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bimini undersea - scuba diving by ajizai



The intriguing underwater world of Bimini offers a variety of dives
for visitors including walls, reefs, and wrecks, with an average
warm temperature of high 70's to mid 80's.                              • Dive the famous wreck of the Sapona and learn about the history and
During your stay at Bimini Bay Resort, submerge yourself into the         legend around this ship
underwater paradise of Bimini’s dive sites. Dive sites in Bimini can    • Moray Alley, a 65' high profile patch reef with Green Morays and Big Puffers
be split into 2 geographical areas - those closer to shore around
North and South Bimini (15 to 25 minutes of boat ride) and those        Our dives range from 15-130 feet depending on experience and each trip is
further out beyond the Bahama Bank. Some notable dives include:         supervised by Bimini Undersea’s professional dive staff. Bimini Undersea has
                                                                        been the SCUBA diving leader in the region since 1978. We are a full service
• The Strip, a shallow water dive site known for its’ fish              world class dive center. Our experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly staff will
  abundance and nocturnal activity such as large sea turtles            make your diving experience a great one whether you are trying it for the first
• Bimini Barge, a mass of metal that rests in 90 feet of water with     time or you are a well traveled experienced diver.
  the top of the wreck rising to 65 feet
• Tuna Alley (named due to annual migration of tuna through the         Want to try SCUBA Diving?
  area) with its’ crevices and beautiful ledges from 35’ to 90’         Sign up for Bimini Undersea's Introductory SCUBA Experience. The program
• The Bimini Road or Road to Atlantis, a must-see dive in Bimini        includes professional instruction in the pool, followed by a supervised shallow
  that claims to be part of the Lost City of Atlantis                   SCUBA dive on the reef with your instructor.

                                                                       For further information on diving, please contact Bimini Undersea at (242) 473.4990,
                                                                                            Email, or come by
                                                                                       the Dive and Water Sports Center at Bimini Bay Resort.

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