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The Secrets of Shooting Beautiful Portraits

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					                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                          The Secret of Shooting Beautiful Portraits
                                                                By Alex Don

   Don't you feel a little jealous when you look at photos taken by someone else and they look
incredibly good, while yours are almost always bad? Some amateur photographers feel that everyone
can take a great picture except for them. The fact is that taking good photos is not something you just
have, but something you learn. Even a basic digital camera can take beautiful portraits if you learn a
few simple techniques and keep them in mind each time you take a new photo. Here are some of the
most common techniques you can use.

 Select the appropriate settings. All cameras come with many features, but a lot of people never use
them. For example, most of them have a built-in portrait mode which can really help when
photographing faces. To enable this feature, turn the dial button to the head icon on the screen. What
this option does is affect the field depth so that you can take a sharp photo of the person's face while
blurring out the other stuff in the background. In order to get an even better image, you can further blur
the background. This can be done by zooming the lens of your camera all the way in. Now the subject
of your photo will be even more in focus, while the background will be more blurred. Optical zoom is
better than digital zoom, so what you need to do is turn off the digital one and use only the optical.

 Another thing you can do is adjusting the flash settings. If you have them on automatic mode, your
camera will only flash in dark environments. You should use the flash all the time because it softens
the background and give a special light to the person's eyes. Your camera has a setting that allows
you to always use flash. Check the manufacturer's manual to see how you can find it.

 Lighting is another very important factor for taking good photos. If you do not have professional studio
lights, take pictures outside. Natural light is much better than the artificial one and it doesn't necessarily
have to be a sunny day. If you're outside, tell the person you are photographing to sit so that the
sunlight comes from behind and to one side. If the subject is facing the sun, there will be shadows on
the face. If the sun is directly behind the subject, the light will get in the lens of your camera and you
will get the best effects. Depending on your possibilities, take the photo early in the morning or in the
late afternoon as you will get the best light. The sun is lower upon the sky and you will have a more
indirect and warmer light.

 Now it's time to learn a few things about composition and shooting. Your photo should be framed so
that it includes only the person's head and maybe shoulders. The closer you get to the subject, the
better the results and photos that include only a small portion of the background are generally neater.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

Don't forget to zoom in as much as you can before composing the photo. By now you should be ready
to take the picture. Press the button only half way down to enable the auto focus and adjust functions
of the camera. Let the person you're photographing relax and smile in a natural way and take the shot
when they're almost unaware.

 The real secret is taking a lot of pictures. This is something even the most experienced photographs
do. Then they look through them and pick the best. Remember you're using a digital camera, so you
don't have to worry about film. In the end you can delete the pictures you don't like and only keep the
ones you are proud of.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                Portrait Artists – the Way to Get Real World Portraits
                                                      By Amit Kishore Verma

Portrait or portrait painting is a popular art form. It is basically a type of handmade painting made by
looking at a photograph. However every artist cannot make a painting from photographs. There are
special artists knows as portrait artists, who are adept at drawing such portraits.

 The portrait artists are specialized artists who are experts at creating the portrait paintings. Whether
you want, photo portraits or live portraits, these artists can create them, for you. These artists create
these portraits by incorporating elements that provide them with a real world look that is truly unique.
This is because these artists study every detail of the subject closely. They work very hard to give the
portraits a perfect look.

 How to get the best portraits?
 The most important trick to get the best portraits for your self is to select the right portrait artists. The
portrait artists you choose should be very meticulous about details. Also the artists should have a
considerable experience. This is because the more portraits they have drawn, the fewer mistakes they
will commit and the better they will make the portrait.

 Apart from selecting the right portrait artists, it is important that you select the right photograph. After
all, the quality of the portraits is fully dependent on the quality of the photographs that you want to be
converted into portraits. There are certain qualities that a photograph must have in order to get a
portrait made from it.

 Selecting the right photographs
 The photographs that you should select for creating portrait paintings should be bright enough. Also
they should have been taken in proper lighting conditions. Always keep this fact in mind that the
photographs taken in natural light are much better than the ones that are taken with the help of a loud
flash. These types of pictures usually have much more clarity. The clear pictures help the artists to
judge the right colors and use the perfect brush strokes that will help to give the portraits a real world

 Finding the portrait artists for a great portrait
 Finding the portrait artists is a very easy thing these days. Here are some ways that can help you. If
you have seen a portrait in a friend’s or relatives’ home, you can ask him or her about the artists. This
type of reference is always helpful as this way you always have the results in front of your eyes.

 Another way is to look for artists from any of the portrait schools. There is a lot of information on these
schools available on the internet. These schools have many young artists who can make your portraits
in a fast and inexpensive way.

 Also you can look for portrait artists on the Internet. There are many websites that feature the works of
various portrait artists. Also there are various individual artists who have their own websites. You can
get their contact information from there and contact them.

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                                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

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