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     have used tattoos as a form of self representation; a visual language communicating personality and status.
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                               Celtic Tribal Tattoo Designs – Discover the Hidden Beauty
                                                               By John McCleary

   The history and evolution of Celtic tribal tattoo designs has been highly influenced by different
cultures. When Ireland was conquered by Romans, the Christian priests in Rome converted the Celtic
people to their religion. At this time, Celtic people did not have any written language, instead they used
interlacing designs to express their love for nature and God. The Christian priests were greatly inspired
by these designs and started using them in their Bible manuscripts.

 If you have deep interest in the history and heritage of the Celtic people, then celtic tribal tattoo
designs are the best way to convey your passion. In fact, not only celtic descendants are proud to ink
these tattoos, but people from all over the world are getting them inked. The Celtic tribal tattoo designs
with their interlacing knots and attractive depiction of natural objects are mainly concerned with
representing some emotional feeling rather than realistic symbolization.

 Celtic knots are more popular in Celtic tribal tattoo designs because of the artistic flare that can be
shown. The knots have complete loops and they have no end or beginning. Celtic tribal tattoo designs
with unending knots symbolize the permanence of life, love and faith. Spirals are another popular type
of celtic tribal tattoo design, which includes double, triple or quadruple swirls and truly are

 The main reason for the popularity of Celtic tribal tattoo designs is that it is not gender or race specific.
In a way Celtic designs tend to treat humans as equal because the meaning of these tattoo designs is
much deeper in meaning than gender or race. This is what I love about these tattoos, they have carry
strong meaning – isn’t this what a tattoo is all about? Express who you are and what you believe, and
why not make it look great!

 Celtic tribal tattoo designs can be tattooed as armbands or on the lower back, ankles, shoulders,
upper back and almost anywhere on the body. There are endless varieties of tribal Celtic tattoo
designs available on the internet. It is possible to design your very own with the help of a professional
at a surprisingly low cost.

 Due to the intricate nature, the Celtic tribal tattoo designs are not easy to design. It is highly
recommended for anyone considering Celtic tattoo designs to make sure the tattoo artist knows exactly
what he is doing and has a passion for this particular style of tattoo. You need to look for several things
before selecting an artist to design Celtic tribal tattoo designs. Be sure to see the artist’s portfolio of

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Celtic designs. It is important to ensure the quality of his\her art. Apart from this, it is essential to look
for a professional atmosphere in the shop.

 It is wise to view online galleries for a variety of Celtic tribal tattoo designs. This is possible by paying a
small onetime fee. Meeting and discussing through the forums with the tattoo artists in various forums
can help clear doubts before proceeding, therefore avoiding unpleasant experiences and ensuring you
are the envy of all who get a glimpse of your new symbol.

John McCleary is a passionate tattoo guru and Celtic historian. John runs a cool website featuring free
celtic tribal tattoo designs, galleries of tattoos, useful tips and more. Be sure to check out his site at

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                            Celtic Tribal Tattoo Designs – Are They Really From Ireland?
                                                               By John McCleary

Celtic tribal tattoo designs have a historical backdrop in the world of tattoo designs. Celtic culture was
prevalent in Ireland, Britain and various other parts of Europe. When these regions were conquered by
the Roman Empire, the Christian monks in Rome converted the Celtic people to Christianity. At the
time they were greatly moved by the unique Celtic designs and so they started using them in their Bible
manuscripts. Nowadays, these designs are used to ink Celtic tribal tattoos on the bodies of thousands
of tattoo enthusiasts.

 Celtic tribal tattoo designs have intermingling patterns that provide some symbolic meanings. If you
want to express your passion for ancient culture and tradition, then Celtic tribal tattoos are a great
option. The Celtic descendants originally wished to express their pride for their rich heritage through
these designs. These tattoo designs have complicated knots that have no beginning or end and they
represent the love for nature.

 Celtic tribal tattoo designs focus more on emotions. Unlike other tattoo designs, they do not symbolize
reality. Often Celtic tribal tattoo designs depict some natural objects like the sun, moon, stars, animals
etc. The intertwining knots of course are complicated to design but they offer unsurpassed beauty.

 The main reason for why more people admire Celtic tribal tattoo designs is that they are not gender
specific. The designs reveal that both men and women are equal in the eyes of Mother Nature.

 The most important aspect of Celtic tribal tattoo designs is their knots. The designs generally have
unending strands. In rare designs like zoomorphic element or spiral, you can notice loose ends. The
endless knots in Celtic tribal tattoo designs symbolize the continuity in life after death. Spirals are
another inspiring design in Celtic tribal tattoos. They include double, triple and quadruple swirls.

 When you make the decision to get a Celtic tribal tattoo, you are able to select simple or complicated
Celtic tribal tattoo designs or anything in between. You can choose them to wear as armbands, on your
lower back, ankles, and sleeve, or anywhere in the body.

 You can view thousands of Celtic tattoo designs on the internet. The designs are so complicated to ink
that you require a skilled artist. It is a good idea to take some effort in choosing a quality tattoo stencil
designs and also to select a great tattoo artist. You should view his portfolio or converse with him\her
freely before starting your tattoo design. It is worth to assure the quality of the tattoo artist’s work. The
tattoo artist who has great passion for art and who has enough experience in inking Celtic tattoo
designs can make it look gorgeous.

 You can view amazing online tattoo gallery where you can get many varieties of Celtic tattoo designs.
You just need to sign up and pay a very small amount to view the online gallery. There are various
forums where you can meet and discuss with the tattoo artist. You can ask your queries and get them
clarified before starting to ink your Celtic tribal tattoo design. It is sensible to ensure the hygienic
conditions of the tattoo parlor, so please don’t arrive drunk at a tattoo parlor you have never seen
before and pick out some silly design from a book. Take it serious and you will have no regrets.

John McCleary is a modern day Celtic tattoo enthusiast. He provides a free information website

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including galleries of Celtic tattoo designs, useful tips, as well as a list of online resources that you
need to see. Be sure to check it out at :

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