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The UK Education Industry Forecast to 2015 - Dominance of
Higher Education Sector

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The present report on “The UK Education Industry and Forecast to 2015-Dominance
of Higher Education Sector” gives an overview of European education industry
performance and enrollements of all levels of education (pre-primary, elementary,
secondary and post-secondary education) in the UK. It discusses tuition fee and
industry revenue in higher education level. Report also talks about recent industry
trends and developments and major macro economy factors that leave a direct
impact over the industry performance.
The UK has experienced the highest levels of productivity in number of citations
relative to gross expenditure on research and development as compared to the four
competitors namely the US, Germany, Japan and China.

Table of contents:

1. Overview of European Union Education Industry
2. The UK Education Industry
2.1. Industry Overview
2.2. The UK Education Market Size, 2008-2011
By Schools and Enrollments, 2008-2011
2.2.1. ICT in Schools, 2006-2011
2.2.2. The UK Higher Education Industry Overview
The UK Higher Education Industry Market size
Tuition Fees
3. Industry Trends and Developments
Allotment of Funds to Academies
Tutoring Attracts Private Equity and Trade Investors
Rising Number of the UK Ed-Tech Start-Ups
Education Industry Experiencing Collaborations and Merger Deals
4. Profile of Major Players in the UK Education Industry
By Universities
5. Macro Economy and Industry Factors: Historical and Projections
Internet Users in the UK
Population, 2006-2011
GDP, 2006-2011
Rising Per Capita Income
International Student Population in the UK
6. Appendix
6.1. Market Definition
School Year
6.2. Market Abbreviations
6.3. Research Methodology
Data Collection Methods
6.4. Disclaimer

List of Figures

List of Tables are also include.

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The UK Education Industry Forecast to 2015 - Dominance of Higher Education

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