Silver Prices and Priceless Rumors

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					Silver Prices, Priceless Rumors

Strange rumors have been cropping up in the silver market lately — all seemingly designed to
quell relatively buoyant market sentiment.

One example was the recent CFTC story printed on the Financial Time’s front page citing a
source predicting that the silver market manipulation case will soon be dropped.

Another case was the recent trader revelation about the bullion banks being long physical
precious metals and short futures contracts, although this has since been substantially
debunked by none other than the well-known silver market manipulation whistle blower
Andrew Maguire.

Basically, concentration is the issue, not hedging - as silver analyst Ted Butler has been pointing
out since the 1990’s. Essentially, it is the presence of just a few large players who make up the
short holdings that are positioned against a much more diverse group of longs that is the
primary issue.

This situation is acceptable in the same way that it was apparently acceptable for Ponzi
schemer Bernie Madoff to show “everlasting” high returns, which eventually were exposed for
the sham that they were.

Silver Market Manipulation is Fact, Not Theory

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Description: For the investing public, the manipulation of the silver market is now well documented, transparent and quite obvious. No longer is an elaborate or paranoid conspiracy theory required.