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Scarborough Scarborough


									Interlocutor    A magazine for friends of the
          Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council

Annual Awards

Host of MSnBC's Morning Joe
to serve as keynote speaker
at oct. 28 event.

Ray and Nancy Ann Hunt
to receive the
Distinguished Health
Service Award.
Page 4

                                                          Community Health

                                                          Annual Awards Luncheon
                                                          Arlington - 2009

                      Summer 2009   A DFWHC publication
This Issue
president's Column                   THe preSIDenT'S CoLuMn
Annual Awards Luncheon
DFWHC Meetings
Foundation president's Column
                                     Education and Health Reform

employee of the Year recipients
patient Safety Summit                          n June 11, 1790, Thomas Jefferson wrote in a letter to his cousin John Garland
Influenza Vaccination Survey                   Jefferson that “health is worth more than learning.” While that is certainly
Groupone Services, Inc.                        true, education is an integral component of healthcare reform and involves
                                               every stakeholder committed to meaningful and positive changes in our
                                     healthcare delivery system. Obviously, one very important stakeholder (the patient)
Advertising                          must be educated regarding preventive care, good health habits, best clinical practices
The Interlocutor reaches
more than 1,000 healthcare                                                and end-of-life decisions.
professionals in north Texas.                                                 Coordination of care is very important, so we
It is published four times a year.                                        must treat the disease, especially chronic disease,
                                                                          from a continuum of care perspective versus episodic
Full Page Four Issues:
Color Inside Cover   $2,500
                                                                          intervention. Two-thirds of the current increase in
Color Inside pages   $2,000                                               healthcare spending is due to the rise of treated
B&W Inside pages     $1,500                                               chronic disease. Most Americans are unaware of
                                                                          how chronic disease harms our health and causes
Full Page One Issue:                                                      significant expense.
Color Inside Cover   $950
Color Inside pages   $850
                                                                              The healthcare reform discussion has become
B&W Inside pages     $750                                                 complex as the Senate, House and the Obama
                                                                          Administration advance proposals to modify our
Contact: Chris Wilson                                                     current system. Most people agree that we clearly
@                                                        need healthcare reform, but we must be deliberate
                                                                          and cautious in implementing change. Access to
Published                                                                 care, affordability and coverage for all are excellent
Interlocutor is published by
                                            Steve Love                    objectives that must be addressed in a collaborative
the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital
                                                president/Ceo             fashion. Hopefully, the final version will be
Council as a membership                       Dallas-Fort Worth           acceptable, accessible and affordable for everyone.
benefit providing information                   Hospital Council          We all want to participate in the healthcare reform
on healthcare issues and
                                                                          effort and ultimately create a system that will provide
Council activities. Material may
                                     our citizens excellent healthcare.
be reprinted without permission,
provided acknowledgement is
                                         Providers face many uncertainties regarding proposed healthcare changes and its
given. Articles, news items and      impact on the delivery system. Even without the healthcare reform discussion, the
opinions are appreciated.            Medicare market basket update (adjusted for coding, outlier and other) for 2010 could
Send to: Chris Wilson,               reduce payments to hospitals. Physicians face a potential 20 percent payment reduction                    effective Jan. 1, 2010. It is a mistake to equate cost containment to reducing provider
                                     reimbursement. While the readmission discussion continues, we must be careful to
Interlocutor:                        fully understand the clinical rationale for the readmission and not penalize providers
1: one who takes part in             for doing the right thing. Bundling payments for hospitals, physicians and post acute
dialogue or conversation             services pose many questions regarding administration and implementation. One big
                                     question relates to current Stark Laws and how payments to physicians would be
2: man in the middle of a            compared to market value. Comparative effectiveness research should always include
line who questions the end           principles, stating that it should not be a substitute for clinical judgment and should
men and acts as a leader             primarily improve patient outcomes. Comparative effectiveness research should not be
                                     viewed only as a method for cost reduction, and should be conducted in a transparent
Cover                                manner.
Joe Scarborough, host of MSnBC's         Please mark your calendars for Oct. 28, 2009 as we are very excited to announce
Morning Joe, will serve as the       Joe Scarborough as our keynote speaker at the Annual Awards Luncheon. We are also
keynote speaker at the Annual        pleased that Ray and Nancy Ann Hunt will be present that day as the recipients of the
Awards Luncheon on oct. 28.          Distinguished Health Service Award.
                                         Thank you for your cooperation and support.
Community Health

Annual Awards Luncheon
                              October 28, 2009 at the Arlington Convention Center

Arlington - 2009


    Joe Scarborough to speak at
    2009 Annual Awards Luncheon
               former Florida Congressman and now host of the       Washington.
               popular MSNBC television program Morning Joe,            During his tenure, Scarborough served on the Armed
               Joe Scarborough will serve as the keynote speaker    Services Committee, the Judiciary Committee, Government
               at the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council’s          Reform and Oversight and the Education Committee. In 1998,
    (DFWHC) 2009 Annual Awards Luncheon. The event will             he was named Chairman of the Civil Service Committee
    take place Oct. 28 at the Arlington Convention Center, with     and while on that committee, Scarborough drafted a bill on
    a reception beginning at 11:00 a.m. followed by the luncheon    Long Term Care, which President Clinton called “landmark
    and presentation from 12:00-2:00 p.m.                           legislation.” Scarborough championed a balanced budget,
        Known for his fiery political commentary, Scarborough       human rights, religious freedom and environmental causes
    began his career as a U.S. Congressman when he was elected      while in Congress. In 1996, he led the effort to relocate
    in 1994, becoming the first Republican elected in Florida's     hundreds of minority families whose homes were located
    First District since 1872. He was re-elected three more times   over a superfund site. US News and World Report called
    in landslide victories. While in Congress, Scarborough          Scarborough’s action “groundbreaking.”
    worked with a small group of fellow freshmen congressmen,           In April 2003, Scarborough began his television career
    whom the National Journal once cited for having acquired        with the launch of Scarborough Country, an opinion/analysis
    “unusual power and influence” given their short time in         show on MSNBC. He became host of Morning Joe in 2007,

   4 "Excellence Through Collaboration”
a weekday morning talk show in                                    B.A. from the University of Alabama in 1985 and a J.D.
a panel format with Scarborough                                   from the University of Florida College of Law in 1990. He
discussing news of the day. He                                    was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1991. Scarborough taught
also appears on other MSNBC                                       high school and has practiced law in Pensacola. During this
shows as a commentator or                                         time, he wrote and produced CDs with his band, Dixon
panelist including Hardball with                                  Mills. Scarborough has two sons, Joey and Andrew.
Chris Matthews and Race for the                                       Tickets and sponsorships to the Luncheon will go on
White House.                                                      sale in July. For ticket and sponsorship information, please
     Scarborough authored the                                     contact DFWHC at 972-719-4900.
popular 2004 book Rome Wasn't
Burnt in a Day, which predicted                                   DISTINguISHED HEALTH SERvICE AWARD
the collapse of the Republican Joe Scarborough                         For their dedicated support of the North Texas healthcare
majority and the United States                                    community, Ray and Nancy Ann Hunt will be presented
economy. In his most recent book, The Last Best Hope,             DFWHC's 2009 Distinguished Health Service Award at the
Scarborough outlines a plan to help guide conservatives back      Annual Awards Luncheon. Mr. and Mrs. Hunt have been
to a political majority after their defeats in the 2006 midterm   dedicated supporters of healthcare in the metroplex. Mr.
elections and the 2008 Presidential election.                     Hunt serves as chairman of the board, president, and chief
     “I was fortunate to see Joe Scarborough at an event last     executive officer of Hunt Consolidated, Inc. and chairman
                                                                  and chief executive officer of Hunt Oil Company. Mrs.
     "I was fortunate to see Joe                                  Hunt is a past board member of Promise House and Special
                                                                  Care and Career Center, past president and board member
   Scarborough at an event last                                   of Shelter Ministries of Dallas and board member and past
                                                                  president of Contact Crisis Line.
 year. He was so impressive that                                       The Distinguished Health Service Award has been
                                                                  bestowed annually for 61 years. Since 1948, residents of
   I thought he would be a great                                  the Dallas/Fort Worth area have been honored for their
                                                                  dedication and support of healthcare including Ross and
           fit for the Luncheon."                                 Margot Perot in 2008, Jerry Gilmore in 2007, Paul M. Bass,
                                                                  Jr. in 1995, Ruben Esquivel in 1992, Dr. Charles Sprague
                                                                  in 1986, Tom Vandergriff in 1985, William and Elizabeth
year,” said W. Stephen Love, president/CEO of DFWHC.              Moncrief in 1979, Ben Lipshy in 1975, Erik and Margaret
“He was so impressive that I thought he would be a great fit      Jonsson in 1974 and Joe Dealey in 1967.
for the Annual Awards Luncheon. His knowledge, charisma                Nomination forms for the Young Healthcare Executive
and thought-provoking ideas should be of interest to              of the Year were distributed in June. The 2009 recipient
attendees. I am truly looking forward to his presentation.”       will be announced in September. For information on how
     Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Scarborough graduated from         to obtain a Young Healthcare Executive nomination form,
Pensacola Catholic High School in Florida. He received a          please contact DFWHC at 972-719-4900.

                                                                                              “Excellence Through Collaboration” 5
DFWHC has busy lineup
of healthcare meetings
                                                                  A panel discussion hosted by Link Plus Partners.

           ou don't have to go back to school to learn about
           the latest healthcare issues. The Dallas-Fort Worth
           Hospital Council (DFWHC) hosted four meetings
           at the Las Colinas Country Club with an emphasis
on legal issues and economic challenges facing North Texas
hospitals. “Hot Legal Topics: Union Education” was held
April 14 and hosted by Stewart Stimmel, LLP. “Current
Economic Challenges,” held May 5, was an opportunity
for attendees to visit with renown author and professor
Dr. William Cleverley. “Discussing Margins” took place
May 19 and covered financial performance in healthcare
organizations. “HIMSS 2008” was held June 11 and covered
healthcare information technology issues. The four afternoon
meetings averaged 100 attendees.
                                                                  Mac McMillan of CynergisTek, Inc.
     “It's important that DFWHC provide value to its
hospitals,” said W. Stephen Love, president and CEO of
DFWHC. “We made an attempt to pool our resources and
contacts in order to create informative presentations that may
help hospitals in the future. These are important financial and
healthcare issues that need to be discussed in a forum such as
this. We are going to continue to do this throughout the year
free of charge to attendees.”
     Dr. Cleverley, president of Cleverley & Associates, is
the author of more than 40 books dealing with healthcare
financial principles. His May 5 presentation covered hospital
economy. He was followed by a panel discussion including          percent agreement is impossible, but once general consensus
Michael Calder, Greg Meredith, Becky Cloud and Carl A.            is reached, act swiftly.”
Reyes of Link Plus Partners.                                           Leading the “HIMSS 2008” meeting on June 11 was
     “The hospital industry will not be spared in tough           Mac McMillan, chief executive officer of CynergisTek, Inc.
economic times,” Dr. Cleverley said. “Margins are falling         His presentation reviewed the Healthcare Information and
because of investment portfolio erosion, a shift to less          Management Systems Society (HIMSS) security survey.
desirable payer mix and declines in per unit revenue growth.           “The focus of the survey was to discover ways to secure
Hospital executives can minimize these negative effects by        patient data,” Mr. McMillan said. “Information related to
better management of the income equation.”                        security, access, networked environments and identity theft
     Dr. Nick Sears, chief medical officer and senior vice        were covered. When assessing risks to patient data, nearly
president of MedAssets, led the May 19 presentation. He           half the respondents assess risk at least annually, 25 percent
discussed how to have a margin discussion with doctors.           every other year and 18 percent less frequently than every
     “The key to success is simple,” said Dr. Sears. “Do your     two years. This underscores not 'if,' but a 'when' belief.”
homework. Understand physician issues before engaging                  DFWHC thanks Stewart Stimmel, LLP, Link Plus, LLC,
them. Solicit input from physicians as they are in the best       MedAssets and CynergisTek, Inc. for their support of these
position to fix issues if they understand the situation. A 100    events.
6 "Excellence Through Collaboration”
CareFlite and DFWHC

CareFlite and the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council (DFWHC) jointly sponsored the 2009 great First Responders Award Ceremony
on June 22 at the Arlington Convention Center. The annual event honors first responders from across North Texas. Pictured are (l
to r) James C. Swartz, president and CEO of CareFlite; Blake Kretz, president of Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Cleburne;
Christopher T. Leu, president of Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Stephenville; and W. Stephen Love, president and CEO

       DFWHC webinar to be available
       HIMSS 2008: Information Security Survey
      T       he Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council (DFWHC) will host a webinar on July 30 from 1:00-300 p.m. for
              hospital membership. The free presentation titled “HIMSS 2008 Information Security Survey and the ARRA:
              State of Industry Readiness,” will be presented by Mac McMillan, co-founder/chief executive officer of
      CynergisTek, Inc.
           “Mr. McMillan will conduct an exceptional webinar regarding the HIMSS 2008 survey,” said W. Stephen Love,
      president and CEO of DFWHC. “We appreciate his assistance. This was presented originally at our membership
      meeting held June 11. But the flooding and bad weather from that afternoon made it difficult for many to attend. So
      this is an opportunity for those unable to attend to obtain this information.”
           Mr. McMillan has worked in the healthcare industry since his retirement in 2000 and contributed to HCCA,
      AHIA, AHIMA and HIMSS. He serves as the Chair of HIMSS Information Systems Security Group.
           To register for the webinar, please e-mail For additional information, please call
      DFWHC at 972-719-4900. The webinar will be available to view after July 30 on the DFWHC website at www. Simply click on the link listed on the home page in the “News and Events” box.

                                                                                               “Excellence Through Collaboration” 7
  DFWHC Education and Research Foundation

Highlights of the
upcoming months
     t was a busy spring for the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council Education and Research Foundation
     (Foundation) and the summer months promise to be just as eventful.

This issue of the Interlocutor highlights the wonderful Employee of the Year Luncheon held to honor
employees’ work in our health systems and community. Thank you for your kind support of the event
held at the Arlington Convention Center on April 30 (see story on page 12). I must say the nominee and
                                  award recipient stories were extraordinary. Special thanks to our very
                                  entertaining Master of Ceremonies, Council Board Chairman Kirk
                                  King, president of Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital.

                                       IMPROvINg PATIENT CARE, IMPROvINg ACCESS AND
                                       PROMOTINg COST EFFECTIvENESS
                                       A new Foundation service will allow analysis of regional readmissions
                                       and outpatient Emergency Room visit trends as well as many other
                                       quality, cost and access issues in North Texas. The Foundation’s
                                       Regional Enterprise Master Patient Index (REMPI), also highlighted
                                       on page 10, allow the Foundation to match the identity of patients
                                       present at multiple hospitals for different encounters over time. This
                                       exciting new service line is now available for inpatient (including
                                       readmission) report review. Research related to readmissions, access
                                       to care and other issues are already being pursued using this fantastic
                                       tool. Thanks to the REMPI Task Force and its Chair, Ruth Blackwell
   kristin Jenkins                     of JPS Health Network, for hours of assistance in planning and rolling
             JD, FACHe                 out the “beta” version of this service.
   president, DFWHC Foundation,
   Senior Vice President, DFWHC  EDuCATINg OuR COMMuNITy – PATIENT SAFETy
                                 The Foundation is excited to host the Second Annual North Texas
Patient Safety Summit: Excellence Through Collaboration to be held at the American Airlines Training
and Conference Center on Aug. 28. Thanks so much to our Planning Committee including Sue Sebazco
of Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital; Mark Thomas of Cook Children’s Medical Center; Linda
Scribner of Methodist Dallas Medical Center; Linda Miller of Methodist Charlton Medical Center; and
Joyce Carver of HCA North Texas Division for their able assistance with this event. John Nance, JD
will serve as our keynote speaker. This is a great educational opportunity and we hope you and your
staff can join us.

There are several new initiatives in the planning stages at the Foundation that would position the North
Texas region to benefit from Recovery Act monies and new Workforce funding available through the
Texas Governor’s Office. We hope to have more details on these initiatives in the Fall publication.

I hope you have the opportunity for a little time off this summer and stay cool!

8 "Excellence Through Collaboration”
Ask the Experts..We know

              The Regulatory Experts
   It's what we proudly call ourselves, because it is what our clients count on
                                    us to be.

         Today, we continue to be laser-focused on providing regulatory
    solutions that protect cash flow and optimize the fiscal health of an entire

 At CampbellWilson, we have a powerful mix of what it takes to help you thrive
                      even as the regulations change:

Multi-Disciplinary team of hands-on senior consultants including attorneys, CPAs,
registered nurses, management consultants and more.

Current legislative monitoring and analysis.

Integrated solutions services that not only work but work together. And software
tools that ease the load.

Successful track record serving some of the best hospitals in America

                         C AMPBELL W ILSON ®
                   15770 N. Dallas Parkway° Suite 500° Dallas, TX 75248
                    P 214-373-7077 ° F 214-750-5239° TF 800-723-6492

  DFWHC Education and Research Foundation

Regional Enterprise
Master Patient Index
System tracks regional
readmissions among hospitals

           ears in the making, the Dallas-   emergency room visits and other patient/    warehouse.”
           Fort Worth Hospital Council       hospital encounters across hospitals and
           Education and Research            systems.                                    HOW IT WORkS
           Foundation       (Foundation)         “We believe this is an innovational     The service provides evaluation of
           has developed and launched        tool for the future,” said W. Stephen       patient readmission patterns across the
the Regional Enterprise Master Patient       Love, president and CEO of the Dallas-      region, regardless of which hospital
Index (REMPI). REMPI allows for              Fort Worth Hospital Council and             is accessed by a patient. Using the
the tracking of regional readmissions        DFWHC Foundation board member.              proprietary     matching     algorithm,
among hospitals participating in the         “We also believe this tool will open new    7,364,432 inpatient records admitted
Information and Quality Services             areas of research and exploration for the   from 2003 - 2008 have been processed
Center.                                      continued improvement of healthcare.        and made available for patient safety
    This innovative service was              While many companies can track a            and quality analysis by participating
two years in development and uses            single hospital’s readmissions, REMPI       hospitals of the DFWHC Foundation.
QuadraMed software. Participating            tracks across all participating hospitals        The evaluations are provided as
hospitals will now be able to trend          and is a regional master patient index      reports. These reports are generated
regional      readmission        patterns,   that incorporates an all-payor data         through an IBM-based business

10 "Excellence Through Collaboration”
                                             “The ‘mining’
                                             combined with
                                             the reMpI services
                                             will result in better
                                             readmissions will be an important              “REMPI exemplifies the mission of
                                             utilization of REMPI.                      the DFWHC Foundation to continually
                                                  “When considering the possibilities   improve the community’s health by
                                             of the service and the depth of the        promoting safe, high quality, cost
                                             regional data warehouse, REMPI can         effective, accessible and equitable
                                             inform new research for epidemiologic      healthcare,” said Jenkins. “In fact,
                                             and public health purposes,” Dr. Mari      REMPI could be used for process
                                             Tietze, director of Nursing Research and   improvement, care coordination and
                                             Informatics for DFWHC Foundation           reducing healthcare costs. Based
                                             said. “If more hospitals participate, we   upon the increased national focus on
                                             can continue to develop the research       rehospitalization, this service provides
                                             opportunities as the data expands. It      substantial value for planning and
intelligence tool, Cognos. The Cognos        will also allow us to better understand    improvement for hospitals. When you
tool also provides the ability to navigate   disparities.”                              consider the importance of a Healthcare
through the information.                          The Foundation is considering         Information Exchange, we believe
     “Our warehouse offers more than         funded research opportunities.             we have provided an important tool.
10 years of data,” said Kristin Jenkins,                                                REMPI will evolve. It’s important to
president of the DFWHC Foundation.           FuTuRE                                     continue to improve this service so we
“The ‘mining’ capabilities combined          Outpatient information such as             can further understand and improve
with the services REMPI offers will          emergency department, ambulatory           healthcare in North Texas.”
result in better healthcare.”                surgery, observation and imaging
     The service complies with HIPAA         encounters will be phased into the         INFORMATION
and Texas state requirements for privacy     matches over the coming months.            Companies interested in research
and security of patients’ protected health   REMPI could also be utilized as a          projects and hospitals interested in
information.                                 patient record linking methodology of      learning more should contact the
                                             both inpatient and outpatient claims       DFWHC Foundation at 972-719-4900
RESEARCH                                     for a Regional Healthcare Information      or email foundation-information@
Research and the ability to link the         Exchange.                        

                                                                                              “Excellence Through Collaboration” 11
  Foundation's Employee of the year Luncheon

First Lady Anita Perry served as guest speaker at the DFWHC Foundation's annual
Employee of the year Luncheon held April 30 at the Arlington Convention Center.

    north Texas hospital
    employees honored
          salute to the North Texas hospital workforce, the              Assistance Team traveling across the U.S. to provide
          Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council Education                   care to victims of natural disasters, most recently to
          and Research Foundation’s (Foundation) Annual                  the sites of Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Ike.
          Employee of the Year Luncheon celebrated its
13th year on April 30 with the announcement of the 2009              SPECIAL RECOgNITION AWARDS
recipients at the Arlington Convention Center.                        • Delbretta Hairston, Clinical Care Coordinator, UT
   “This year’s Luncheon theme was appropriately ‘Lone Star             Southwestern University Hospital - worked towards
Heroes,’" said Kristin Jenkins, president of the Foundation.            improving her unit's bereavement program; annually
"We were honored First Lady Anita Perry served as the guest             volunteers in providing blood pressure checks, diabetic
speaker. She shared stories of her years as a nurse and growing         screens and health assessments for the Dallas homeless.
up in a family of healthcare professionals. This event paid           • Jackie Yeap, Registered Nurse, Medical Center of
tribute to our healthcare heroes – our nurses, technicians,             Plano - a refugee of Cambodia, arrived in the U.S. in
educators and so many other dedicated professionals working             1980 at the age of 14 unable to speak English,
in the trenches. It was an opportunity to honor these crucial           graduating from UTA in 1990 with her BSN; a clinical
workers.”                                                               coach serving hundreds of hours a year working with
   The recipients were:                                                 new employees in the ICU.
REx MCRAE SCHOLARSHIP                                                 • Bethel Taft, Patient Care Technician, Texas Health
     • Chaney Elizabeth Oberzan, nursing student at                     Specialty Hospital - known for her positive spirit
       Texas Christian University                                       and vibrant energy, she goes the extra step when
                                                                        assisting patients in need; popular with both patients
COMMuNITy SERvICE AWARD                                                 and their families, her positive spirit sets the tone for
 • David Bridges, Paramedic, Denton Regional Medical                    the hospital's daily operations.
   Center - a member of the Texas-4 Disaster Medical                  • Deidre Lackey, Team Leader, CT Tech, Texas
12 "Excellence Through Collaboration”

                                                                                            GroupOne                    R



Robin Jacks (middle), coordinator concierge services at Baylor Regional Medical Center at
Plano, is congratulated after being named one of the 2009 Employees of the year.
    Health Harris Methodist Hospital              employees need assistance; helps          Gannett Healthcare Group
    Azle - assisted with implementing             co-workers in need; has impressed
    the radiology systems PACS and                health inspectors with his                Silver
    Misys; established a new protocol             uncommon thoroughness and                 Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LLp
    for the rapid assessment and                  expertise.
    treatment of potential stroke               • Julia Blackburn, Lead Clinical            Bronze
    patients.                                     Lab Specialist, Texas Health              Ayoka Made in the USA
  • Diana Early, Physical Therapist               Harris Methodist Hospital Hurst-            Software Services
    III, Our Children's House at                  Euless-Bedford - in charge of her         Balfour Beatty Construction
    Baylor - works on her church's                hospital's blood bank, provides           HR Benefits, Inc.
    Missions Committee, lived in                  training to nurses on transfusions;       parker HealthcareIT
    China for more than two years to              coordinates hospital blood drives;        perot Systems
    assist orphans in Tianjin and                 known as one of the most
    Xiamen; initiaties and coordinates            cooperative team leaders at the           Hospital Platinum
    continuing education programs                                                           Baylor Health Care System
                                                                                            Children’s Medical Center Dallas
    featuring nationally recognized             • Julia Bell, Patient Care Assistant,
                                                                                            JpS Health network - partners
    speakers.                                     Baylor Medical Center at Irving -
                                                                                              Together for Health
                                                  known for her positive leadership,
                                                                                            Methodist Health System
EMPLOyEE OF THE yEAR                              has an excellent working                  plaza Medical Center of Fort Worth
AWARDS                                            relationship with multiple                Texas Health resources
 • James Cooper, Access Services                  departments; participates in the
   Rep, Baylor All Saints Medical                 Employee Recognition                      Hospital gold
   Center at Fort Worth - survivor of             Committee, Unit Based Council             Cook Children’s Health Care System
   brain surgery, shares his                      and the Safety Committee;                 Medical Center of Lewisville
   experiences with patients suffering            mentors high school students in           Medical City Dallas Hospital
   from similar ailments; assists his             the HOSA program.                         Tenet Healthcare
   hospital in becoming more                    • Robin Jacks, Coordinator                  uT Southwestern Medical Center
   efficient in supply procurement.               Concierge Services, Baylor
 • Juan Carreon, Cook, Medical                    Regional Medical Center at Plano          Hospital/School Bronze
   Center of McKinney - a "go-to"                 - dedicated employee known for            el Centro College
   person at the hospital when                                                              north Hills Hospital
                                                                   Continued on next page

                                                                                               “Excellence Through Collaboration” 13
  Foundation's Employee of the year Luncheon

    her memorization of patients'
    names arriving before surgery;
    insists on working holidays to
    assist patients; coordinated sock
    and cap drives for donation to
    hospital patients in need.
  • Dennis Mink, Cardiac Rehab,
    Doctors Hospital at White Rock
    Lake - known for his uncommon
    dedication to patients, once talking
    a man out of potentially
    committing suicide; has purchased
    groceries for patients in need;
    teaches the Texas A&M Clinical
    Affiliation Cardiac Rehab class to
  • Marco Bartoloni, Registered
    Nurse, Methodist Mansfield
    Medical Center - fluent in Italian,
    Spanish, French and Dutch, serves
    as an interpreter to comfort patients
    and family members unable to
    speak English; mentors students
    from UTA; volunteers for the
    United Way, American Heart
    Association, Mission Arlington and
    the Kidney Foundation.

    Recipients were selected behind
closed doors when Board Members
of the Dallas-Fort Worth Healthcare
Human Resources Association judged
the nominations. Individual names and
hospitals were removed in advance and
their selection was based on the facts
    “The Employee of the Year
Luncheon has become a unique
opportunity to honor the North Texas
healthcare workforce,” said Sally
Williams, the Workforce Center director
at the Foundation. “This event offers
employees a chance to be recognized
for their dedicated work, celebrating
their positive spirit and their efforts to   Employee of the year award recipients included James Cooper (top row left), access services
make a difference in our hospitals.”         rep at Baylor All Saints Medical Center of Fort Worth; Juan Carreon (top row right), cook at
    Stewart Stimmel LLP served as the        Medical Center of Mckinney; Julia Blackburn (middle row left, standing right), lead clinical lab
                                             specialist at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Hurst-Euless-Bedford, pictured with Master
Presenting Sponsor, while GroupOne
                                             of Ceremonies Kirk King, president of Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital; Julia Bell
Services, Inc. was Platinum Sponsor          (middle row right), patient care assistant at Baylor Medical Center at Irving; Dennis Mink (bottom
and CampbellWilson was the Gold              row left), cardiac rehab at Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake; and Marco Bartoloni (bottom
Sponsor.                                    row, right), registered nurse at Methodist Mansfield Medical Center.

14 "Excellence Through Collaboration”
         Marco Bartoloni                     Julia Bell           Julia Blackburn           Juan Carreon                      James Cooper                 Robin Jacks
          Methodist Mansfield             Baylor Medical Center    Texas Health Harris       Medical Center                  Baylor All Saints Medical
                                                                                                                                                                                          Dennis Mink
            Medical Center                       at Irving        Methodist Hospital HEB                                                                 Baylor Regional Medical           Doctors Hospital
                                                                                              of McKinney                      Center at Fort Worth          Center at Plano              at White Rock Lake

                                                Congratulations to the 2009 Hospital
                          Education and
                                                Employees of the Year
                                                The Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council Education and Research Founda

                                                                                           GroupOne                      R


Billboards announcing Luncheon award winners were posted across the metroplex.

Area billboards honor the 2009
hospital Employees of the Year
          ighlighting winners of the                                   technicians, educators and numerous                                               Saints Medical Center at Fort Worth;
          Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital                                   professionals working at hospitals                                                Juan Carreon, cook, Medical Center
          Council     Education     and                                across North Texas,” said Sally                                                   of McKinney; Julia Blackburn, lead
          Research           Foundation                                Williams, director of the Foundation’s                                            clinical lab specialist, Texas Health
(Foundation) Employee of the Year                                      Workforce Center. “These billboards are                                           Harris Methodist Hospital Hurst-
Award, billboards were purchased last                                  just another way to create recognition                                            Euless-Bedford; Julia Bell, patient
month across the metroplex with the                                    and perhaps retention of our valuable                                             care assistant, Baylor Medical Center
recipients' photograph and name. The                                   healthcare workforce.”                                                            at Irving; Robin Jacks, coordinator
billboards are a strategic effort by the                                   Eight billboards were purchased,                                              concierge services, Baylor Regional
Foundation to provide recognition to                                   with three in Fort Worth, three in Dallas,                                        Medical Center at Plano; Dennis Mink,
quality hospital employees.                                            one in Grand Prairie and one in Hurst.                                            cardiac rehab, Doctors Hospital at
     “The Foundation’s Employee of                                     This year, there were seven recipients of                                         White Rock Lake; and Marco Bartoloni,
the Year Luncheon pays tribute to                                      the Foundation award including James                                              registered nurse, Methodist Mansfield
non-management employees, nurses,                                      Cooper, access services rep, Baylor All                                           Medical Center.

                                                                                                                                                                      “Excellence Through Collaboration” 15
  DFWHC Education and Research Foundation

Second Annual
North Texas

          eats are quickly filling up    John Nance, best selling author of Why Hospitals Should Fly: The Ultimate Flight
          for the Second Annual          Plan to Patient Safety and Quality Care, will be one of the keynote speakers at the
                                         Aug. 28 Patient Safety Summit in Fort Worth.
          North Texas Patient Safety
          Summit on Aug. 28. Hosted
by the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital
Council Education and Research              25        PATIENT
                                                                                     of information related to patient
Foundation (Foundation), the event          Seat   SAFETy EvENT                           An afternoon panel discussion
will be held at the American Airlines                                                will allow local patient safety and
Training and Conference Center in              August 28, 2009                       quality professionals to discuss their
Fort Worth from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30                                                    experiences in applying high reliability
                                              American Airlines Training
p.m. The limited number of seats               and Conference Center                 principles, challenges in the workplace
remaining are available on a first-               Fort Worth, Texas                  and lessons learned.
come-first-serve basis.                                                                   Cost for the event is $125 per
     Highlighting a busy agenda will         Second Annual north Texas               person. Attendees submitting an
be John Nance, JD, best selling            Patient Safety Summit:                    abstract describing their safety and
author of Why Hospitals Should Fly:          Excellence Through Collaboration        quality improvement activities will
The Ultimate Flight Plan to Patient                                                  receive a special discounted rate of
Safety and Quality Care. A founding          7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.                   $50 (discount is per hospital facility
member of the National Patient Safety                                                and does not apply to entire systems).
Foundation, John is also a decorated                                                 Abstracts are requested by Aug.
Air Force officer-pilot. Nance is        communication. Mr. Parker is an             14. Given the limited seating
well known for his pioneering work       associate member of the Association         availability, interested parties are
translating the principles of aviation   of Perioperative Registered Nurses          encouraged to register immediately
safety to patient safety.                (AORN), on the College of Natural           to reserve seating.
     Additional speakers include Gary    Sciences      Foundation     Advisory            The Summit is ideal for clinical and
Sculli, RN, MSN, Airline Transport       Council at the University of Texas and      director-level hospital leaders (patient
Pilot, Program Manager for VA            the Steering Committee of the Center        safety, quality, risk management,
National Center for Patient Safety and   for Process Safety at Texas A&M             operating room, labor and delivery,
an expert in patient safety and crew     University.                                 etc.). Executive leadership including
resource management; and Dennis               "The purpose of this event is          CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, CNOs and
Parker, MBA, retired Vice President      to discuss how strategies from high         CQOs would also benefit.
of Safety, Health and Environment for    reliability organizations can be used            The Summit is supported through
Conoco, Inc. Citing communication        to improve patient safety and quality,"     an unrestricted grant by Blue Cross
failures between doctors and nurses      said Kristin Jenkins, president of the      Blue Shield of Texas. For information,
as being involved in four of every 10    Foundation. "We're hoping to foster         please contact Laura Lovelady at
errors, Mr. Sculli urges members of      a collaborative climate in the North        972-717-4279 or e-mail foundation-
the clinical team to employ assertive    Texas region for the practical sharing
16 "Excellence Through Collaboration”
Supporting Patient Safety

Leadership for the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council Education and Research Foundation (Foundation) accepted a $30,000
grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas for the Second Annual Patient Safety Summit to be held Aug. 28. Pictured (l
to r) are Harvey Fishero, chairman of the Foundation Board of Trustees; kristin Jenkins, president of the Foundation; Ted
Haynes, vice president of Texas Health Care Delivery, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas; and Margaret Jarvis, senior manager
media and public relations, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas.

THCIC to delay the collection of Outpatient Data
(THCIC) released a newsletter on
June 12 (Vol.12 Num. 3) stating
their previous requirement that all      THCIC and the first submission to the       to ensure the systems will process
outpatient data submissions begin        state will begin February 2010.             the Outpatient data submissions
Quarter 3, 2009 (Q309) would be            The Foundation intends to continue        without incident and everyone has
changed. The new timeline will be        as planned and require all outpatient       time to refine their own process.
Quarter 4, 2009 discharges. Q309         submissions by Quarter 3, 2009.             For questions, please call Theresa
discharges will not be collected by      The date change is an opportunity           Mendoza at 469-648-5035.

                                                                                          “Excellence Through Collaboration” 17
  DFWHC Education and Research Foundation

  Influenza vaccination survey
          t the beginning of 2009,
          Patient Safety and Quality
          Committee (PSQC) members
          expressed interest in learning
more about influenza vaccination
programs for area healthcare workers
and the implications that exist for
infection control professionals.
  As a way of gathering preliminary
information on the subject, a brief
electronic survey was created and sent
to area employee health contacts in
April. Thirty-three usable surveys were
collected. Highlighted information

  • All respondents indicated having
    an influenza vaccination program
    and providing vaccination at
    no cost.

  • When asked to describe their
    programs, 21 respondents
    indicated “signed declination.”

  • Common strategies used to
    make vaccines available to
    employees include days of mass
    vaccination in one location,
    use of mobile carts and
    special availability for nights
    and weekends.

  • The primary obstacle noted
    was employees’                         Research services underway
    misperceptions of the risks
                                           RESEARCH SERvICES STAFF                 of the survey results. Further
    posed by influenza as well as
                                           have been busy with survey              dissemination will occur through
    the safety of vaccination.
                                           administration and analysis. Practice   presentations, postings on the
                                           patterns in Dallas-Fort Worth           website and journal publications.
  Volunteer PSQC members will be
                                           hospitals is underway for:                   Standards of research practice
making follow up contact with facilities
                                                                                   to guide the "how, when and why"
indicating high vaccination rates. The
                                               •   Employee immunization           research is in the development
interest is to learn specifics about the
                                               •   Use of color-coded wristbands   process via a sub-committee of the
strategies used by these sites. The
                                               •   Rapid response team practices   North Texas Healthcare Information
goal is to collect this information and,
                                               •   DVT/PE prevention               and Quality Collaborative [formerly
with permission, share it broadly as
                                                                                   the Data Initiative Executive
a resource for other hospitals in the
                                           Participants will receive a summary     Committee].
18 "Excellence Through Collaboration”
DI becomes the Information
and Quality Services Center
          he Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council Education            The DI was established in 1997 to answer the growing
          and Research Foundation’s (Foundation) Data            need in the health care community for high quality data
          Initiative (DI) has changed its name, but its          which could be used to measure value, evaluate quality
          dependable services will remain the same. Starting     and promote improvements. Today, the services of IQSC
in June, DI became the Information and Quality Services          encompass many different layers including data collection,
Center (IQSC), while the DI Executive Committee changed          data analysis, quality education, data measurement, practice
its name to the North Texas Healthcare Information and           improvement and consultation.
Quality Collaborative (NTHIQC).                                      “We are moving in so many directions that we have
    “The purpose of the name change was to accurately            outgrown the DI name,” said Jenkins. “We are a center of
convey the substantive work of the center,” said Kristin         dedicated employees working with hospitals to promote
Jenkins, president of the Foundation. “This name change          patient safety and quality improvement, while also providing
also reflects the geographic scope and collaborative nature      a quality health care data program with effective analysis and
of the group. There will be no changes in the operations or      services. We are an information and quality services center,
plans of the center.”                                            thus the name change.”

new advisory board members named
           he Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council Education       for nursing education for use in increasing the number of
          and Research Foundation (Foundation) Workforce         registered nurse graduates. The Foundation will work with
          Center announced its new advisory board in July.       local nursing schools on a regional plan in support of this
          New board members include Shelley Brown of             funding. Also funded with $5 million during the session was
UT Southwestern University Hospital; Danny Davila of             the Hospital-based Nursing Education Grant Program.
Parkland Health and Hospital System; Woody Kageler of            This is based on the Distance Learning Education/Hospital
Tarrant County Community College; Diane Whiting of
Baylor Health Care System; and Melissa Winter with The
Heart Hospital Baylor Plano. Beth Mancini of University of
Texas Arlington will be the new board chairman, replacing
                                                                  WORkFORCE NOTES
Mark Morales of Texas Health Resources. Rotating off the
board will be Stephen Dorso of Children’s Medical Center         partnerships developed in the region.
Dallas; Sondra Flemming of El Centro College; Jane                    The Regional Workforce Planning/Forecasting Tool
Mason of Parkland Health and Hospital System; and Cindy          is expected to help hospitals with future workforce needs.
Murray of Baylor Medical Center of Waxahachie.                   Interest has been expressed, but it has been cost prohibitive.
    The North Texas Veterans Connecting with Healthcare          The tool is expected to provide efficiencies and regional
Careers Project, funded by a grant with WorkForce                benchmarks.
Solutions Greater Dallas, is underway. This pilot project             A new workforce collaborative for Allied Health
will match returning veterans to the North Texas area in         Professions has been initiated with a steering committee to
healthcare careers and training. Partners include Texas Health   meet and review regional challenges and opportunities.
Resources, HCA North Texas Division, El Centro College,               The Regional Clinical Placement Initiative will be
Texas Workforce Commission, Texas Veterans Leadership            implemented in response to hospital/educator needs. The
Program and WorkForce Solutions Greater Dallas.                  first focus will be on a Nursing Education Portal to share
    In the 2009 Texas Legislative Session, the Texas Nursing     information for clinical placements in the region including
Shortage Coalition was successful in gaining $49.7 million       the Standard Hospital Student Orientation.
                                                                                            “Excellence Through Collaboration” 19
 groupOne Services, Inc.

               Express Package

                                        48hour              turnaround!
GroupOne offers new                                              tedious,” said W. Stephen Love, president of GroupOne. “It’s
                                                                 a new age and customers need to be able to acquire important
                                                                 information quickly. We made a decision at GroupOne that
package for only $28.95                                          customers must have this option available to them. This
                                                                 Express Package allows employers the ability to acquire
                                                                 information on some candidates earlier in the process.”

               itch a ride on GroupOne Services’ new Express          The multi-state criminal search contains more than 200
               Package and receive your information in only      million criminal records from state, counties, department of
               48-hours. The new service was created so          corrections (DOC), administration of the court (AOC) and
               customers can receive important information       state sex offender registries covering 49 states, Washington
fast. At a cost of only $28.95, it’s an effective way to         DC, Guam and Puerto Rico. The information is considered
streamline the hiring process.                                   public record.
     “GroupOne Services is committed to improving the                 Criminal history information available should not be
background screening process for its clients,” said Eric         considered as 100 percent of the accurate history of any
Scott, vice president of GroupOne. “We believe this new          individual. The multi-state criminal search casts the widest
package is a great option for clients needing quick and simple   net possible in discovering criminal information about an
background service checks.”                                      applicant’s past. Combined with a jurisdictional (county)
     The package, available to current and new GroupOne          criminal history search, the multi-state search often identifies
clients, includes reports from:                                  criminal history records that would never be discovered
                                                                 otherwise because they may not have lived or worked in the
    •    Multi-state criminal search                             area where the criminal record is located.
    •    Multi-state sex offender search                              Multi-state criminal records are totally dependant upon
    •    GroupOne Compliance Package (OIG, GSA, Texas            each state's reporting entities submitting accurate information
         Medicaid, Terrorist and OFAC)                           to the state in a timely manner. However, due to the fact
    •    GroupOne Education History database check               that criminal record reporting sometimes does not occur in
    •    GroupOne Employment History database check              a timely manner, there may be changes and variations in
    •    SSN Verification (via Credit Headers)                   statewide or multi-state criminal record reporting and county
    •    SSN Validation (via SSA's Master Death Index and        criminal record reporting. GroupOne has no control over
         SSA's Non-Issued Numbers List)                          improper, inaccurate or untimely reporting to state criminal
    •    Previous address locator (via Credit Headers)           record repositories.
                                                                      For more information on how to use the new Express
    “Background screening for the healthcare industry can be     Package, please contact GroupOne at 1-800-683-0255.
20 "Excellence Through Collaboration”
GroupOne achieves Certified Integration
with HealthcareSource Position Manager
              roupOne       Services,    Inc.     is    joining   situation.”
              HealthcareSource, gaining access to numerous            HealthcareSource is a leader in talent management
              tools to further improve its applicant tracking     solutions and is used by more than 1,000 healthcare facilities.
              solutions. A leader in talent management            They help healthcare organizations acquire, develop and
solutions, HealthcareSource has made GroupOne a Certified         retain the best possible workforce. HealthcareSource’s
Integration Partner.                                              software solutions include applicant tracking, onboarding,
    “GroupOne Services is proud to be designated a Certified      performance management and a healthcare Internet job
Integration Partner,” said Eric Scott, vice president of          board. Like GroupOne, the company focuses exclusively on
GroupOne. “Being a partner with HealthcareSource provides         healthcare.
for a more efficient system. It also simplifies the process.”         “We are so pleased to be a partner with HealthcareSource
    The new benefits include decreased turnaround                 and look forward to working with their professional team,”
time, reductions in errors, automated notification and the        said W. Stephen Love, president of GroupOne. “This
elimination of dual data entry.                                   opportunity allows us to improve our services to healthcare
    “These are improved benefits without additional               clients. We look forward to many years of working together
expense,” Scott said. “This allows clients to focus on other      in providing dependable healthcare background screening
Human Resource functions. This partnership is a win-win           for our customers.”

                                                                                              “Excellence Through Collaboration” 21
  groupOne Services, Inc.



G        roupOne’s new third generation software, literally
         years in the making, provides extraordinary
         capabilities while reducing turnaround time. Here
                                                                       A major delay encountered by GroupOne is colleges,
                                                                  employers and professional licensure boards requiring a
                                                                  signed release. The speediest way to eliminate the roadblock
are a few tips to get the most out of the software.               is to send a signed release for every applicant needing a
    The new software has data on five million employers           check. Scanned releases may be e-mailed to releases@gp1.
and thousands of universities/colleges. While education           com. Faxed releases should be sent to (469) 648-5088 or
and employment verifications lengthen turnaround times, it        (888) 247-0339. Please fax to only these numbers. Always
will speed up the process if as much information as possible      obtain the fax confirmation date, time and number.
is provided including street, city, state and phone number.            Verify the highest college degree only. These degrees
Please note that city and state names are required. Avoid         require certified transcripts from lower schools. With these
entering requests for small employers out of business.            transcripts already obtained, it’s unnecessary to verify
    If you know a superior person or phone number to use          anything but the highest degree. Please note that education
when completing verifications, this information is helpful.       verification requests in May-June may be delayed due to
Frequently, GroupOne struggles with the information               graduation, while August-September is busy due to fall
provided, discovering alternate phone numbers, contacts           registration. If employment verification in the U.S. is
and websites were needed. Complete and current contact            unsuccessful after three working days, the verification will
information greatly helps us achieve your goals. Verification     be closed. You may enter a new request with additional
requests missing necessary information will be noted in           information.
pipeline reports, on-line at the individual request and through        Thank you for reviewing these tips. Please contact us at
attempts to contact the client.                                   1-800-683-0255 should you have questions.

22 "Excellence Through Collaboration”
Linking Healthcare Professionals with Financial Services and Solutions

   About Us
   Link Plus Partners is dedicated to delivering results-oriented, analytically-driven,
   and mission-responsible financial services and solutions to the Healthcare
   industry. Our clients are diverse and unique, and each requires a customized
   approach to achieve its goals and fulfill its mission. At Link Plus Partners, we
   work with our clients to establish strategic partnerships and collaborate to
   mutually design sustainable and predictable cash-acceleration programs.

   Our Mission
   Link Plus Partners is committed to increasing the liquidity of our Healthcare
   clients. We focus on understanding their financial needs, and assist them
   with the implementation of traditional and alternative financial services and
   solutions that provide strategic, predictable, and sustainable financial results.
   We are guided by our commitment to support our clients’ Mission and maintain
   the integrity of their reputations in the communities they serve.

   Let Link Plus Partners get to work for you today, and assist you in immediately
                   improving your cash flow and financial results.
                                  Contact us today!

      To receive more information on Link Plus Partners and our products &
             services, please email us at
  the cure for your

   reaching hospitals
   across north Texas   972-719-4900
      DENTON   ■   DALLAS   ■   HOUSTON

                      If you’re looking for a career in
                      high demand, see what TWU’s
                      College of Nursing has to offer
                      ◗ Courses offered online,
                        evenings and Saturdays
                      ◗ Includes use of high-fidelity
                        patient simulators

                      Undergraduate Nursing Degree Programs:
                      ◗ RN to BS
                      ◗ RN to BS/MS
                      ◗ Junior- and senior-level
                        courses only offered
                        at the Houston campus

                      Graduate Nursing Degree Programs:
                      ◗ Family Nurse Practitioner
                      ◗ Adult Health Nurse Practitioner
                      ◗ Adult Health Clinical
                        Nurse Specialist
                      ◗ Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
                      ◗ Nursing/Health Systems
                      ◗ Nurse Educator
                      ◗ Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
                      ◗ Doctor of Philosophy

                      For more information:
The Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council
250 Decker Drive                                                                                                      prsrt Std
Irving, Tx 75062                                                                                                    u S postage

          DFWHC’s 2009 Board of Trustees

          kirk king                Chris Durovich       Steven Newton         Michael Mayo          Sharon Riley
          Chairman                 Past Chairman        Chairman-Elect        Trustee               Trustee
          Texas Health             Children's Medical   Baylor All Saints     Methodist Dallas      UT Southwestern
          Arlington Memorial       Center Dallas        Medical Center        Medical Center        University Hospital

                    Stan Morton              Laura Irvine           Ronald Boring          Doug Welch
                    Trustee                  Trustee                Trustee                Trustee
                    Texas Health             Methodist Mansfield    Methodist Richardson   Medical Center
                    Presbyterian             Medical Center         Medical Center         of Lewisville
                    Hospital Denton

                                 Ernest Lynch, III      John Haupert           Patrick L. Wallace
                                 Trustee                Ex-Officio             Ex-Officio
                                 Medical Center         Parkland Health &      East Texas Medical
                                 of McKinney            Hospital System        Center Athens

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