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					                                     UCM Criminal Justice Department Newsletter
Winter 2009-10                                                                                   Vol. 4, No. 3

                   Chair Notes                              academic semester. If you would like to continue
                                                            receiving the CJ Chronicle or if you know former
                          Greetings CJ Chronicle            alumni who are not receiving the CJ Chronicle and
                          subscribers! It is difficult to   would like to, please send your email address to
                          believe     that       another Your email address
                          semester has come and             will not be sold or used for any form of solicitation.
                          gone.     The faculty and         You may also send feedback or newsletter
                          students were extremely           suggestions to the same address.
                          active during the fall
                          semester both within and          On behalf of the Criminal Justice department, we
                          external to classes. We are       wish each and every one a most enjoyable new
                          extremely proud of our            year!!
                          Lambda Alpha Epsilon
                          students as they retained
 their seventh consecutive regional ACJA-LAE
                                                            Betsy Wright Kreisel, Ph.D.
 competition sweepstakes championship. We hosted
 the most impressive 10th annual Missouri Western                     Missouri Court of Appeals
 District Court of Appeals Session. The Department’s
 Institute of Justice and International Studies hosted
 the very successful three-day Crime and Popular            The 11th annual Western District
 Culture Conference which brought experts to campus         Court of Appeals Session was held
 from across the nation. We have had students and           on October 22nd, in the Ballroom in
 faculty conducting research, consulting and                UCM’s Elliot Student Union. The
 presenting at various professional national and            session was coordinated by Professor
 international venues. This is all in addition to           Dane Miller and Graduate Assistants Brooke
 academic business and activities in which the UCM          McQuerrey and Beth Irsik.
 Criminal Justice Department regularly excels.
                                                            The sessions are designed for UCM students and
 Homecoming was once again very enjoyable as a              visiting high school students to observe first-hand
 number of alumni visited the department. Please            the court system in action. The cases being
 consider this as an open invitation for all alumni and     discussed are up for appeal and at times discussion
 friends to visit so we can reconnect and learn about       gets rather intense, depending on the nature of the
 your accomplishments.                                      case.

 I hope you enjoy this edition of the CJ Chronicle. It
 is our intention to make future editions of the CJ
 Chronicle available electronically for off-campus
 access. It is published twice annually, or once per
                                                         The chapter advisor is Don Wallace and our
               Institute of Justice                      executive board includes President-Amanda
                                                         Johnson, Vice-President(s)-Travis LeVee and
                   The Institute will host its annual    Andrew Muench, Treasurer-Krystin Herman, and
                   conference on March 29-30,            Sergeant-at-Arms-Danielle Eickhoff and A.J.
                   2010, on the UCM campus.              Miller.
                   This year’s theme is “Homeland
                   Security—Global and Domestic
Perspectives.” This multidisciplinary conference                Lambda Alpha Epsilon: LAE
seeks to investigate the range of issues surrounding
the efforts to secure the homeland from threats of                     The Gamma Epsilon Delta (GED)
human origin and natural threats. This Conference                      chapter of the American Criminal
will examine best practices along with an                              Justice Association-Lambda Alpha
assessment and examination of policies.                                Epsilon has been very active this
                                                                       semester.     The chapter members
Specific themes will include: international                            organized several campus fundraisers,
cooperative efforts in homeland security,                participated in Homecoming, sponsored social
identification of threats, rural homeland security       events, and organized community service projects.
initiatives, institutional architectures to respond to   LAE also instituted a new process for recruiting
other security challenges and disasters, proactive       new members. The LAE Academy is a first for the
measures to counter terrorism, intelligence              organization, where prospective members attend a
concerns, crisis and consequence management,             series of chapter-run classes which teach them
public health response, impact of homeland               about the history and traditions of the organization,
security measures on concepts of justice and             bylaws, symbols, and parliamentary procedures.
sovereignty at both domestic and international           They are also given in-depth information
levels, training and academic educational programs       pertaining to membership and participation. There
in homeland security, impact on law enforcement          are over 30 prospective members set to be inducted
and firstresponders.                                     at the end of the semester and we welcome all of
                                                         them to LAE!
       Alpha Phi Sigma Honor Society                     The chapter advisors are Roger Pennel, Gregg
                                                         Etter, and Major Richard Gillespie. Members of
           Alpha Phi Sigma (APS) is the National         the executive board include President-Jennifer
           Criminal Justice Honors Society and           Ianno, Vice President-John Newman, Secretary-
           participates in a number of volunteer         Rachael Feagan, Treasurer-Bryan Van Fleet,
           activities on campus and within the           Historian-Elvia Abarca, Upper-class Delegate-Zac
           community. Members of APS helped              Bryan, and New Member Delegate-Jimmy Garlich.
with the Missouri Court of Appeals and
volunteered to escort local high school students
visiting the sessions throughout the day. They also
participated in CJ RUSH this semester and                       LAE Regional Conference
successfully recruited several new members to the
Honor Society—welcome to all of you!
                                                                      Our LAE chapter worked diligently
                                                                          last semester to prepare for the
Alpha Phi Sigma has also been very active in the
                                                                          2009 ACJA/LAE Region 3
tutoring arena. CJ Pals is APS’s student service
                                                                        Conference, held in Columbia,
project and is designed for any criminal justice
                                                                        Missouri, on October 16-18. After
student who needs help with classwork as well as
                                                         competing in all four events, the Gamma Epsilon
those who would like to help tutor/mentor others.
                                                         Delta (G.E.D.) chapter won their 8th consecutive
If you would like to volunteer for CJ Pals, please
                                                         Region 3 Sweepstakes Trophy, an accomplishment
contact and we
                                                         unequaled in the history of ACJA/LAE!
will get you set up!
G.E.D. is the largest Lambda Alpha Epsilon               alleviating chapter rivalry while providing a fun
chapter in the country, with 110 members, and of         way to pair chapters together. The Car Push
those, 47 participated in October’s Regional             Contest consisted of pairing a male and female
Conference. Competition divisions are based upon         from different chapters together, and they had to
the number of college hours completed. Students in       “push” a car at the same time as another two-
the Lower Division have completed less than 70           member team. The team with the fastest times
semester hours, students in the Upper Division           across the finish line received trophies for first
have completed over 70 semester hours, while the         through third place. G.E.D.’s Secretary, Rachael
Professional Division consists of those who work         Feagan, received a Third Place trophy for the Car
in the field of criminal justice or are faculty          Push contest.

                    The UCM chapter received a
                     total of 66 individual/team
                      trophies for various events.
                       In addition to these, there
                    were four major trophies
             awarded to members of G.E.D: Top
Academic—Jennifer Ianno, Top Gun—Richard
Gillespie, Sweepstakes Award (for the most
trophies), and the High Percentage Trophy (highest
trophy average for the number of participants in
each chapter).

Lower Division competitors included Jimmy                G.E.D. is the reigning 8-time Regional and 7-time
Garlich, who earned two first places, one second         National champions. The CJ Department wishes
place and one third place. Bryan Van Fleet earned        them the best of luck going for their 8th consecutive
three first places and a second place, and Andrew        National win on March 14-19th, in Portland,
Gordon earned two first places and a third place.        Oregon.
In addition to Top Academic, Jennifer Ianno
received three first places, three second places and
one third place. Also faring well was Ryan               Student American Correctional Association:
Armstrong, who received four first place trophies.                        SACA
The three advisors for the chapter, Gregg Etter,
Richard Gillespie and Roger Pennel, did an                                   This semester SACA focused on
excellent job of holding up the professional end of                          touring area facilities and
the competition, earning a total of thirteen trophies.                       sponsoring community service
                                                                             projects. One of their tours
The team has seen vast improvements in the areas                             included “The Walls” in
of Crime Scene and Physical Agility over the years       Jefferson City, Missouri (SEE picture below).
as well. One of the chapter’s strengths in the past      “The Walls” was once the Missouri state
has been the firearms competition, due primarily to      maximum-security penitentiary, but is no longer
the superb coaching of Major Richard Gillespie, of       used for housing inmates. Plans are under way to
UCM’s Public Safety Department. The individual           convert part of this 174-year-old former
firearms competition went very well, with chapter        correctional facility to a museum.
individuals receiving eight of the nine trophies.
This included all three places of the Lower and          Members of SACA collected donated items for the
Upper Division. The shooting team also did well          Kansas City Rescue Mission food drive last fall,
in the Team Firearms Competition, earning six of         lending a helping hand to those in need during
the nine positions.                                      these tough economic times.         SACA also
                                                         participated in CJ RUSH to recruit new members
This year the hosts of the Region 3 Conference           to the organization.
came up with a new competition geared towards
                                                      On a personal note, Julie is married to Nathan
                                                      Carman, and they have one child, Ty. Julie and her
                                                      husband are KC Royals fans, but they also enjoy
                                                      UCM Mules basketball!

                                                                      Undergraduate Student Spotlight

                                                                                               On the undergraduate
                                                                                               level, our star student
                                                                                               profile for this issue is
 The chapter advisor is Fran Reddington, and the
                                                                                               Ryan Schlueter. Ryan
 executive board of SACA includes President-
                                                                                               is is the is the son of
 Krystin Herman, Vice President-Sara Stockwell,
                                                                                               Tim        and       Sue
 Treasurer-Bryan Van Fleet, and Historian-Erin
                                                                                               Schlueter, of Wright
                                                         Intern Schlueter on duty at the FBI   City, Missouri.
                                                         Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
           Graduate Student Spotlight                  A senior this year, Ryan has been an active and
                                                       dedicated student since his freshman year. As a
                                                       freshman, he served as as Office Assistant for the
                        This issue of the CJ
                                                       University Conference Center. He continued his
                        Chronicle “spotlights” the
                                                       employment during his sophomore year, and added
                        accomplishments         of
                                                       the responsibilities of UCC Hall Council President
                        graduate student, Julie
                                                       and UCM Community Advisor to his crowded
                                                       schedule. During his Junior year, he became the
                                                       UCM Community Advisor for the Criminal Justice
                         Julie graduated from then
                                                       S.H.I.P. (Special Housing Interest Program), a
Central Missouri State University in December 2003
                                                       dedicated floor for criminal justice majors.
with a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and a
minor in Business Management.
                                                       Diligent in his pursuit of his bachelor’s degree,
                                                       Ryan worked his way through school to cover his
As a undergraduate, Julie earned numerous honors,
                                                       tuition costs. His efforts and tenacity have indeed
including membership in Pi Omicron Delta, the
                                                       paid off, because last summer Ryan had the
Junior Honor Society, the National Society of
                                                       opportunity to serve as an honors intern for the
Collegiate Scholars, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society,
                                                       Federal Bureau of Investigation, in Washington,
and was a Dean’s list scholar.
                                                       D.C. While completing this internship, Ryan
                                                       accepted a full-time position with the FBI, and he
Julie completed her master’s degree in December,
                                                       is now employed with the Bureau, assigned to the
finishing the program with a 3.91 GPA. She served
                                                       Kansas City office. Having met his immediate
as a featured speaker at the commencement
                                                       career goal of securing a position with the FBI,
ceremony, where she spoke to the audience about
                                                       Ryan’s future career goal is to advance within the
opportunities and challenges.
UCM’s current (and many former) students are no
doubt familiar with Julie, because she serves as
academic advisor for the College of Health and
Human Services! She has held this position since
July 2006, having transitioned to academic advisor
from her job as Office Professional II in the
Provost’s Office. Julie plans to pursue teaching at    F
UCM as an adjunct instructor, and eventually plans
to continue her graduate studies by earning a
doctorate degree in Educational Leadership.
                                                         simply replied, “This department is tops and there
                Faculty Spotlight                        is no doubt about that. We not only want our
                                                         students to get the best education possible in the
                     Our faculty spotlight for this      classroom, what happens outside the classroom
                     issue of the CJ Chronicle is        matters as well. That is why we are so dedicated to
                     Fran     Reddington.      Dr.       our student groups and our subject housing
                     Reddington       earned      a      program, for example. Every faculty member here
                     Bachelor’s      degree      in      goes above and beyond. The students here are
                     Sociology from Bridgewater          great. I love watching them learn, seeing them get
                     State College, and a Master’s       into a topic and running with it. The students love
                     degree and Ph.D. in Criminal        to interact with you, and share their goals and
                     Justice from Sam Houston            dreams. Many keep in touch to let you know what
                     State University. She taught        they have gone on to accomplish. How perfect is
                     at Ball State University for        that?”
one year before joining the UCM Criminal Justice
department in 1992.
                                                                  Student Awards and Honors
When asked what first drew her to the Criminal
Justice field, Dr. Reddington replied, “In college I                        The McNair Scholars program
took a Psychology of Personality course and was                             was named after Dr. Ronald E.
given the choice of a term paper or a service                               McNair, the African American
project at the local penitentiary. In fact, at that                         astronaut who died in the 1986
time, the special section we were to work in was                            space     shuttle    Challenger
still called the Prison Hospital for the criminally                         disaster. Dr. McNair was an
insane. I took the service project to ‘counsel’ with                        outstanding student in high
prisoners and I was horrified, fascinated and            school and college, having earned the distinction of
hooked all at the same time. It was a life changing      valedictorian of his high school senior class, and
experience. I honestly, naively thought at the time,     graduating magna cum laude from North Carolina
‘somebody needs to make some of these things             A&T State University with a bachelor’s degree in
work better. I think I’ll do that!’ I knew then that I   physics. He went on to complete his doctoral
needed to pursue my education further and this           degree in physics at the Massachusetts Institute of
time in Criminal Justice.”                               Technology.

Dr. Reddington has received numerous teaching            In 1989, as a memorial to Dr. McNair, the United
awards during her career, including: Volunteer           States Congress designated funding to establish the
Coordinator of the Year Award, 2003 College of           Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement
Education and Human Services Excellence in               Program. This program is designed to prepare first-
Teaching Award, 2003 SACA Advisor of the Year            generation, lower income college students, and
Award, 2006 UCM Excellence in Teaching Award,            students from groups underrepresented in graduate
and the 2007 Governor’s Award for Excellence in          programs, for doctoral study.
Teaching. More recently, Dr. Reddington was
elected President of the Missouri Corrections            Preparation for graduate study includes attending
Association.                                             seminars, visiting potential graduate schools, and
                                                         working individually with a three-person faculty
On the publications side, Dr. Reddington (in             mentoring team: department mentor, library
collaboration with department chair Betsy Kreisel),      mentor, and research mentor. Students selected for
published the second edition of Sexual Assault:          the program work with these mentors to complete
The Victims, the Perpetrators and the Criminal           the required research project, which culminates in a
Justice System. This edition was published last          conference presentation, and publication in the
summer.                                                  McNair Journal.

When asked what she likes best about the CJ
department and the criminal justice students, she
The CJ Department is honored to have three            MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida,
students participating in the UCM McNair Scholars     received his Bachelor of Science degree in Law
program. They are Jessica Sanders, Kaitlyn Roach,     Enforcement and Political Science in 1969, and a
and Charles Mitchell, IV.                             Master of Science degree in Business
                                                      Administration in 1971. He earned a doctoral
               Jessica’s research project is          degree in Public Policy Analysis and
               entitled, “Hazing on College           Administration in 1981 at St. Louis University.
               Campuses:     Prevalence      and
               Prevention.” Her faculty research
               mentor is Lynn Urban, and her                          Dennis Hill
               department mentor is Gregg Etter.
                                                      Dennis Hill graduated from the Missouri State
                                                      Highway Patrol Academy on December 18th,
                Kaitlyn’s research project is         2009. He is assigned to Troop A—Lafayette
                entitled, “Racial Discrimination in   County as a probationary trooper, and officially
                the Jury Selection Process: Batson    began his new assignment on January 4th.
                v. Kentucky as Applied in the
                Missouri Appellate Courts.” Her       Dennis graduated from UCM in 2006 with a
                faculty research mentor is Dane       Bachelor's degree in criminal justice. As an
                Miller, and her department mentor     undergraduate, he was a Dean’s list scholar for six
                is Kim Stark-Wroblewski.              semester, and he competed on the University's
                                                      Cross Country and Track teams. Upon graduation
               Charles’s research project is          in 2006, he began the UCM graduate program in
               entitled,   “College     Students’     criminal justice.
               Knowledge and Perceptions of
               University Parking and Moving          While a graduate student, Dennis served as a
               Regulations.” His faculty research     research assistant for the CJ department, and
               mentor is Arthur Kemp, from the        maintained a 4.0 GPA. After graduating in May
               Psychology department, and his         2008, he applied for admission to the Missouri
               department mentor is Roger             State Highway Patrol Academy, and thus began the
               Pennel.                                waiting period for selection in the Patrol's 90th
                                                      recruit class. On July 1, 2009, Dennis was
   Congratulations,                                   appointed to the Patrol. While in the academy, he
                                                      was elected to serve as Class Commander, and he
   McNair Scholars!
                                                      also set the recruit physical training record for the
                                                      mile-and-a-half during training.

               and Honors
Student AwardsAlumni News

                       Robert Buhrkuhl
                  Robert Buhrkuhl was selected as
                  one of the Alumni Association’s
                  2009 Distinguished Alumni and
                  International Alumni Awards
                  recipients during the UCM
                  Homecoming festivities last fall.
                  Recognized by their peers as the
brightest and most prominent in their fields, these
award recipients bring honor and distinction to
their alma mater. Dr. Buhrkuhl, retired Director of   Pictured with Trooper Hill (on the left) is Trooper Adam Johnson
Financial Management and Comptroller of the           who is assigned to Troop E - Poplar Bluff.
United States Special Operations Command at
                                                     and Utah. Dr. Pennel has been a co-advisor to the
                          Jenny Riggs                G.E.D. Chapter for over twenty years, and has
                                                     served as an advisor upon the retirement of Dr.
                  Jenny Riggs co-authored a paper    Carrie Dunson. He was elected Vice-President
                  with CJ faculty member Lynn        during the Regional Conference in Warrensburg in
                  Urban, and the paper was           2003, holding this position for two consecutive,
                  published in the online journal,   two-year terms. He was initially elected as Region
                  International     Journal    of    President in 2007.
Restorative Justice. Their paper is entitled,
“Mediation/Dialogue in the Juvenile Justice                            Lynn Urban was invited to give
System: A Comparison of Two Jurisdictions.” If                         two presentations in the fall. The
you would like to check it out, please visit the                       MU School of Social Work held
journal’s website at                                    their   fall    conference      on
                                                                       September 25th. The theme was
                                                                       “Evaluating Restorative Justice.”
      Jessica Nelson                                                   Dr. Urban served on a panel, and
                                                                       her presentation was entitled
Jessica Nelson accepted the                                            “Restorative Justice: The More
position of Deputy Juvenile                          Effective and Ethical Way of Responding to Crime
Officer with the Cole County                         and Harm.” In addition, the Restorative Justice in
Juvenile Office, located in the                      Adult Courts Symposium was held on November
19th Judicial Circuit.    Jessica                    13th, in Columbia. Her presentation was entitled,
participated in the Spring 2009 Commencement         “The Why, When, and How of Evaluating
ceremony, and recently defended her Master’s         Restorative Justice.”
thesis on the Juvenile Detention Alternative
Initiative of St. Louis.                             In addition, Dr. Urban published a paper entitled,
                                                     “Identifying ‘Deterrable’ Offenders in a Sample of
                                                     Active Juvenile Offenders,” in the journal,
                                                     Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice. Also, she
                                                     published a paper co-authored with UCM alumnus,
            Faculty and Staff News                   Jenny Riggs, entitled, “Mediation/Dialogue in the
                                                     Juvenile Justice System: A Comparison of Two
                 Professor Dane Miller was           Jurisdictions. Their paper was published in the
                 appointed by Governor Jay           International Journal of Restorative Justice.
                 Nixon      to    the   Missouri
                 Sentencing            Advisory                       Fran Reddington and Gene
                 Commission. Professor Miller                         Bonham attended the Missouri
                 was nominated for this seat by                       Association of Social Welfare
                 George Lombardi, Director of                         annual meeting on November 6th.
                 the Missouri Department of                           They participated in a workshop
                 Corrections. The Commission is                       entitled,    Sex      Offenders:
responsible for examining      current and past                       Awareness,     Advocacy,     and
sentencing practices for offenders to make                            Action.     Dr.     Reddington’s
recommendations for future sentences.                                 presentation was entitled “Sex
                                                                      Offender Laws: Some legislative
                 During the recent Region 3                           Responses,” and Dr. Bonham’s
                 Conference of the ACJA/LAE,                          presentation was entitled “Sex
                 Roger Pennel was re-elected                          Offenders: The Social Narrative
                 President of the Region. The                         and Public Policy Implications”
                 Region consists of nine states:
                 Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska,
                 South Dakota, North Dakota,
                 Colorado, Wyoming, Montana,
                                                       Scholarship” in the box right below. Alternatively,
                 In Memoriam                           you can mail your gift to the UCM Foundation,
                                                       Smiser Alumni Center, Warrensburg, Missouri,
                                                       64093. Please note “Davila Scholarship” in the
                     The Honorable Betty Pine          memo section of your check. For questions or
                     Lockard, Faculty Emeritus,        further information, please contact Ryan Bowie at
                     passed away on Thursday,          660-543-8000.
                     October 22, 2009, at Menorah
                     Medical Center in Overland
                     Park, Kansas. Betty received        UCM Department                   Newsletter Staff
                     her Bachelor’s and Master’s         of Criminal Justice
                     degrees from the University of            300 Humphreys                   Editor
                     Central Missouri, and went on       University of Central Missouri    Angela Dunlap
                                                           Warrensburg, MO 64093
                     to earn her law degree from the
University of Kansas School of Law. She returned              Phone: 660-543-4950         Assistant Editors
to UCM’s CJ Department and taught criminal                     Fax: 660-543-8306           Jennifer Ianno
justice classes for 24 years, retiring in 1994. The       Krystina Dowler
faculty, staff, and students of UCM’s Criminal
Justice Department send their condolences to the
Pine and Lockard families.

           Scholarship Endowments
                     As we mentioned in previous
                     CJ Chronicle issues, an
                     endowment in the name of
                     G.E. "Bill" Davila has been
                     established to honor the
                     founder of UCM’s Criminal
                     Justice department.     The
                     interest earned from the
                     endowment will be applied
                     toward undergraduate student

The Department sincerely appreciates your
contributions to the Davila Endowment. We are
within reach of meeting the funding minimum. In
an ongoing effort to meet the required minimum,
Criminal Justice student groups are currently fund-
raising to contribute to the endowment. We are
confident we will reach the endowed amount, so
we can begin awarding student scholarships.

Memorial contributions to the Guillermo E. “Bill”
Davila Scholarship may be arranged via the UCM
Foundation. Just logon to the UCM website at and click on “Give to UCM,”
which takes you to the Foundation webpage. From
there, click on the “Make a Gift Now” box and
complete the online form. Please select “Other” as
your designated gift area and type “Davila

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