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									                 Practice Nurse Clinical Education

               Registration Brochure
                      18–19 September 2008
                     Technology Park Adelaide
                     Mawson Lakes Boulevard

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                    CHOICE OF SES

                             Why attend PNCE?
Testimonials                > Receive education specifically geared towards practice nurses
“Fantastic weekend            across a wide range of clinical and professional issues that
 overall – I will             you face in your day-to-day practice
                            > Hear from over 20 different speakers, all experts in their
 encourage other
                              chosen field, many of whom are themselves practice nurses
 practice nurses in my
                            > Meet and interact with your fellow practice nurses from
 practice to attend next      all over South Australia and surrounding areas
 year.”                     > Receive up to 12 CNE points from the Royal College of
                              Nursing for attending the 2 days of the conference
                            > View the latest products and technology on offer from our
“Thank you for a very         conference sponsors
 educational and
 enjoyable day.”                             DEAR DELEGATE,
                                             It gives me great pleasure to invite you to attend the second Practice Nurse Clinical
                                             Education conference to be held in Adelaide. The landscape in General Practice is
                                             changing with a shortage of GPs and pressure to provide patient services. Practice

“A very balanced and                         based nursing is becoming one of the fastest growth areas for the profession with the
                            move to integrate practice nurses deeper into health teams. This year’s program reflects the changing
 educational series of      needs of the profession and aids to support nurses through education. Thank you to the APNA for

 topics. I would attend     providing a high quality program, offering clinical and practical up-skilling seminars as well as smaller
                            hands on practical breakout sessions. The focus for the PNCE is to continually assist you in up-skilling
 again next year. It was    your clinical knowledge and to provide you with a valuable opportunity to network with your peers. I look

 great to see the           forward to seeing you at this year’s Adelaide PNCE.

                            Simon Gillson – Director
 majority of speakers       Reed Medical Education

 were nurses!”
                            APNA WELCOME
                            The Australian Practice Nurses Association is pleased to be involved with the second Adelaide Practice
                            Nurse Clinical Education conference. PNCE brings together an education program designed specifically for
“I am still talking about   practice nurses with a wealth of information on the most contemporary practice nursing issues. This year

 the PNCE, what a                             we have introduced several new streams to the program including mental health and
                                              preventing chronic disease. We encourage you to participate in areas of the program
 wonderful learning                           that are most relevant to you and your general practice setting. By participating in PNCE

 experience.”                                 you are taking the opportunity to further your knowledge and ability in practice nursing.
                                              We look forward to seeing you in September at the 2008 Adelaide PNCE.

                            Belinda Caldwell – Executive Officer
                            Australian Practice Nurses Association
                               DAY 1                                                                             DAY 2
8.30 – 9.00                    REGISTRATION                                                                      REGISTRATION

9.00 – 10.00                   Keynote Session Role of the Practice Nurse: where to?                             Keynote Session Weight Management & Reduction

10.00 – 10.20                  MORNING TEA                                                                       MORNING TEA

10.20 – 12.20                  Stream 1A Diabetes                                             OR                 Stream 2A Wound Management                                            OR
                               Stream 1B Practical                                            OR                 Stream 2B Immunisation                                                OR
                               Stream 1C Mental Health                                                           Stream 2C Preventing Chronic Disease

12.20 – 1.20                   LUNCH                                                                             LUNCH

1.20 – 2.20                    Sterilisation                                                  OR                 Triage                                                                OR
                               Importance of a Hearing Test for the Over 50’s                 OR                 Managing vomiting and diarrhoea in children                           OR
                               ECG Interpretation                                                                Pathology interpretation

2.30 – 3.30                    Data Cleansing                                                 OR                 Foot Check & Assessment                                               OR
                               Asthma First Aid                                               OR                 Legal issues & professional indemnity                                 OR
                               Pain Management: Diabetic Neuropathy                                              GP Management Plans

3.30 – 4.00                    AFTERNOON TEA                                                                     AFTERNOON TEA

4.00 – 5.00                    Keynote Session                                                                   Keynote Session
                               Persistent Cough – differential diagnosis                                         Practice Nursing: How valuable are you to your practice?

                                                                                                                             > > > PNCE PROGRAM
Session Synopses
KEYNOTE SESSIONS                                                Stream C – Mental Health                                           Chronic wounds – venous leg ulcers and the diabetic
                                                                                                                                   foot...including trouble shooting the wound that won’t heal
                                                                Mental health and the elderly This session will explore the
Keynote Session 1: Role of the Practice Nurse:                  mental health issues surrounding this key demographic,             Learn about the prevention and management of chronic
where to from here?                                             and what to look for in the over 75 health assessment.             wounds, venous leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers.
The role of the PN in Australia and overseas is evolving        Mental health first aid Learn how to identify acute mental                                                           ConvaTec
rapidly and in different directions. Hear about the             health emergencies in general practice and how to assess
                                                                and refer patients at risk.                                        Stream B – Immunisation
development of the profession, and how the roles and
                                                                                                                                   Childhood immunisation update
responsibilities of the PN might evolve in coming years.        Breakout 1: Sterilisation for accreditation in                     Update on immunisation issues, new vaccines and
Keynote Session 2: Persistent Cough –                           general practice                                                   changes to the schedule or handbook.
differential diagnosis. Is it pertussis?                        AGPAL will discuss sterilisation and what is required for          Management of anaphylaxis
                                                                accreditation against the RACGP Standards for GP 3rd               Clinical management of anaphylaxis and assisting patients
The most common vaccine preventable disease is
                                                                edition. The session will explore what practices need to           with injectable adrenaline.
pertussis, with 90% of cases now in adults. The incidences      demonstrate for accreditation and how sterilisation is
are likely to be much higher than the 11,000 reported last      assessed. It will also highlight how you can easily access         Stream C – Preventing Chronic Disease
year as 95% of cases go undiagnosed or are mistaken for         resources designed specifically to guide and support you           Talking preventative health
persistent cough. Pertussis is highly infectious, with over     through the accreditation process.                  Visiomed       With preventative health and patient education becoming
half of cases in infants (which account for 80% of                                                                                 such a large and important part of the PN role, excellent
hospitalisations) being transmitted from their parents. Both    Breakout 2: The importance of a hearing test                       communication skills are a must. This session aims to
natural and disease induced immunity wane over time, so         for the over 50s                                                   teach delegates some effective communication techniques
close contacts of newborns need a pertussis booster to                                                                             that can be applied to preventative health and utilised
                                                                One in six Australians are affected by a hearing loss.
                                                                                                                                   immediately with your patients.
reduce the risk of passing it on (as recommended by the         A routine check-up should include a hearing screen to
NHMRC).                                       Sanofi Pasteur    determine a hearing loss. Identifying the symptoms of              Health promotion
                                                                age related hearing loss and interpretation of the                 Obtain an update on the latest techniques in health
Keynote Session 3: Weight Management &                          audiogram results.                               Hearing Life      promotion. This session will provide delegates with general
Reduction                                                                                                                          guidelines that will aid in teaching your patients about the
Learn strategies for assisting patients wishing to lose         Breakout 3: ECG interpretation                                     importance of overall good health.
weight healthily.                                               Learn what an ECG tells you by interpreting the results.
                                                                                                                                   Breakout 1: Triage
                                                                Do you need to be concerned?
Keynote Session 4: Practice Nursing: how                                                                                           This session will cover the principles of effective triage,
                                                                Breakout 4: Data cleansing                                         focusing on a team approach to the identification and
valuable are you to your practice?                                                                                                 management of prioritising the medical needs of patients.
With the evolution of the PN role, the importance of            This session will look at the importance of maintaining an
                                                                up to date and relevant electronic database in the general         Breakout 2: Managing vomiting & diarrhoea
understanding and being able to communicate to others
                                                                practice setting. How can information systems be                   in children
your contribution to your workplace has increased. Learn
                                                                maintained so that quality data can be easily accessed?
some handy negotiation skills that could aid in promoting                                                                          Assessing & preventing dehydration in children.    Hydralyte
your work and banking on it.                                    Breakout 5: Asthma first aid                                       Breakout 3: Pathology interpretation
                                                                Maintain and update your knowledge on the importance               Update your knowledge on the most common pathology
                                                                and practice of asthma first aid. Additionally, learn about        tests in the general practice setting and learn how to
BREAKOUT                                                        preventative measures, medication management, and the              interpret the results.
SESSIONS & STREAMS                                              importance of a tailored asthma action plan.
                                                                                                                                   Breakout 4: Foot check & assessment
T H U R S D AY                                                  Breakout 6: Pain management: a focus on                            An important aspect of best practice care for diabetes and
Stream A – Diabetes                                             diabetic neuropathy                                                other related conditions; checking feet and assessing for
Diabetes management                                             50% of patients with diabetes have some form of                    abnormalities is a key role for practice nurses.
Preventing pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes and other              neuropathy and it is difficult to recognise due to different       Breakout 5: Legal issues & professional
metabolic disorders. Understand the role of lifestyle advice,   presentations. Average number of patients with painful
                                                                diabetic neuropathy per GP practice is estimated at 30.
                                                                                                                                   indemnity for practice nurses
diet, assessment and medication in diabetes management.
                                                                Nurses will be provided with diagnostic tools and                  Professional indemnity and legal issues are an area of
Managing a diabetes clinic                                      techniques for the assessment of positive and negative             uncertainty for practice nurses. Nurses face a range of legal
Learn practical tips on how to manage a diabetes clinic in      sensory signs and symptoms of diabetic neuropathy and              issues in general practice such as documentation, duty of
your practice.                              Lilly Diabetes      data on the role of various drugs in the management of             care, consent, and accepting medical orders. Understand
                                                                painful diabetic neuropathy.                              Pfizer   the issues so you can decide if you need to take out your
Stream B – Practical                                                                                                               own cover.
Sports strapping A hands on session covering
                                                                                                                                   Breakout 6: GP management plans
approaches to strapping common sports injuries which            F R I D AY                                                         Learn about the practice nurse role in preparing GP
present in the general practice setting.
                                                                Stream A – Wound Management                                        management plans according to MBS requirements,
Plaster workshop A popular hands on session on applying         Acute wounds – tears, cuts, abrasions & minor burns                models of assisting the GP in preparing and potential
and removing plaster casts, with a focus on back slab           Learn about the prevention and management of the most              roles for practice nurses in managing chronic diseases
application. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves!               common acute wounds presenting in general practice.                between plans.
                                           Practice Nurse Clinical Education
                                                                                                                         Getting to the
How to Register…                                                                                                         Technology Park
To register to attend the 2008 Adelaide PNCE,                                                                            Adelaide
please visit
and click on ‘registration’. Alternatively, please                                                                       BY CAR
                                                                                                                         For delegates driving to the conference, complimentary
contact 02 9422 2941 to register over the phone                                                                          parking is available within the Technology park, adjacent to
                                                                                                                         the conference centre.
or request a registration form.
                                                                                                                         BY TRAIN
                                                                                                                         Mawson Lakes station on the Gawler Line is a short 15
Registration Fees                      APNA Member                       Non–Member                                      minutes from the Adelaide CBD.

1 Day                                  $216                              $240
2 Day                                  $400                              $444
Registration includes 5 sessions per day, morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch.
PLEASE NOTE: AMEX and DINERS Payments will attract a 3% credit card fee.

     ONLINE REGISTRATION CODE:                   WEB
CANCELLATION POLICY All cancellations or alterations must be notified in writing to the PNCE organisers. If the
cancellation is received in writing prior to the 22nd August 2008 a 50% cancellation fee will apply. If received after
the 22nd August 2008, regrettably there will be no refund.
                                                                                                                         The closest accommodation to the
ADELAIDE PNCE PROGAM IS ACCREDITED BY                                                                                    Technology Park is the Mawson Lakes Hotel.

                                                                                                                         MAWSON LAKES HOTEL
PNCE Social Event                                                                                                        10 Main St, Mawson Lakes
                                                                                                                         Ph: (08) 8360 3500
Time to unwind, enjoy the company of your                                                                                Standard Room – $128 per night
colleagues and take advantage of a great                                                                                 1 bedroom apartment – $144 per night

opportunity for networking. Beverages and                                                                                 ■ Complimentary Onsite Parking
                                                                                                                          ■ Restaurant open for breakfast and dinner
canapes provided.                                                                                                         ■ 500 metres from the conference centre
Thursday 18th September, 5-6pm
$30 per person.

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