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					Position Reports To: Executive Director, Revenue Cycle & IT


Job Purpose Summary:The Senior Manager -- (Accounts Receivable) is responsible for the operations of account
collections for a large managed group of Physicians medical Practices.

This position will assist in the hiring and development of this new team as this function is currently being brought in

In this role, the Senior Manager provides oversight and direction to the AR (Accounts

Receivable) Team of 15 to ensure cash collections, net collections, and days in accounts receivable goals are met,

and ensures that accounts are collected in compliance with federal, state guidelines. Successful startup of

this team will lead to additional growth opportunity as the new billing platform is implemented later this year.

The Senior Manager of Billing is expected to become an expert in the new billing platform. Continuing as a

member of the implementation team, the Senior Manager will participate in planning discussions and

meetings, Super User training and user training.

As part of the Revenue Cycle Team, the Senior Manager will collaborate with the Team in current and ongoing

coordination and process review discussions, as well as implementing and supervising current and updated policies and
procedures when indicated.

The Senior Manager reviews and resolves patient account issues as they pertain to AR and acts as liaison

between the Patient Accounts Manager and the Practice Managers for patient account resolution as needed.

In this area of responsibility is:

1. lend support and/or supervision to practice account managers

(working in practices);

2. Meet with practice providers, managers or account reps in order to effectively

manage AR for them;

3. Notify the Group Leadership of issues, trends, impact, and resolution.

Motivates and leads staff while demonstrating key principles of excellent performance.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

Establishes collections and reduction in AR days plan; reviews with Executive Director and Group Leadership.

Sets goals for accounts receivable staff and achieves tangible results. Prepares and submits plan each month

to Executive Director (targeted buckets and issues to be worked by rep).

Reviews samplings of accounts to ensure AR team is working accurately for timely and effective account

reconciliation, in current AR. Performs quality reviews on a weekly basis for accounts receivable

representatives. Provides recommendations and staff education as needed to enhance productivity and

improve quality and ensure company goals are met.
Educates accounts receivable staff on accounts receivable procedures and policies and keeps staff informed

on process changes.

Coaches individuals as needed. Produces weekly report for A/R staff measuring their

performance versus goals. Meets with each accounts receivable representative to discuss key accounts at a minimum of
once per week.

Works with payers to address claims payment issues.

Interviews accounts receivable candidates and makes hiring recommendations to Executive Director and/or Group
Leadership for approval. Assists in interviewing process for central billing office personnel as needed.

Reviews AR and practice refund requests, ensuring supporting documentation is appropriate, and submission to
accounting for processing.

Reviews write-off requests, submits to practices for approval, ensuring appropriateness as they relate to commercial and
federal guidelines, and ultimate delegation to AR staff for to perform approved write-off.

As discussed above, maintains and serves as member of new system Billing work group to facilitate best practice design
and implementation. Serves as a SME (Subject Matter Expert) for new systems implementation and for current and
ongoing operation. Attends all Practice Management, and EMR training classes and assists in support for the rollout.

Performs other functions and job responsibilities as deemed appropriate by Management and Executive Board.

Review and adjustment to responsibilities post new system implementation, based on system functionality and gap
analysis between current systems in place and future.

Job Requirements:

Minimum of 7 years experience with medical billing and healthcare insurance

Working knowledge of CPT, ICD coding and federal guidelines

Strong systems aptitude with hands on experience

Ability to coach and motivate staff to achieve goals

Must be able to demonstrate consistent improvements in targeted goals

Ability to prepare reports and summary findings utilizing Excel, Word, and other project management applications

Educational Requirements:

Bachelor's Degree or equivalent work experience
Salary Range $70.0 to 90.0 plus bonus

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