; Photo Collage Frames - How to be Creative with Them
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Photo Collage Frames - How to be Creative with Them


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									                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

    Photo frames are particularly popular because they offer a modern and more convenient way to keep memories
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                                  Photo Collage Frames -- How to Be Creative With Them
                                                                  By Kathy Page

   The word “collage” itself evokes a sense of artistry, for good reason. The word, after all, is defined
as using different kinds of materials and mounting them to a surface in order to create an artful
masterpiece. In the case of collage frames, it is quite simply a type of picture frame where you can put
in more than one picture.

 There several types of photo collage frames – some are an extended version of the classic picture
frame while others are thematic and look more striking. In any case, with a collage photo frame your
pictures definitely become more appealing. Perhaps the most popular of these picture frames is the
baby collage frame, which is not really surprising since most parents love to take pictures of their
children. A typical metal frame would have some cute bas-relief sculptures of baby symbols, while the
resin or acrylic ones would include pastel baby colors and designs. Another popular theme group is
family picture frames, although these tend to look more classical, sometimes with only the inscription
“Family” to distinguish them. Other easy-to-assemble themes include weddings or other family events,
sports pictures commemorating a favorite athlete or season or vacation photos.

 But a greater number of collage frames work magically like blank canvasses – and you can be
creative with them. Large photo collage frames can be treated like an installation piece. Wall photo
collage frames, such as hinged picture frames or magnetic collage picture frames, can work like a
piece of artwork on your wall. Custom poster frames, on the other hand, can give your enlarged
pictures the look of movie posters. These all come in different materials – some are made of wood,
others made of metal or acrylic.

So, what does it mean to be creative with picture frames?

 One way to be creative and personalize the frames is to paint over the picture frame, adding touches
or color or design, but this is realistic only for those already experienced in working with art materials
and with a specific design focus. For the rest of us, the safest way to be creative is brainstorm the kind
of pictures that you want to show off and where you want to put them. Are you putting in your vacation
pictures? Selecting a theme will definitely help narrow down your choice and give an overall more
pleasing effect. A few may get by with a theme that consists of favorite unrelated photos, but this will
be more difficult to pull off effectively. The next thing to consider is: what kind of picture frame is
appropriate? Ideally, the predominant colors in the pictures and of the frame should complement the

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

color of your wall. Of course, you could always repaint the wall if the colors clash too much!

 A distinguishing mark of collages is that the pictures can often vary in size. There are frames that have
spaces for two big pictures and several smaller pictures, although some have up to nine spaces equal
in size. Some arrangements will feature a central large photo surrounded by multiple smaller ones, a
good way to feature a progression such as a child’s development through school. When you have
selected your pictures, lay them against the spaces and crop the photos to fit the openings. When
you’re done, of course you show it off to general acclaim.

 Considered against traditional picture frames, collage frames look by far more artistic. They provide an
easy way to make a big splash by displaying combinations that would be hard to achieve with separate
frames, especially in limited space. Some may be so decorative as to provide a focal point for a whole
wall or can be used to define one area of a room.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                      Collage Picture Frames Create Art in Your Home
                                                                 By Kathy Page

There is a lot of art that can be gleaned from the “collage” in “collage frames”. The dictionary defines
“collage” as the artful pasting of different materials on a surface, thus creating a masterful whole.
Collage frames, on the other hand, are a type of picture frame that allows you to be artful in presenting
your pictures.

 There are many types of photo collage frames for sale on the market today. And you would want to
flaunt your pictures in them. A collage photo frame is the more stylized version of classic picture frame.
They can be thematic, as in the case of a baby collage frame and family collage picture frames. Search
the Internet and you will find baby picture frames with some cute bas-relief of babies and baby items
(for the metal frames), and plastic frames in cute baby colors and designs. The family picture frames
tend to look more classical– the only indicator of the theme is “One Big Happy Family”.

 By and large, collage frames are potential works of art, that is, if you put in great pictures and you
match colors and styles. Large photo collage frames are the ones that you can treat like a wonderful
piece of art installation, precisely because they can stand-alone. There are also wall photo collage
frames, which can come in the form of hinged picture frames or magnetic collage picture frames, which
can accent the walls of your house like artworks. The most ingenious of these types of picture frames
are the custom poster frames, which allow you to insert new pictures through the sides.

So, exactly, how can you make the most of your collage picture frames?

You may not want to attempt to be creative unless if you’re already confident of your artistic chops.
The safest and easiest route is to think about these things:

 (a) Where do I want to put the collage? What is the color of the wall? Would I want to repaint it if the
color doesn’t match that of the picture frame?

 (b) What would be theme of the collage? My wedding? My vacation? Friends at a particular event or a
group of old friends from college?

(c) What kind of picture would best fit the theme of my pictures?

 Some believe that a collage is not a collage if the sizes of the pictures do not vary. So, the ideal
picture frame has a slot for one or two large pictures and lesser spaces for a batch of smaller pictures.
But if you fancy the classical route, you can always buy one that has spaces for photos in equal
shapes and sizes. When you’re done buying, choose the pictures from your chosen theme and stack
them against the slots for pictures. Which ones fit best? For better fit, cut the pictures if you have to.

 Collage frames are the more creative version of the old-fashioned picture frames. They can definitely
be artful, if you have the time and patience to find the best looking ones. But if you don’t like the hard
work, you can always create digital collages of your pictures using collage picture software and then
frame the overall kpicture in a larger single frame.

Kathy Page and her daughter, Casey, operate http://www.greatpictureframes.com which provides an

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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