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•   History
•   Introduction
•   What is PHP Development
•   Why PHP Development
•   Advantages PHP Development
•   PHP Development Services

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• PHP Tools, FI, Construction Kit, and PHP/FI
  PHP as it's known today is actually the successor to a product
  named PHP/FI. Created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf, the very
  first incarnation of PHP was a simple set of Common Gateway
  Interface (CGI) binaries written in the C programming
• PHP 3
  PHP 3.0 use is Ecommerce Application.
• PHP 4
  The new engine, dubbed 'Zend Engine' (comprised of their
  first names, Zeev and Andi), met these design goals
  successfully, and was first introduced in mid 1999.

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• PHP5
 It was released in July 2004 after long development
 and several pre-releases. It is mainly driven by its
 core, the Zend Engine 2.0

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• PHP is a server side scripting Language and
  interpreter that is available on a wide range
  platform including some versions apache.
• PHP is a Hypertext Pre-processor. The PHP
  script is embedded in the Web page and
  interpreted on the server before being sent to
  the client who requested the PHP
  Development page.

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         What is PHP Development

• PHP is a Hypertext Preprocessor is a widely used open
  source language specially suited for web development
  and can be embedded into HTML.
• The PHP Code is enclosed in Start and End Processing
  instruction <? php and ?> PHP form something like
  JavaScript is that the code is executed on the server
  generating HTML which is then sent to the client.
• PHP development is a General Purpose server side
  scripting language & also to produce dynamic page. It
  is one of the first developed server-side scripting

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            Why PHP Development?

• PHP Development Services are the finest and
  cost-effective medium for web development.
• It is completely up to you whether you are
  interested to hire PHP programmers or not for
  your web business. However, we suggest you to
  be well informed about the services and benefits
  of the developers for a web site development.
  Because later if you plan to hire PHP developer
  for your web site development services then you
  will have a complete idea about it

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      Advantages PHP Development

• Its ability to embed itself into the HTML code
• High performance and reliability
• Low development and maintenance cost
• Supporting databases like MySQL, Informix, Oracle,
  Sybase, Solid, Generic ODBC
• Compatibility with servers like Apache and IIS

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• Cost Effectiveness:
  The other benefit of PHP development is that it is an
  open source language. This means that no PHP developer
  needs to pay bundles of money to procure PHP licensing.
  It is very easy to install, and the most amazing part is that
  it is least complicated language among all. And if
  someone is not aware of PHP’s Thick and Thins he can
  learn them in no time. That is why right now thousands
  of the websites all around the globe are using this
  scripting language.

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           PHP Development Services

• We offer PHP development services to build a website which is
  maintainable, performance based, high-traffic efficient, and
  secure. With state-of-the-art technologies like Zend Framework,
  Ajax based apps, & RIAs (Rich International Applications) – we
  make your sites work efficiently under mission critical operations.
  Our team of PHP professionals is capable of delivering:

•   Content Management System
•   Shopping Carts
•   Ecommerce Portals
•   Product Catalogues
•   Lead management system
•   Social Networking and Collaboration applications, and the list

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