2012 EarthRoamer XV-LT Pricing and Options by ajizai


									   2012 New XV-LT Pricing and Options
   Pricing effective as of:                                                                      EarthRoamer Base Price     $174,699
   Friday, October 05, 2012                                                                                 Total Options
   Pricing subject to change until contract is signed and deposit is received                Ford F-550 (estimated Price)    $57,580
                                                                                                                    Total   $232,279
Base Vehicle
Ford Cab-Chassis (estimated prices, Ford Dealers determine cab chassis prices)
   F-550 Crew Cab (4 doors - 4 full size doors)                                                      $57,580                 $57,580
   F-550 Super Cab (4 doors - 2 full size front doors, 2 small reverse opening rear doors)           $56,463
   F-550 Regular Cab (2 doors)                                                                       $50,097
EarthRoamer Model
   XV-LT (60 inch Cab to Axle)                                                                      $174,699                $174,699
   XV-LTS (84 inch Cab to Axle)                                                                     $224,699
   Wheelbase                                                                                             176    inches
   Overall Length                                                                                       25.5    feet
   Overall Width (excluding mirrors)                                                                      7.5   feet
   Overall Height                                                                                       10.5    feet
   (Air Ride Suspension and Continental 41 inch tires Increase Overall Height)
Truck Color
   Oxford White                                                                                           NC       Z1            NC
   Vermillion Red                                                                                         NC       F1
   Ingot Silver Metallic                                                                                $250       UX
   Pale Adobe Metallic                                                                                  $250       LQ
   White Platinum Metallic Tri-Coat                                                                     $250       UG
   Royal Red Metallic                                                                                   $500       UK
   Golden Bronze Metallic                                                                               $500       V7
   Forest Green Metallic                                                                              $2,500       GG
   Sterling Gray Metallic                                                                             $2,500       UJ
   Dark Blue Pearl Metallic                                                                           $2,500       DX
   Tuxedo Black Metallic                                                                              $5,000       UH
Cab Interior Color
   Adobe                                                                                                 NC        4A            NC
   Black                                                                                                 NC        4B
Truck Cab
Front of Cab
   Replace Ford Console with Low Center Console and Install Armrests on Front Seats                   $1,227
   LCD Rearview Mirror and Backup Camera                                                                $627
   Kenwood Entertainment CD/DVD, MP3 , XM Radio, iPod, Bluetooth with Garmin Navigation               $5,248

   HAM Radio                                                                                          $3,898
   Retractable Front Window Shade                                                                       $145
Rear of Cab
   Rear Bench Seat (60%/40% Split)                                                                       STD                    STD
   Shortened Rear Bench Seat (cut down 60%/40% split bench to two 40% seats with aisle)               $1,231
   Rear Captain’s Chairs                                                                              $7,532
   Dog Platform                                                                                       $1,263
   Dual Rear seat Headrest DVD players and LCD Screens                                                $2,594
   Front 16,500 pound Warn Winch with Synthetic Rope                                                      $2,913
   Rear 9,500 pound Warn Winch with Synthetic Rope                                                        $2,548
   Axe and mount in Rear Locker                                                                             $203
Front Lighting
   Halogen Off Road Lights                                                                                   STD   STD
   Hella Rallye Compact HID off-road lights (replaces standard halogens)                                  $1,718
   Hella Rallye 4000i Xenon Mounted on Grill Guard                                                        $2,249
   Fog Lights                                                                                                N/C
   Hella projector beam HID micro DE driving lights (operates on high beam only)                          $1,568
Camper Exterior Lighting
   Camper Passenger Side High Output LED Light                                                             $486
   Camper Rear High Output LED Light                                                                       $486
   Camper Driver Side High Output LED Light                                                                $486
Rear Locker Lighting
   LED Lights in Both Rear Storage Lockers                                                                $1,040
   (automatically turn-on when locker door is opened)
Standard Length 12 Foot Awning
   12 Foot Electric Awning                                                                                $2,662
   (for extended length 16 foot awning on XV-LT Stretch, choose awning below)
   660 Watts of Solar Power                                                                                  N/C
   Two 8D Camper Batteries (total 6.1 kilowatt hour capacity)                                                N/C
   Two Additional 8D Camper Batteries (total 12.2 kilowatt hour capacity)                                 $2,602
   Heavy Duty Front and Rear 12 Volt Outlets with 12 Foot heavy gauge Jumper Cables                       $1,439
Hot Water
   6.5 Gallons of Engine Heated Hot Water                                                                   N/C
   (provides 13 gallons of 100 degree F hot water)
   Diesel Fired Hydronic Heater for Engine Preheat and Heating Hot Water without running truck            $1,880
   Outside TV Mount with Power Outlet and HDMI connection                                                 $1,398
   EarthRoamer Designed 5-door Billet Exterior Door Locks                                                 $2,602
   Keyless Camper Door and Rear Locker Doors Locks with Security Integration                                 N/C
   Line-X body protection package                                                                         $2,949
   Steel Heavy Duty Front Bumper with Radiator Protection, Light Mounts, and Winch Mount                     STD   STD

   Aluminum Heavy Duty Front Bumper (replaces steel bumper)                                               $1,477
   2 inch Receiver in Front Bumper                                                                          $315
Exterior Graphics
   Camper graphics custom created from a high resolution digital photo (base charge, additional           $5,000
   charges may apply for editing and digital photo purchase)
Air Compressor System
   High Output Air Compressor, Air Tank, Water Separator, Air Horns and 4 Air Chucks (one on each         $4,522
   bumper and one on each side)
   Upgraded King Off-Road Shocks with 2.5” Valve Body and Heavy Duty Sway Bars                               N/C
   Air Ride Suspension (Air Compressor System required)                                                  $16,413
   Michelin 37 inch diameter 22 ply tires(M+S rated drive rear, Michelin steer front)                        STD   STD
   Continental 41” MPT-81 Tires on Military Beadlock Rims (Air Ride Suspension Required)                 $14,293

   Upgraded 12,500 lb. 2 1/2" Receiver                                                                    $1,847
   40 Gallon Aft Axle Fuel Tank                                                                              N/C
   Additional 50 Gallon Mid Fuel Tank with Automatic Fuel Transfer                                        $3,128
   (90 Gallons of Fuel Total)
   Removable 12.5 Cubic Foot Receiver Mounted Exterior Storage Box                                        $3,580
   Custom spare tire mount for two five gallon Blitz Jerry cans. 2 Gasoline (Red) Jerry cans included.      $825
Camper Interior
Bunk Area
   Driver Side Bunk Cabinet                                                                                       $1,419
   Passenger Side Bunk Cabinet                                                                                    $1,419
   No Under Mattress Storage                                                                                         STD                                  STD
   Plastic Bed Springs (No Under Mattress Storage)                                                                $1,156
   Under Mattress Storage                                                                                         $2,346
   Under Mattress Storage with hidden bunk Ladder                                                                 $2,632
   Cargo Net to hold gear in bunk while traveling                                                                   $432
Main Cabin
   Keurig Coffee Maker                                                                                              $508
   Wine Rack                                                                                                        $923
   Hidden Safe                                                                                                      $343
   Commercial Grade Vinyl Seat Covering                                                                              STD                                  STD
   Leather Seat Cushions                                                                                          $1,821
   Deluxe Leather Seat Cushions                                                                                   $2,406
   Premium Leather Seat Cushions                                                                                  $3,395
   Extreme Cold Weather Package (tank heaters, hot water recirculation, thermostatically controlled               $1,117
   air circulation fans)
   Ultimate entertainment package - Bose Lifestyle V-class Home Theater System, Samsung 32 inch                  $13,832
   full 1080P LED HDTV, Blu-ray Player, HD satellite TV, Premium Quality cabling and speaker wires
   used throughout
   23 inch LCD TV with DVD player, MP3/CD player, iPod connection and two Speakers                                $2,534
   No Satellite                                                                                                      STD                                  STD
   Low Profile Satellite TV Receiver                                                                              $4,253
   HD Satellite TV Receiver (not low profile)                                                                     $4,253
XV-LT Stretch Only Options (must select "XV-LT Stretch" option above to choose these options)
Dry Bath
   Two foot longer bathroom with separate shower enclosure and larger sink                                        $2,983                                  NA
Extended Galley
   Two foot longer galley with granite counter                                                                    $1,943                                  NA
   660 Watts of total Solar power                                                                                    STD                                  STD
   880 Watts of total Solar power (33% more than standard 660 watts)                                              $1,243                                   NA
   1,100 Watts of total Solar power (66% more than standard 660 watts)                                            $2,486                                   NA
   Not Available with Satellite TV
   6 Kw Generator                                                                                                   TBD                                   NA
Expanded Fresh Water Capacity                                                                                                                             NA
   Fresh water tank increase to 130 gallons (52% more than standard 85 gallon tank)                                $767                                   NA
Upper Fold Away Bunk
   Additional foldaway bunk with mattress located above passenger side camper window                              $2,147                                  NA
Extended Length 16 Foot Awning
   Extended Length 16 Foot Long Electric Awning (Replaces Standard 12 Foot Awning)                                $3,675                                  NA
Estimated Payment Schedule
    Payment                                                                                           Amount               Due Date
    1st Deposit                                                                                       $50,000              At contract signing
    2nd Deposit                                                                                       $30,000              120 days prior to completion
    Ford Chassis Deposit                                                                              $2,000               At contract signing
    Ford Chassis Balance                                                                              $55,580              Upon Delivery of Ford F-550
    Option Payment                                                                                    TBD                  60 days prior to completion
    Final Payment                                                                                     $94,699              Upon Completion of Vehicle
   Pricing subject to change until contract is signed and deposit is received                         $232,279

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