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                               FOREST SERVICE MANUAL
                                 MISSOULA, MONTANA

                          FSM 2400 - TIMBER MANAGEMENT

                            Region 1 Supplement No. 2400-95-1

                                   Effective April 4, 1995

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2467.04 -   Adding the responsibilities of Vending Operations for firewood and Christmas tree

Regional Forester
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                            TITLE 2400 - TIMBER MANAGEMENT
                                R1 SUPPLEMENT 2400-95-1
                                 EFFECTIVE APRIL 4, 1995



2467.04 - Responsibility.

Vending Operations - To make charging for Firewood and Christmas Tree Permits more readily
available to the public, Forests may procure vending services with local businesses to sell
permits on behalf of the Forest Service. Based upon Comptroller General Decision B-207731,
dated April 22, 1983, as reconsidered March 25, 1985, the procurement arrangement must
include the following provisions:

     1. The scope of the procurement shall be for collection activities only and shall not
     include setting fees or law enforcement duties;

     2. The procurement arrangement requires the contractor to bond each employee for
     protection from loss of receipts; and

     3. The procurement arrangement must be subject to the same internal controls,
     safekeeping procedures and audits required in the FSH 1409.11, Fiscal Review and
     Analysis Handbook.

Receipts collected by vendors must be remitted to the Forest Service in a timely manner. At a
minimum, the procurement arrangement must require that the transmission meet current
guidelines contained in FSH 6509.14, Chapter 50, Collection Officers Handbook. The same
limitations for distribution of receipts applies to permits sold through vending operations.

The specifications contained in 2467.04 - Exhibit 01 meet the requirements for procurement of
vending services. Each Forest should review their particular needs and develop appropriate
specifications for their procurement.
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                                      2467.04 - Exhibit 01

                                   VENDOR AGREEMENT


The objective of the           National Forests (firewood/Christmas tree) vending program is
to make charge firewood and christmas tree permits readily available to the Public at convenient
locations which have extended operating hours.


Vendor - The business, partnership, company, or corporation which has agreed to sell Forest
Service firewood and christmas tree permits at its place of business.

Service - The USDA Forest Service.

Vendor Agreement - Signed and accepted, whereby Vendor agrees to assume responsibility for
the sale of Service (firewood and Christmas tree) permits and the remittance of monies obtained
therefrom, and the Service agrees to make such permits readily available for the Vendor's
business use.

Permittee - The purchaser of a (firewood or Christmas tree) permit.

Permit - A Non-commercial (firewood Permit or a non-commercial Christmas Tree) Permit.


The Undersigned hereby agrees to provide the services described below under the terms and
conditions set forth herein.

A.The Service Agrees:

     1. To provide, at no cost to Vendor, the necessary Permits and informational material to
     carry out the Permit issuing service. All supplies and materials will be delivered to the
     Vendor at his place of business.

     2. To provide the Vendor, at the time of delivery, a list of the number of (firewood or
     Christmas Tree) Permits consigned to the Vendor.

     3. To provide the Vendor with written receipt for all payments or returned (firewood or
     Christmas tree) Permits.

     4. To pay the Vendor $           for the service of selling Permits for the          N.F.,
     during the period              through                     .
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                               2467.04 - Exhibit 01 (Continued)

B.The Vendor Agrees:

     1. To engage in the vending of Service Permits.

     2. To accept responsibility and maintain accountability measures and safe keeping
     procedures as directed by the Service for all Permits.

     3. That all monies collected from the sale of each Permit are and will remain the property
     of the Service.

     4. To bond each employee for protection from loss of receipts from                  through
     , for the value of the Permits issued to the Vendor for a   day period. Vendor's bond will
     not be cancelled or it's provisions changed or deleted before thirty (30) days written notice
     to the Service by the bonding company. The value established for each Firewood Permit
     is $30.00, and each Christmas tree Permit is $3.00.

     In lieu of a bond, the Vendor may provide either cash, Irrevocable Letters of Credit (valid
     through January 31, 199 ), Deposited Securities or Assignment of Savings.

I. Vendor Payment to Forest Service

     A. The Vendor is required to remit the value of all monies received from the sale of
     Permits. Remittance shall be made as follows:

             1. Daily, whenever the amount on hand reaches $1,000.00, or

             2. No less frequently than weekly, regardless of the amount.

B. Vendor shall remit funds to the Unit Collection Officer in the form of a business draft,
   personal check, or money order. Payment shall be made to "USDA Forest Service",
   National Forest,                                . In the event of non-sufficient fund
   checks, Service shall resubmit such checks for payment.

     C. Pursuant to the terms of this (contract/purchase order/blanket purchase arrangement),
     interest shall be applied to all late payments or damages due the United States, for failure
     of the Vendor to remit monies received from the sale of Permits, as specified in FAR
     52.232-17, dated 1/91.

II. Permit Accountability

     A. The Permits are property of the United States until payment for same has been made
     by the Vendor and received by the Service.

     B. The Service will normally issue Permits sufficient for one (1) months vending
     operations. Following the initial delivery by the Service, the Vendor is responsible for
     initiating additional deliveries.
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                                 2467.04 - Exhibit 01 (Continued)

      C. Vendor signature will be required to verify delivery and receipt of Permits. Permits
      will be hand delivered. Form AD-107, Report of Transfer, will be utilized for
      consignment documentation.

      D. For purposes of consigned property control, the following accountability methods will
      be used:

             (1) Vendor shall make available for Service inspection all unsold Permits upon
             request by an authorized Forest Officer. Said Forest Officer shall perform their
             duties in a manner which does not unduly interfere with the Vendor in the
             performance of it's business.

             (2) Service shall bill the Vendor $30.00 for each unaccounted for Firewood
             Permit, and $3.00 for each unaccounted for Christmas Tree Permit, unless Permits
             are lost due to fire, robbery, or natural disaster. Payment for such Permits shall be
             made within 15 days of billing.

             (3) Annually, by December 31th, all accounts shall be closed by the Vendor and
             the Service. The Vendor is required to return all unused Permits and information

III. Permit Issuing Procedures

      A. The Vendor is responsible for establishing and maintaining all facilities necessary for
      Permit issuing services.

      B. Permits are to be sold upon request without regard to permittee's race, color, creed, or
      national origin.

      C. A "firewood permit" will be sold according to the following methods:

             (1) Firewood Permit sales are limited to a maximum of ten (10) cords ($50.00) per
             individual. The intent of the non-commercial firewood program is to provide for
             residential, household use. Requests for transactions in excess of 10 cords are an
             indication of commercial use. The Vendor will not knowingly issue more than 10
             cords to any one individual. The Service will review issued permits to insure that
             permittees are not utilizing the program for business activities. The minimum
             purchase associated with the sale of Firewood Permits is two (2) cords, with an
             associated charge of $10.00.

             (2) Upon completing the Firewood Removal Permit, one (1) Non-commercial
             Firewood Permit and information packet will be issued with each sale transaction.
             The permit is validated (becomes a legal permit) when the Vendor has: (a) sold
             the requested Firewood Permit and received appropriate payment from the
             permittee, and (b) the permittee has agreed to the conditions of the permit as
             witnessed by the permittee's signature.
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                              2467.04 - Exhibit 01 (Continued)

            Vendor must complete the Non-commercial Firewood Permit during the sale
            transaction as follows:

            (a) The seller of the Permit is to initial and enter the Vendor Number assigned to
            the Vendor in the upper left hand corner of the permit. Your Vendor Number is

            (b) Enter the number of cords purchased.

            (c) Enter the dollar amount paid ($5.00 x Number of cords purchased).

            Permittee must complete the Non-commercial Firewood Permit during the sale
            transaction as follows:

            (a) Fill in their name, telephone number, drivers license number, address, city,
            state, zip code;

            (b) Sign the Firewood Removal Permit in the presence of the issuing Vendor.

            After the transaction is complete Vendor will record the permit issuance on the
            Firewood Log register.

     D. A "Christmas tree permit" will be sold according to the following methods:

            (1) Write down the name of the person sold to and the permit number.

            (2) Allow three permits per family.

IV. Payment to the Vendor by the Permittee

     A. It shall be the responsibility of the Vendor to obtain payment for all Permits sold.
     Vendors may accept payment in the forms of cash or personal check, commensurate with
     its daily business transactions. Personal checks may be made payable to either the Vendor
     or to the "USDA - FOREST SERVICE".

     B. The Vendor shall not be liable for insufficient fund checks by the Permittee when
     payment has been made payable to the USDA Forest Service. The Vendor shall be liable
     for insufficient fund checks made out in the Vendor's name. It is preferable that checks be
     made payable to USDA Forest Service.

V. Termination or Suspension of Vendorship

     A. Vendorships may be unilaterally terminated by the Vendor or Service, upon 30-day
     written notice to the other party.

     B. Default determinations and damages owed, shall be determined, per the terms of FAR
     52.249-10, dated 4/84.

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