Registered Nurse by wuyunyi


									Registered Nurse

   Michaela Gully
• RN’s make an average of $52,330 a year.
    Educational requirements
• RN’s train for the career by completing a
  bachelors degree or associates degree in
        Entry level Positions
• 4 year BSN (Bachelor Science of Nursing).
  This degree is preferred because it
  provides the best opportunities in today’s
  job market. The 2 year associates degree
  allows a student to become a registered
  nurse and earn money more quickly than a
  4 year BSN program. You can also get
  your Nursing diploma, but there are less
  than 100 schools doing that so its limiting.
            Nature of Work
• RN’s treat patients, educate patients and
  the public about various medical
  conditions, and provide advice and
  emotional support to patients’ family
         Working Conditions
• Work in health care facilities. Home health
  and public health nurses travel to patients
  home schools, community centers and
  other locations. They spend a lot of time
  moving around. They can sometimes work
  un-steady hours.
              Job Outlook
• Job opportunities are usually excellent, but
  vary depending on geographical location
• Advantages: Care for another human
  being. Nurses are always wanted.
• Disadvantages: Have un-steady hours and
  sometimes you get overwhelmed with
  things you have to do.
           Personal Skills
• You need to be caring and wanting to help
  others. You need to be good at science
  and math because there is a lot of that
 Things you can study now to help
    you prepare for this career
• Take as money math and science courses
  as you can because that is pretty much all
  nursing is.

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