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Team Information for 2011-2012 Season

                                        TEAM MEETING AGENDA
                                         Thursday, February 17, 2010
                                   6:30pm @ Round Table (Rancho Bernardo)

  1.   Introductions

  2.   Coach Discussion

  3.   Team player/family information & vacation schedules

  4.   Team Duty Assignments

  5.   Sponsorship & Fundraising

  6.   Tournaments

  7.   Player Fees, Team Account & Uniforms

  8.   Complete Player Registration Paperwork
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Team Information for 2011-2012 Season


We ask that each family sign up for a team duty. This helps build team unity and spread out all the work
that needs to be done for the season.

                *Must have risk management and complete administrator form

               Assignment                            Description                     Name(s)
*Manager                              Coordinates team communications,
                                      schedules tournaments, game schedule
                                      duties, etc.

*Treasurer                            Handle check deposits, manager
                                      team/player account status

Safety                                Carry first aid kit and ice to all games,
                                      report injuries, etc.

Hotel Coordinator                     Coordinates hotel reservation for out of
                                      town tournaments as needed and
                                      communicates to team

End-of-Season Party Planner           Schedules team party; handles coaches
                                      gifts, etc.

Social Event Coordinator              Organizes team gathering events (pizza
                                      parties, beach trips, pool parties, etc.)

Fundraiser Coordinator                Find and coordinate fundraiser events
                                      (helps to offset team expenses)

Jersey Set 1                          Manages 1st set of jerseys (washes, brings
                                      to all games)

Jersey Set 2                          Manages 2nd set of jerseys (washes, brings
                                      to all games)

Popup Tent                            Brings tent to games for boys to be
                                      shaded when necessary

Player Chair                          Bench seating for players on sideline for

Towels                                Brings wet/dry towels for games

Flag                                  Brings flag to games

Photography                           Takes pictures of games and team events
                                      and shares with all families

Video                                 Video tapes games and makes copies to
                                      share with team
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Team Information for 2011-2012 Season


The club requires each team to bring in sponsorship of $250. Any additional sponsors we are able to
attain will but money back into our team account. Other fundraising we do is only beneficial to our team
to help offset expenses of tournaments, etc.


We will be playing in several tournaments throughout the season. These will be finalized at a later date
once John is able to verify his schedule and we confirm player vacations.

       Anticipate 3- 5 tournaments

       1-2 Tournaments
       National Cup

SDSC host three tournaments (Pegasus Cup, San Diego Premier Classic, Presidents Cup) and we will play
in these tournaments.
     Tournament               Date(s)              Location      Fees      Reg Due          Notes

  SD Pegasus Cup       June 25, 26, 27 – 2011   SD Area       $695        5/18/2011

  SD Premier Classic   August 13-14, 2010       SD Area       $625        7/1/2011

  President’s Cup      January 14-15, 2012      SD Area       $575        12/21/2011
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Team Information for 2011-2012 Season


      Complete CalSouth Player Registration and Medical Release Form – print 2 copies
      Complete Administration Form (manager, treasurer, coach) – print 2 copies

Returning Players - give me or Marilyn your current player card and medical release form. If you are
playing in State/National Cup, turn in when you are done.

New Players – If you are new to SDSC you will need to bring your current player card, medical release and
copy of birth certificate. Get this from your prior team manager. You will also need to bring your original
birth certificate to Uniform Night to be verified by the Club Registrar. New Players are required to
purchase a Diadora team backpack and warm up jacket. Total cost $85.

   Fees for U13
      Initial (non-refundable) Deposit Due at Registration               $ 575
      2nd Installment Payment          Due 5/1/2011                      $ 270
      3rd Installment Payment          Due 6/1/2011                      $ 265
      4th Installment Payment          Due 7/1/2011                      $ 265
      Additional WCDA Fees             TBD                               $ 190
      New Players only Jacket and BP                                     $85
      TOTAL PLAYER FEES NEW PLAYER                                       $1,650
      TOTAL PLAYER FEES RETURNING PLAYER                                 $1,565


The league will be holding a Uniform Night to try on uniforms for sizing, placing an order and purchasing
extra items in early March.

Uniforms are included in your registration fees. The uniform package includes the following:

                     2   Jerseys
                     2   pair shorts
                     2   practice shirts
                     2   pair socks

*New Players are required to purchase a Diadora Team jacket and backpack - $85

Any additional items you would like to purchase can be done at the uniform night. Pay is due at time of
order. You will receive the club discount at this time only.


Team accounts are established to cover the expenses associated with the team (e.g. tournament
registration fees, coach expenses, etc.). Any money earned by the team (e.g. fundraisers) will be
deposited into this account and apply to team expenses. If there is individual fundraising earned, this will
apply directly to the player’s individual account.

We will be collecting money for your son’s account in the near future.
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Team Information for 2011-2012 Season


Governance, Competitive Format and Founding Members

The WCDA is a new premier youth soccer program focused on established, elite clubs delivering consistent, high-quality
competition and college readiness services for its members launches today. Twenty-four youth soccer clubs across the
western United States have formed the Western College Development Association, which debuts this summer with teams
representing clubs in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada and Colorado.

Consistent High-Level Competition & College Readiness

A primary objective of the WCDA is to provide consistent high-quality competition and enhanced college readiness
opportunities for their elite soccer players. The Association will also provide an improved scouting environment for college
coaches by bringing all of the teams together for a showcase events 2 -3 times per year. The first was held in Las Vegas,
Nevada in November, 2010. In addition, the WCDA is creating a College Advisory Board composed of coaches from
Division I, II and III soccer programs who will provide guidance and direction over the college readiness component of the

Founding clubs were chosen by the WCDA's Soccer Advisory Board based on a number of criteria, including a club's
history of elite youth player development and past success in elite competitions.

The WCDA is a supplemental program, and member teams will continue to play in other leagues, tournaments and State
Cup competitions. Players will also be able to participate on their high school teams.

Competitive Format

The WCDA has been divided into 3 conferences comprised of 8 teams. Conferences are further divided into 6 groups of 4
teams each based on geographic proximity. Schedules are crafted to minimize travel costs for families. WCDA teams will
play 16 matches across a complete season and attend two showcase events.

Founding Member Clubs

Evergreen Conference: Eastside United F.C., F.C. Portland, Crossfire Premier, Washington Premier F.C., San Juan
Soccer Club, Placer United Soccer Club, Marin F.C., DeAnza Force Soccer Club

Mountain Conference: Neusport F.C., Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club, Sparta United, La Roca Futbol Club, Rio Vista
Football Club, New Mexico Rush Soccer Club, Real Colorado, Colorado Storm Soccer Club

Pacific Conference: West Coast Futbol Club, F.C. San Diego, Albion SC, Sereno Soccer Club, SC del Sol, Carlsbad
Lightning Soccer Club, Fullerton Rangers Soccer Club

       For the WCDA home page
       For schedules and standings in WCDA events
       For information about the WCDA Thanksgiving College Showcase

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