
CLINICS                             children statewide who have        wrongful convictions of              Typically, the
                                    problems with the education,       incarcerated individuals in          judiciary depends
CAPITAL POST-CONVICTION             foster care and juvenile justice   Virginia. One of the three           on constitutional
CLINIC                              systems.                           cases has forensic evidence          protections to
The Virginia Capital                                                   (usually DNA) that could             offer a structure
Representation Resource             CRIMINAL DEFENSE CLINIC            potentially be tested, and two       for addressing
Center conducts a yearlong          The semester-long Criminal         are non-DNA cases.                   police violations
clinic in which students work       Defense Clinic allows students                                          of rights.
on behalf of those sentenced to     to represent defendants in       PROSECUTION CLINIC                       “But constitu-
death in Virginia and on topics     criminal cases in the local      In this yearlong clinic,               tional law and
relevant to such cases. Students    courts under the direct          students work with                     courts alone
analyze trial records, conduct      supervision of an experienced    prosecutors to try cases in local      are necessarily
original research, engage in        local criminal defense attorney. jurisdictions. Students explore        inadequate for
field investigations and write      Students perform all of the      a range of issues involved in
                                                                                                            the police,”
draft claims, motions, and legal    lawyering functions associated the discharge of a prosecutor’s          Harmon writes.
and investigative memoranda         with their cases, including      duties, including the exercise         “Constitutional
and correspondence.                 interviews, investigation,       of discretion in the decision          law does not
                                    research, negotiation and        to initiate, prosecute, reduce         protect important
CHILD ADVOCACY CLINIC               courtroom advocacy.              or drop charges; interaction           interests below
In the clinic, offered in                                            among prosecutors and                  the constitutional
conjunction with the                INNOCENCE PROJECT                defense counsel, investigative         threshold or ad-
JustChildren Program of             CLINIC                           agencies and law enforcement           dress effectively
the Legal Aid Justice Center,       Students in this yearlong clinic personnel; and dealing with            the distributional
students represent low-income       investigate three potential      victims and other witnesses.           impacts of law
STUDENT ENGAGEMENT Several student organizations are focused on criminal law issues.                          Harmon called
VIRGINIA JOURNAL OF                 prosecution of these cases         School and the Washington,           for scholars to
                                                                                                            shift gears and
CRIMINAL LAW This student-          by interviewing victims of         D.C.-based Innocence Project
                                                                                                            examine how law
edited journal is one of only       domestic violence. The group       of the National Capital Region.      and public policy
a handful at leading law            also organizes police ride-                                             can best regulate
schools focused on criminal         alongs and more.                   RAPE CRISIS ADVOCACY                 the police and
law. The journal, which also                                           PROJECT RCAP supports                ensure that police
sponsors legal symposia and         PRO BONO CRIMINAL                  survivors of rape and sexual         are effective
conferences, publishes twice        ASSISTANCE PROJECT                 assault through advocacy, legal      while protecting
a year.                             P-CAP is a Law School student      research and education.              individual
                                    volunteer organization that                                             freedoms.
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE                   provides an array of legal
PROJECT This pro bono               assistance in the community,
student organization                primarily in the area of
educates the Law School             criminal defense work.
community about domestic
violence and monitors               VIRGINIA INNOCENCE
domestic violence–related           PROJECT STUDENT GROUP               CRIMINAL LAW
criminal justice proceedings        Law student volunteers    
in local jurisdictions.             investigate claims of innocence       CONTACT
The project assists the             by people imprisoned in             John C. Jeffries, Jr.
commonwealth’s attorney             Virginia. VIPS operates under       (434) 924-3436
offices of Charlottesville and      the guidance of the Innocence
of Albemarle County in their        Project Clinic at UVA Law

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