; Reasons to consult with child psychiatrists
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Reasons to consult with child psychiatrists


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									Facts About Mental Illness in Child
• In the current era many
children suffers with mental
disorder. Almost one out of
every six children suffer with
mental disorders.

• More than 50% of mental
illness starts by the age of 14.
Symptoms of Mental Illness in Children
•   Depression
•   Stress Disorder
•   Eating Disorder
•   Mood Disorder
•   Verbal Aggression
•   Physical Aggression
•   Disobedience
•   Poor performance in school
Treatment Of Mental Illness In Children

The best way for the
treatment of mental illness
is consultation with a
Child Psychiatrists. After
the Treatment child can
live normal life.
Responsibilities Of Child Psychiatrists

Child Psychiatrists are the specialist for the
diagnosis of mental illness and providing exactly
the treatment which is required for the child. The
treatment includes medicines, therapies etc so that
the child can recover to normal mental condition as
soon as possible.
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