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					Flight Instructor Workshop, Lakeland FL
                                     May 7, 2005
          Integrity - Service - Excellence
Southeast Air Defense Sector

                Operations Directorate
                 Tyndall AFB Florida
                 Dave VanBlaricom
                 Airspace Division

                 7 May 2005

Integrity - Service - Excellence

• NORAD Mission

• Title 14, CFR part 91 - Temporary Flight Restrictions

• Title 14, CFR Part 99 - Air Defense Identification Zone
  (ADIZ) Operations

• ICAO Annex 2 / AIM Chapter 5 - Interception

• Review

             Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                     Assets and Forces
                                             Command & Control

             Continental US NORAD Region (CONR)
WADS (Sector)             Tyndall AFB
McChord AFB                                 NEADS (Sector)
                                            Rome NY

                                            SEADS (Sector)
                                            Tyndall AFB

         Integrity - Service - Excellence



Cheyenne Mtn             CONR

           Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                       NORAD Mission
                                           The NORAD Agreement

• “…the primary missions of NORAD…
  aerospace warning for North America; and
  aerospace control for North America.

• … [to] include the capability to detect,
  identify, monitor, and if necessary,     take
  appropriate actions (ranging from visual
  identification to destruction) against
  manned or unmanned air-breathing
  vehicles approaching North America.”
        Integrity - Service - Excellence
                        North America’s Threats
                                   Continuously Evolving



           TODAY’S THREATS

Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                      CONUS POSTURE
                                                Pre 9-11

• NORAD CONR sensors/fighters postured
  “outward” against airborne threats … no
  monitoring of interior flights … IAW US law
  and mission direction

• No immediate threats apparent to CONUS

• Airline hijackings were a law enforcement
  issue … the responsibility of FAA

• DoD assistance to FAA (through NORAD)
  required SECDEF approval (CJCSI 3610.01)
        Integrity - Service - Excellence
                              CONUS POSTURE
                                     0800 EST, 11 Sep 01

 7 Alert Sites – 14 Alert Aircraft

Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                        CONUS POSTURE
                                                 18 Hours Later

60+ Sites … 400+ Aircraft … Ships (Carriers, Aegis, DD)
          Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                   Current Posture
                         Represents Typical Current Forces

      FIGHTER           TANKER
Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                          JSS/ARSR 4


           • ARSR 4 Radars

           • Search Range 250nm

           • IFF Range 235nm (2/3/3c/4)

Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                               IMPROVING C2
                                       Air Surveillance Radar Systems


               Added Internal Radars

       Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                              IMPROVING C2
                        Ground-to-Air & Air-to-Ground Communications


         Integrity - Service - Excellence
           Air Defense Scrambles / CAP Diverts
                                       Why Do We Scramble?

• ADIZ Violations
• TFR Violations
• Threat to High Value Asset
• FAA Request for Assistance
• Airline Request for Assistance
• CBP Request (Suspect)

    Integrity - Service - Excellence
                   CONUS Activity Since 9/11
                                   Sep 2001 – Jan 2005

Operation Noble Eagle
40,000 Plus Sorties
17,000 Plus Intercepts

Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                      CONUS Activity
                                        Sep 2004 – Jan 2005

Continental United States
640 Tracks
- Unknowns (“Unknown Rider”)
- TFR Violators
- FAA Request for Assistance
- Suspect Tracks

   Resulted in 377 Scrambles

   Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                TFRs Involving Air Defense Operations
                                       Title 14, CFR 91 – Temporary Flight Restrictions

 1. 91.139 – Emergency Air Traffic Rules
Inner Segment
2. 91.141 – Proximity of the President and other Parties
- Very Restrictive
- Air Defense Fighters
3. 91.143 – Proximity of Space Flight Operations
- Law Enforcement Aircraft
 - Aircraft in direct support
Outer Segment                          91.141
 - Less Restrictive                                               91.143
 - In contact with ATC
 - Squawking Assigned M3
 - Flight Plan / Flight Following
 - Similar to Class B Airspace

Review NOTAM
 - Each NOTAM differs slightly
 - Fly Informed

                     Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                      Southeast Sector TFR Violations
                                                        Sep 2004 – Jan 2005

103 TFR Violators
Short Notice TFRs
 President’s Campaign Schedule
 Presidential Visits for Disaster Relief
 Social Security Reform Briefings
National Special Security Events

Typical Pilot Intercepted
 VFR / Squawking 1200 or Primary
 Local Area Flight
 Commonality - No Flight Planning

                    Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                        TFR Avoidance
                                  Mission Planning – Fly Informed

Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                        TFR Avoidance
                                  Mission Planning – Fly Informed

Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                          TFR Avoidance
                                  Mission Planning – Fly Informed

Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                          TFR Avoidance
                                  Mission Planning – Fly Informed

Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                                              TFR Avoidance
                                                      Mission Planning – Fly Informed

Avoid TFRs by Flight Planning
FSS brief – Standard brief, includes current TFR NOTAMS
   Abbreviated brief – ask to include NOTAMS

Numerous websites display current TFRs graphically

Fly IFR or if Flying VFR – use Flight Following

Contact ATC facility – query TFR status (TFR may be
extended/cnxed)n t e g r i t y - S e r v i c e - E x c e l l e n c e
                       TFRs Involving Air Defense Operations
                                Title 14, CFR 99 – Air Defense Identification Zone

1.   File and activate flight plan - IAW CFR 99.11
2.   Ensure transponder is operational - IAW CFR 99.12
3.   Ensure two-way radio is functioning - IAW CFR 99.9
4.   Provide position report – IAW CFR 99.19
     (a) Report to aeronautical facility (US) before ADIZ penetration
     (b) No appropriate reporting point – report at least 15 minutes
         before ADIZ penetration
     (c) Departure airport too close to ADIZ to comply with para
         (a/b) – report immediately after takeoff – (*** obtain a code
         immediately prior to takeoff)

  -- Bahamian Islands – free direct dial for pilots (Customs Office
  at the Port of Entry/Exit Islands)
  -- Contact MIA FSS via freq at Bimini, Freeport, and Andros.
  -- Remain on freq until you have an assigned code.
                Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                         Southeast Sector Activity
                                                     Sep 2004 – Jan 2005

Southeast Sector
217 of 640 Tracks – 34%
129 of 377 Scrambles – 34%

      Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ)

                  Outer ADIZ
                  JAX – 090/361
                  MIA – 090/48
                  PAM – 180/211

     Integrity - Service - Excellence
               Bahamian Corridor - “Unknown” Activity
                                           Sep 2004 – Jan 2005

         Bahamian Corridor
                  Sep 04 – Jan 05

36% of SEADS Unknowns
Unknowns      - 40          ADIZ      $260,000.00
Scrambles     - 13
ID’ed via ATC - 37
Intercepted   - 03

        Integrity - Service - Excellence
                          Air Defense Identification “Zone” - ADIZ
                                             Reporting Requirement Timeline

     15 min from ADIZ
*** provide estimate for ADIZ
*** obtain discrete transponder code
             100 kts – 25 nm
             140 kts – 35 nm
             180 kts – 45 nm
   Miami AIFSS – 126.9
   Miami Ctr – 134.2
   Miami AIFSS – xmit 122.1
                 – rec 116.2 (vor)
   Miami AIFSS – 118.4
   Miami Ctr – 125.7/134.8
   Miami AIFSS – 126.7

                   Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                                        How can you help?
                                                                          Be Prepared

- Unknown Rider Calls on GUARD (UHF 243.0 & VHF 121.5)
    - “Unknown Rider, Unknown Rider, (Position ref NAVID) with amplifying
    information (Heading, Alt, Speed, M3)” if able

- Is this me?
      - If a possibility that it’s you – answer the radio call (authenticate is N/A)
      - If it’s not you – Oakgrove will let you know
      - By identifying yourself you may prevent a scramble

- If it is you expect the following questions
       - Who you are – point of origin, destination, where filed, to be followed with
       course of action if any at all

- If intercepted
       - Fighter (F-16 only) may attempt to establish contact via radio on 121.5
       - Contact appropriate ATC facility immediately
       - Watch for ICAO visual signals, Annex 2, Rules of the Air
       - Immediate compliance with fighter aircraft instructions is mandatory

                Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                  Fighter Procedures
                                          Operations | ONE

What happens during an intercept?

   • Contact by 3nm
   • Lock by 1nm
   • Closure controlled inside 1nm
   • No closer than required for
     mission accomplishment
   • Fighters will deconflict with ATC
   • Min Distance = It Depends

       Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                                    In the Event of Interception
                                                              ICAO Annex 2 – Rules of the Air

            Signals Initiated by Intercepting Aircraft
   Intercepting A/C                  Meaning           Intercepted A/C                Meaning
                                                     Rocking Aircraft & Flashing      Understood
Rocking Aircraft & Flashing          Intercepted
                                     follow me       Navigational Lighting – and      will comply
Navigational Lighting – after
acknowledgement, slow level
turn to desired heading

Abrupt break-away from               You may         Rocking the Aircraft             Understood
intercept aircraft – climbing turn   proceed                                          will comply
of 90 degrees w/o crossing line
of flight of intercepted A/C

Lowering landing gear, showing       Land at this    Lowering landing gear,           Understood
steady landing lights and            aerodrome       showing steady landing lights    will comply
overflying runway in use                             and following the intercepting
                                                     aircraft – proceed to land

                       Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                                      In the Event of Interception
                                                                   ICAO Annex 2 – Rules of the Air

             Signals Initiated by Intercepted Aircraft
    Intercepted A/C                   Meaning            Intercepting A/C                Meaning
                                                      If desired that intercepted A/C    Understood
Raising landing gear/flashing         Aerodrome
                                                      follow to alternate –              follow me
landing lights while passing over     designated is
                                                      Intercepting A/C raises its gear
runway in use – continuing to         inadequate
circle runway in use
                                                      If decide to release intercepted   Understood
                                                      A/C –                              you may
                                                      Intercepting A/C uses Series 2     proceed
                                                      signals (You may proceed)

Regular switching on and off of        Cannot          Rocking the Aircraft              Understood
all available lights but in such a     comply
manner as to be distinct from
flashing lights
Irregular flashing of all available                    Series 2 (You may proceed)        Understood
                                      In distress
lights                                                 signals prescribed for
                                                       intercepting aircraft

                         Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                                  Things to Remember

-   NORAD mission

-   Temporary Flight Restrictions
    - Always check your NOTAMS, use websites
    - Use flight following if VFR

-   ADIZ Operations
    - Obtain a discrete transponder code from ATC
    - Position report 15 minutes prior to entering the ADIZ

-   Know Interception Procedures
    - Monitor Emergency Freq VHF 121.t
    - AOPA quick reference guide

-   Thank You for following the procedures

               Integrity - Service - Excellence
                                 Every pilot plays an important role!!!

Contact Info:
Attn: David VanBlaricom
650 Florida Ave, Stop 73
Tyndall AFB FL. 32403-5015

      Integrity - Service - Excellence

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