; Geospatial Ontologies _ Locating the Semantic Web
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Geospatial Ontologies _ Locating the Semantic Web


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									 Geospatial Ontologies &
Locating the Semantic Web
            Joshua Lieberman
          Traverse Technologies,
    Open Geospatial Consortium, EOGEO
       Steps to the Geospatial Semantic Web

•   The GSW interoperability experiment: a step off the mark
•   Up next: Geospatial Ontologies Workshop
•   Going further: W3C Geo XG
•   Yet further: Terra Cognita 2006
•   On the horizon: instantiating the Local Web

                           OGC                         2
      Geospatial Semantic Convergence
• When geography-on-demand joins knowledge-with-location, the
  result will be a richer and more capable Web of physical resources,
  a Geospatial Semantic Web or Local Web
                                Geographic representation
                                                         Geospatial Web
   GIS Guilds

                                                                Geospatial Enablement
                                  Geospatial Web services
                                   architecture standards

                                                  Geospatial enablement of
                                                   enterprise information
                                                    Semantic enablement of the
                                                        World Wide Web
           Information Silos

                                    Resource relationship
                                                              Web of
                               Resource identifier and                         Web
                                transport standards

                                                         OGC                             3
                                 Which Geospatial Role?
                                                     Upper Ontologies?


                                                                             Geographic Infromation System
Tasks / Processes


                     Model                                                                                       Base
                                  Common Geospatial Perspective

                                         Aero     Hydro   Weather    Solar   Geo

                                         Information Domains

                                                OGC                                                          4
    OGC GSW Interoperability Experiment

• OGC - Open Geospatial Consortium
• GSW - Geospatial Semantic Web
• IE - Interoperability Experiment
• Two implementations (TASC-BBN and IFGI Muenster) of a geospatial
  intelligence use case.
• Development of an actionable set of ontologies:
    – Connected by common concepts and mapping rules
    – Covering multiple knowledge domains
    – Includes common OGC domains such as GML and Filter
• Methods for processing geospatial relationships and concepts in an
• Refinement of a geospatial semantic publish - find - bind +/- broker
• Initial definitions of semantic profiles for WFS and CS/W services.
• Lots of questions.

                              OGC                                   5
                “Typical” Geospatial Query
             (Intelligence / Logistics Domain)

  “Which airfields within 500 miles of Kandahar support C5A aircraft?”

                                                            property or
Aero Feature or
Geo Feature?
        Buffer or
        proximity?                                 What does this
                                                   mean to a GIS ?
      Statutory or Nautical?
      Straight-line or driving?
      Coordinate system?                   Afghanistan?
                                           Centroid or outline?

                                  OGC                             6
                  GSW IE and Beyond
• The OGC geospatial semantic web interoperability experiment
  tested initial architectures and technologies for cross-domain,
  distributed geospatial knowledge query, leading to multiple
  follow-on activities.
     Geospatial Intelligence Query:           GeoRSS geospatially enabled
    “Which airfields within 500 miles of             resource references
     Kandahar support C5A aircraft”

                     Query Domain
                                           Geospatial Ontologies workshops
                                               (resource, process, service)

  OWL-S                 OWL-S                 OWL-S
 Description           Description           Description
   DAFIF                 AIXM                Gazetteer        W3C Geospatial
  Ontology              Ontology              Ontology      Semantic Activities
 Aero Data             Aero Data            Geonames
(DAFIF) WFS           (AIXM) WFS           Data Gazetteer

                                OGC                                         7
Multiple GSW Ontology Components

                      OGC Services

Problem Domain                              NGA Feature
   Ontology                                  Ontology

                 Base Geospatial Ontology

                  Other Base Ontologies

                      OGC                                 8
                   W3C Geo XG

• W3C Incubator is a new type of activity for short-term and/or
• The (proposed) Geo XG has three objectives which address
  needs of the Local Web:
   – Immediate: update and harmonization with GeoRSS of the GEO
     vocabulary, aka simplest useful geospatial ontology.
   – Short Term: draft recommendations for a geospatial ontology
     focused on Web resources and tasks.
   – Longer Term: draft a charter for a proposed W3C Local Web WG
     to address issues beginning with geotags and continuing towards
     geospatial enablement of the Semantic Web.
• Initiating W3C members and interested experts are welcome!
• Startup in June 2006

                        OGC                                 9
   Collaborative Expedition Workshop

• This event
• Workshop June 20-22, 2006 ( 3 days total) organized
  by Jerry Hobbs, Todd Pehle, Brand Niemann, Susan
  Turnbull, et al.
• 1st Day
  – Networking geospatial information technology
• 2nd-3rd Days
  – Focus on geospatial ontologies

                         OGC                       10
                         Terra Cognita 2006

•   November 6, 2006 in conjunction with ISWC’2006 in Athens, GA
•   Day-long Workshop on geospatial topics related to the Semantic Web
•   Mixed format (invited talk, panel, papers, plenary discussion)
•   Topics:
    – Authoring of geographic and geospatial ontologies
    – Algorithms and software for geospatial reasoning, inference, rules processing, and
    – Representation and interoperability of geography at different levels of semantic
      abstraction: geometry, topology, cartography, and real world object descriptions.
    – Representation, communication, and reasoning with spatial relationships
    – Representation and processing of geographically ambiguous or unstructured
      concepts and extents.
    – Semantic mediation between information communities with geospatial dependencies.
    – Semantic Web services for geospatial content (discovery, binding, invocation,
      composition, and orchestration)
• Goal of concluding / endorsing charter for a W3C Local Web activity

                                     OGC                                     11

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