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                                                  Making Halloween Miniatures
                                                            By Lily Morgan

   Halloween is traditionally the scariest part of the year, when home owners and residence put up
decorations and celebrate the night when the veil between the two worlds is said to be at its thinnest.
The tradition of decorations comes from an early belief that, by decorating and lighting jack o lanterns,
any evil spirits would be dissuaded from entering the home and thus the night could pass without
incident. Whether this has any basis in fact or not, Halloween decorations remain fun and exciting for
both adults and children.

 It is therefore, when October 31st rolls around, only natural to want to spread the spooky fun to a
dollhouse. Adding a touch of festivity to any dollhouse is guaranteed to raise a smile, and joy is gained
from both the preparation and the finished product itself. For anyone with a craft interest, there is the
chance to make Halloween decorations – but in miniature.

 Making your own miniature Halloween decorations need not be in a chore. In fact, it should be
fantastically good fun, allowing a flexing of the craft muscles and an enjoyable result at the end.

 With the decision made to create such decorations, the mind naturally turns to how to do so. While
some stores and specialist online retailers sell readymade decorations, these detract somewhat from
the fun of creativity. A dollhouse itself is a cared for and meticulously planned place; why cheapen it
with plastic, simple decorations that are mass produced? For the real personal touch, make your own
Halloween decorations – and there is also the extra bonus that doing so is good for the wallet as well
as the crafter in you.

 All that is needed to create stunning miniature Halloween decorations is a computer, a printer and a
set of crafting tools. These tools can be as comprehensive as a thorough set bought from a retailer, or
as simple and basic as a pair of kitchen scissors and some standard household glue.

 Then, you must use the internet to locate the kind of decorations you want. For this example, we will
look into making a miniature coffin; an ideal decoration that you do not need to have a degree in arts
and crafts to master. Search around the internet using your usual method for related phrases – such as
miniature coffin or miniature Halloween decoration plans – and you will soon have a vast array to
choose from.

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 Most of the website providing such things have their own step by step guides, and it is best to work
with specific directions for the plan you find rather than a generic set of instructions. However,
basically; you will need to print out the flat plan for your design. From this, you can score and cut and
fold, slowly building up the coffin shape and reinforcing with cardboard if necessary. Some designs will
be held together by intricate folding, and some will require glue; choose whichever method suits you
best. Follow the advice and work slowly and carefully, and soon you will have your very own miniature
coffin designed to your exact tastes. A cheap dime store skeleton designed to go on a key ring will
complete the look, and your dollhouse will be all ready for Halloween. It is important to remember it is
not just coffins you can make – essentially, anything you can buy for your own house, you can make
for your dollhouse.

We are the place for dollhouses and miniatures. Find everything from play dollhouses for young
children to grand mansions for collectors. We specialize in dollhouse kits for every skill level and
budget. And don’t forget the dollhouse furniture! Visit us online at today!

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                                 Star Wars Miniatures Game Makes The Perfect Gift
                                                        By Rob

Star Wars is a popular name in general as there are the various Star Wars movies, action figures,
costumes and books related to this topic. Another popular Star Wars item is the Star Wars Miniatures
game which Star Wars lovers everywhere have in their possession. For new and seasoned Star Wars
fans alike, the Star Wars Miniatures game is the perfect gift for a few distinct reasons. The films are
timeless and the cult following is enormous.

Star Wars Miniatures Is a Great Gift to Add to One's Star Wars Collection

 First and foremost, Star Wars Miniatures is a great game to add to one's Star Wars collection. This
can be a collection piece which sits on the shelf or can be actively played on a daily basis. No matter
what the primary use may be, a Star Wars Miniatures game will put a smile on the recipient's face and
make their special day even more so. Regular collectors would be more than happy for you to add to
their existing collection.

Star Wars Miniatures is a Fun Game for Star Wars Aficionados to Play

 In addition to simply adding Star Wars Miniatures to one's Star Wars collection, this game is also fun
to play. For those who know and love the Star Wars sagas, Star Wars Miniatures can be hours of fun.
Even those who may not be as familiar with the Star Wars series can enjoy the techniques and
strategy features which Star Wars Miniatures requires. This fun game is one which will really make you
think all the while enjoying oneself immensely. Whoever receives this as a gift is sure to love it.

Multiple Game Options with Star Wars Miniatures for Players to Enjoy

 When you play Star Wars Miniatures you will also have the option of playing a few different games
within the single Star Wars game. There are various factions which you can gather together and the
game play may change depending on how many players are involved with the game. Some of the
game varieties include free-for-all, era play and light side versus dark side, to name a few. By having
these options available to you, it is like having multiple games in one box, if you have never played this
game, why not buy yourself a few miniatures at the same time so that you can see what people rave

Different Star Wars Miniatures Game Sets to Choose From

 Even if your gift recipient already has a Star Wars Miniatures set, fear not as there are many sets to
choose from with regard to this game. Initially starting with the Rebel Storm set, there are
approximately 16 other game sets to choose from in the Star Wars Miniatures series. Therefore, you
will usually be able to find a Star Wars Miniature set not yet purchased by your desired recipient and
keep in mind that more sets will continue to be produced as the years progress, and more demand is
made as the older games tire.

Rob has been a Star Wars Miniatures fan for years. He has recently launched a website full of
resources for the miniatures collector. Please visit us at to see how we
may be able to help you.

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