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									Rallye Raid
18th – 26th March
Sign-on / Scrutineering + Kit
• Assume you will need to organise your Driver!
• Have a copy of all timings handy at all times (especially for anything
  you may receive penalties for – drivers briefing, sign-on time,
  scrutineering time etc).
• Ensure you and your driver have;
  •   Licences – drivers only for Tuareg
  •   Permission to Race Letter (from MSA) – not required for Tuareg
  •   Vehicle Registration
  •   Vehicle Insurance
  •   Permission to use vehicle (from whoever is listed as owner)
  •   A pen
  •   Contact numbers for the rest of the team
  •   A phrase book for whichever country you are in (French is often
• A GPS – often handy for moving around – mark relevant points to
  give to other team members as required
In-Car Layout & Kit
• Daysack/Rucksack – keep anything you need both in and out of the
  car that is easy to hand, but with a small carrabena to stop it being
  thrown about (or easily stolen) – under your knees right in front of
  the seat I find best. Any paperwork (or electrics) in waterproof
  pouches/plastic bags
• Site a Camelback each side of each seat (I usually use energy drink in
  one and water in the other)
• Ensure you have;
  •   Roadbook
  •   Regulations & Timings
  •   Maps of days route
  •   Goggles
  •   Buff/Scarf – always handy for cleaning & sandstorms
  •   Small Torch
  •   Spare batteries for any kit (GPS, torches etc)
  •   Food (nothing that breaks up too easily or is too fiddly to open)
  •   Penknife, Duct tape, selection of tie-wraps.
Handy Items
•   Cap/Hat
•   Magnet
•   Electrical test meter
•   Sunglasses
•   Nappies
•   Suncream
•   Toilet Roll
•   Compass/Altimeter (very handy on your watch)
•   Mobile Phone – the cheaper / more basic the better
•   Sat-phone
• Wheel-changes – stick to roles; one on tyres, one on nuts
• What to do if you get stuck (based on time involved – and how
  stuck you are…)
  • 1: try to lift with jack then drive out
  • 2: try simply with navigator pushing – always be clear with
    instruction (driver to confirm instruction before moving)
  • 3: Dig & Move
  • 4: Sand Ladders, Dig and Move
• Checks before/between stages
  • Look for sand/dust sticking to oil
• Roadbook – main source
• Trip Computer – secondary source
• GPS – confirmation

  • Points to next confirmation
  • Allows trip reset
  • Gives a route out in
    case of problems
• Reset at every (accurate) tulip
• Reset cummulative total at CP’s (or other points when you
  know you will slow).
• Reset before checks at the start of stages/legs (if necc write in
  your roadbook)
• Check calibration before you start – ESSENTIAL
• Record the calibration on road-book or a sticker on the
• Make sure you know how to switch probes and that you know
  if the calibration is different for each (it usually is)
      Tulip number (Read up)

            Total Distance /

Diagram of Route/Direction & Markers


       Description & Waypoint
       (allows you to skip if required)
• Convert notes in German when
  marking your roadbook (too slow
  to do on the move)
• Be familiar with the legend
  (what each image means)
• Check for amendments
  (have there been any additional
  notes or changes to route
  especially cautions)
• Mark cautions at least (i.e. red)
• Mark good points for trip reset
Mountains/Hilly Terrain
• Waypoints almost never in a straight line
• Great risk of punctures
• Dust conceals holes
  & drops
Flat plains / Chott
• Usually fast but…..
• Difficult to see cautions & detours
• Crust on top of Chott
• Often lots of bumps that kick up the back end
• Watch your heading
  & roadbook instruction
• Sometimes tricky
  to climb out of a Chott
   in the right place
• Look for dust
• Always stay as high as you can
• Never stop at a low point/bowl
• Do not encourage local help if you get stuck unless you have
  no choice (always rely on competitors)
• Do not run in ruts (sand is always softer and you reduce your
  ground clearance)
• If in doubt stop and
  have a look – especially if there are a number stuck. Or at
  worst avoid the area
• Do not get lead by
  crowds – if there is no
   waypoint/CP drive
  round them
No.1 Rule

    – SLOW

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