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By Bro. B. J. Harrington, R.A.M., told of the visit of Bro. D. Martin, =
32=B0 to an Indian Tribe in Missouri. The following is his story of his =
visit to Chief Morock and his ancestors.

    PART 1
  In 1880, I was a youth just entering the study of law under the =
tutelage of a law firm of Marshall, Missouri, which was retained by a =
Philadelphia Loan Company to furnish certain information concerning the =
title to some lands in the State of Missouri, wherein a the grantor =
conveyed by Deed, signed by a very peculiar, unknown and unreasonable =
mark over a thumb print. This investigation was assigned to me. My =
search developed the fact the Deed was duly and regularly executed, =
signed and acknowledged before a Justice of the Peace, a regularly =
elected officer in the state, making it as legal as if before a Notary =
Public, by an old Indian, known as Morock, who was Chief of the remnant =
of a Tribe of Indians then residing down on the Missouri River near =
Miami, Saline County, Missouri, who were orderly, law-abiding, =
industrious, healthy; had no property, but made a scant living by =
fishing, hunting and trapping.
  Chief Morock was a fine specimen of manhood, 6 feet tall in his =
sock-feet, well proportioned, high forehead, Roman nose, piercing eyes, =
skin light bronze, nearly white. He was educated, intelligent, spoke =
seven languages; was open-hearted, honest, truthful, trustworthy. His =
habits were regular. He was temperate, ate sparingly, slept well. =
However, some of the ravages of old age were upon him, yet his voice was =
deep, clear and emphatic, his mind quick and alert, and his word was law =
and gospel among his people.
  When I first approached Morock and informed him of my mission, he =
looked off into space in meditation for two or three minutes, then gave =
ready consent to render all necessary assistance, and made the required =
affidavit. Later he became more friendly and congenial, and gradually, =
little by little, revealed some of the secrets he possessed.
  In narrating events of his life, Morock also gave an account of his =
ancestry, who were descendants of Chief Bimini, the original discoverer =
of America. It seems that, from the time Morock could remember, his =
ancestors fro generations and, in fact, for centuries had been selected =
to guard, defend and possess the Mineral Springs of America. It was =
their duty to so guard those waters as to prevent same from molestation =
or interference by any stranger, or any other faction or tribe; that, =
whenever any medicinal quality existed in any spring of water, then =
there was the mark of his ancestors engraved on a rock at or near said =
spring, thus notifying the world what Indian Chief was in possession.
  He stated that the East, South, West and North parts of America were =
divided into Zones of Mineral or Health Waters, over each of which a =
Chief governed and claimed said lands as his domain, of which he had a =
drawing or map carrying his mark, which acted as his commission or =
authority. Such Chief was held accountable and required to protect said =
waters from being contaminated in any manner, or molested in any way, =
all in behalf of the health of the Indians, as well as that of the deer, =
buffalo, and other wild game.
  Among the waters which his particular ancestors governed in the early =
days were the "Blue-Lick Sulphur Springs" in Saline County, the =
"Elk-Lick Springs" in Pettis County, the "Choteau Springs" in Cooper =
County, and other Mineral Springs in various parts of Missouri. The =
waters from these particular springs were considered very healthful, =
qualified to cure almost any ordinary ailment, either in human or in =
animal, and often were extensively patronized by both, especially by the =
Indians at annual periods, who gathered from over a large area of the =
country and held a meeting lasting a week or ten days at a time.
  Also, in the early days, this zoning of the waters was effective in all =
parts of the United States, even including rivers and lakes, over each =
of which an Indian Chief was established with full authority from the =
Chief Governor.
  Morock claimed that the Western Indians were entirely different from =
those in the East; that his people were spiritually inclined, whole the =
eastern Indian was more warlike, such as those in the "Iroquois =
Confederacy," who in the 17th century were recognized as a distinct =
brand of North American Indian. That organization included the Mohawks, =
Oneidas, Omondagas, Cayugas, Senecas, Tuscaroras, Mohicans, who from =
1715 A.D. on in time helped the English against the French; also helped =
the American Colonists against the English in the War of the Revolution =
to free America from British rule.
  Morock was a very proud person. While he was recounting events of the =
past, he exhibited great pride when he mentioned an ancestor. As he =
talked, there was an old Indian squaw, looking older than Morock, who =
would wag her head or not, or correct he Chief, while the other Indians =
squatted around the campfire circle in the centre of the wigwams, =
enjoying only at the interruptions for refreshments, consisting of =
hoe-cake, water, and smoking of the pipe. The scene was weird, =
fantastic and entertaining; yet I managed to make some memoranda of =
notes, even if it was difficult later to decipher them.
  This History of his people began 12,858 years ago [so many moons], when =
the "Empire of La Muria,] located in the Pacific Ocean far west of =
Hawaii, selected and commissioned two men, named Bimini and Toltec, who =
were surveyors and engineers; and they were taken by air-ship and landed =
on the shores of a new country on the East (America). These men, like =
their people, were intelligent, well educated, honest, devout, =
spiritually, developed; and were instructed to view, inspect and =
thoroughly investigate the New Garden next on the East; that they must =
report from time to time, by telepathy, and that, finishing their =
exploration, to report fully back to the Homeland by telepathy, which =
was the usual mode of communication of that day. They were to remain in =
the new land, to be later joined by other delegations sent to inhabit =
the New Garden, who would arrive day by day by air-ship, propelled by =
forces generated and gathered form the atmosphere as the air-ship moved. =
  Later, at given dates, these delegations arrived by air-ship and, in =
this manner, this country was taken possession of and inhabited 12,858 =
years ago.
  The Tablets, from which Morock read and translated, were made of stone, =
slate or clay, neatly finished, each about 8 x 12 inches, each engraved =
with strange marks, character or hieroglyphics made by hand, by =
different persons, differing as to age, showing that many persons since =
the beginning had made recordations.
  Each Tablet had a mark for a number, another mark for a date, and other =
marks conveying the information. Each Tablet was carefully and =
precisely wrapped in the finest "deer-skin," the total number of which =
made a large pile, and all of which were securely kept in a cave and =
jealously guarded both day and night, like they were pearls of great =
  A Tablet carrying a mark which meant "one", also another mark for a =
date, which was translated as meaning 12,585 years ago, recorded the =
fact of the landing of Bimini and Toltec on American soil, at a point =
now known as the lower half of the State of California. It also related =
a summary of their report to their Home Government, and described the =
landings of the delegations by air-ship. Another Tablet described these =
La Murian emigrants as highly educated, graduates in the Arts and =
Sciences, scholars in Mental Sciences, Astronomy, Astrology, Geography, =
Surveying, Drawing, Mathematics, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, =
Medicine, Metallurgy, Navigation, Aviation, Telepathy, Spirituality; who =
worshipped the One Spirit, lived and practiced Truth In the absolute, =
and were linked together by the fraternal brotherhood of man and the =
Fatherhood of God.
  Their labours here were in harmony in the unison, which continued for =
several centuries until this New Garden became thriving and prosperous. =
This brought more emigrants, and all became a happy people, covering =
what is now California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, =
Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Mexico, Central America, and =
South America. All of this territory blossomed with improvements, such =
as temples, monuments, pyramids, cities, schools, colleges, =
universities, with books and libraries and other evidence of =
civilization and advanced thought. All were regulated by a Government =
Code, in which was a requirement that each person, at a certain hour, =
morning, noon and night, should stop all personal efforts, then =
meditate, enter the silence, there to remain for thirty minutes or more; =
and to report to the Chief Counsellor the next day if any extraordinary =
revelations were received which would be of benefit to the majority.
 Another Tablet contained theories, doctrines and the philosophy of the =
La Murian beliefs, how they were applied, and what was accomplished by =
them. Another Tablet showed that Chief Bimini, the cherished Saint and =
Founder of the Colony, was a Mason of high degree, who devoted his life =
to the advancement of the interests of his people and, by strictly =
following the law and his belief in the One Spirit, One Substance, of =
which each was a part, is recorded as having lived bout 1,000 years; =
also, that many of his descendants, ancestors of Morock, lived to be 700 =
to 900 years of age. Morock himself boasted of his 768 years and, by =
daily practice of his philosophy, everything else being equal, he could =
be living today.
 Other Tablets showed that Toltec, the associate of Bimini migrated =
farther south along the Pacific Coast to Mexico, Central America, and =
South America; that, in the territory now known as Yucatan and =
Guatemala, pyramids were erected which are standing today as a monument =
to scientific construction.

 Nearly all of the earlier Tablets carried Masonic signs, such as an =
Open Record, the Rule, Square, Compasses, Cube, Right-angled Triangle; =
also signs which meant God, Earth, Sun, Moon, Spirit, Center of Nature; =
also there were dates when some ancestor of Morock was elected to some =
exalted office in Indian Masonry.
 One Tablet recorded the fact that Chief Morock was elected to some =
Indian Masonic position. Another Tablet carried the record of Morocks' =
ability as a philosopher, his graduation in the Mental Science of Life =
and Death. Morock said that Masonry was a part of the religion of his =
ancestry, and that all his forefathers for centuries had been Masons.

To be continued.

Submitted by D. Roy Murray,
King Solomon Lodge, No. 58, GRS
Victoria Lodge, No. 13, GRA

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