Funeral Thank You Verses by MaryJeanMenintigar

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									               MUSIC SELECTIONS FOR
                FUNERAL LITURGIES
                                   (Revised Jan./2004)

Gathering Hymns                                          Hymnal Number
All Creatures of Our God and King (outside Lent)              533
Alleluia! Sing To Jesus (outside Lent)                        853
Amazing Grace                                                 612
Be Not Afraid                                                 608
For All The Saints    (outside Lent)                          793
Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord, God Almighty                          474
Hosea                                                         386
Love Divine, All Loves Excelling                              622
O God, Almighty Father                                        479
O God, Our Help In Ages Past                                  614
The King of Glory                                             486
We Gather Together                                            571
What Wondrous Love is This                                    627

Responsorial Psalms
Psalm 16     Keep Me Safe, O God                              23
Psalm 19     Your Words Lord Are Spirit and Life              R&A p. 66
Psalm 23     The Lord Is My Shepherd                          R&A p. 50
             My Shepherd is the Lord                          30
             Psalm of the Good Shepherd                       Landry
             Shepherd Me, O God                               31
Psalm 25     To You, O Lord, I Lift My Soul                   36
Psalm 27     The Lord Is My Light and My Salvation.           R & A p. 34
             The Lord Is My Light and My Salvation            39
Psalm 34     The Cry of the Poor                              48
Psalm 42     Like A Deer That Longs For Running Streams       R&A p. 67
Psalm 63     I Long for You                                   63
             My Soul Is Thirsting For You, O Lord, My God     R&A p. 122
             My Soul Is Longing For Your Peace,               Deiss
Psalm 103    The Lord Is Kind and Merciful                    100
Psalm 122    I Rejoiced When I Heard Them Say: Let Us         R & A p. 4
              Go To The House of the Lord.
Psalm 130    With the Lord There is Mercy                     127
Psalm 145    Our God is Compassion                            138
Gospel Acclamation Verses
1. Blessed are you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth; you have revealed to little ones the
    mysteries of the kingdom.
2. Come, you whom my Father has blessed, says the Lord; inherit the kingdom prepared for
    you since the foundation of the world.
3. God loved the world so much, He gave us His only Son, that all who believe in Him might
    have eternal life.
4. This is the will of my Father, says the Lord, that I should lose nothing of all that He has
    given to me, and that I should raise it up on the last day.
5. This is the will of my Father, says the Lord, all who believe in the Son will have eternal
    life and I will raise them to life again on the last day.
6. I am the living bread from heaven, says the Lord; whoever eats this bread will live
7. I am the resurrection and the life, says the Lord; whoever believes in me will live forever.
8. Our true home is in heaven, and Jesus Christ, whose return we long for, will come from
    heaven to save us.
9. If we die with Christ, we shall live with Him and if we are faithful to the end, we shall
    reign with Him
10. Jesus Christ is the first born of the dead; glory and kingship be His forever and ever.
11. Happy are those who have died in the Lord; let them rest from their labors for their good
    deeds go with them.

Preparation of Gifts
Amazing Grace                         612
Be Not Afraid                         608
Dwelling Place                        594
Eye Has Not Seen                      638
Hosea                                 386
How Lovely is Your Dwelling           855
I Have Loved You                      504
I Heard the Voice of Jesus            646
I Know That My Redeemer Lives         430
Jerusalem, My Happy Home              771
Lord of All Hopefulness               578
Peace Is Flowing Like A River         728
Make Me A Channel of Your Peace       726
My Soul in Stillness Waits            328
O Breathe on Me, O Breath of God      800
O Holy City, Seen of John             767
Only in God                           621
Shepherd Me, O God                     31
The Cry of the Poor                    48
The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns320
The Lord is My Light                  Cantor does
We Walk By Faith                      590
What Wondrous Love is This            627
                         MUSIC SELECTIONS FOR
                          FUNERAL LITURGIES

Mass Settings
German Mass                               235
Heritage Mass                             Missalette
Mass of Creation                          166
Mass of Light                             190
St. Louis Jesuit Mass                     297
Mass for John Carroll

Behold the Lamb                           823
Blest Are They                            659
Come To The Water                         502
I Am The Bread of Life                    828
Keep In Mind                              674
Look Beyond                               843
Now We Remain                             694
On Eagle’s Wings                          611
Only in God                               621
Shepherd Me, O God                        31
We Have Been Told                         699
You Are Mine                              649
You Are Near                              604

Communion Meditation (Optional)
Ave Maria
Hail Mary, Gentle Woman                   782
How Lovely Is Your Dwelling               855
I Know That My Redeemer Lives (Soper)
In The Garden
Jesus, Lead the Way                       642
Nearer My God To Thee
Only In God                               621
Only This I Want                          695
Precious Lord, Take My Hand               874
Shepherd of My Heart                      641
The Hand of God Shall Hold You            859
The Lord is My Light
The Old Rugged Cross

Final Commendation
May the Angels Lead You                   858
May the Choirs of Angels (In Paradisum)   863
Song of Farewell    words in missalette   OCP (tune of Old Hundreth)
Sending Forth
All Creatures of Our God and King             533
Crown Him With Many Crowns                    485
For All The Saints                            793
Holy God, We Praise Thy Name                  524
How Great Thou Art                            494
I Know That My Redeemer Lives                 430
I Shall See My God                            856
Jesus Christ is Risen Today                   422
Jesus, Remember Me                            404
Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee                 528
Lift High The Cross                           791
Now Thank We All Our God                      565
Sing With All the Saints in Glory             442
To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King           488
We Shall Rise Again                           772
What Wondrous Love is This                    627
Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones                  794

*When preparing funeral liturgies during Lent, please watch for hymns/songs with an
“alleluia” in them. No “alleluias” are permitted during the Lenten season.

**Because we have a new hymnal, there are still a few hymns/songs on this list that are new
to many people. All of the selections for the Final Commendation are new to the parish in
general and we often use Song of Farewell, with the words in the Missalette. It is all right to
have a solo at Preparation of Gifts and for the Communion Meditation.

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