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CCME Newsle t ter                                            Council of College & Military Educators

                                                             President’s Letter: A Tribute to Gary Woods
                                                             for Continuous Contributions to The Council
                                                                                                                                Fall 2008

                                                             of Colleges and Military Educators.
                                                              It is only fitting that I should        support of our men and women in
                                                              start this letter to the membership     uniform. Gary carried forward the
                                                              by recognizing the outstanding          message of CCME and laid the
                                                              contributions made by Gary              foundation for what has become
                                                              Woods to the entity that we             one of the strongest not-for-profit
                                                              now call Council of College and         organizations supporting the
                                                              Military Educators (CCME).              military and academic needs of our
                                                              Surely the success of the Council       Servicemembers and their Families.
                                                              is directly proportional to Gary’s
                                                              unwavering support throughout his       The CCME has been fortunate
                                                              many years in military education.       to have the ongoing support and
                                                              Before CCME was formalized              mentorship of Gary who has
                                                                                                      consistently rallied for the values
                TEE TIME                                      it was a collection of state and
                                                              military members who came               of teamwork and ingenuity in
                                                              together to support the needs of        the arena of military education.
                                                              the military and academia. Gary         Throughout his long career of
               Save the date                                  organized consistent support for        working and leading military
           for a 10:00 tee time!                              the Californian Advisory Councils       education, Gary stands alone in
                                                              of Military Educators (ACME)            the history of CCME as one of its
                                                              chapter and enhanced the strength       greatest forces and most visionary
      Monday, January 26, 2008                                of all the at the state level ACME.     inspirations. In his role as Director
                                                              Gary spearheaded the revitalization     of Educational Opportunities in
    Kaneohe Kippler Golf Course                                                                       the Office of the Under Secretary
                                                              of the ACMEs throughout
                                                              the regions and supported the           of Defense for Personnel Readiness,
                                                              development of a world-wide             Gary championed efforts to bring
                                                              council that could address and          continued focus and support to
                                                                                                      Voluntary Education, DANTES
Inside this issue:                                            respond to the ongoing needs of
                                                              military and academic providers.        and Licensure and Certification
President’s Letter ......................................1    He endorsed the professional link       with the Department of Labor.
                                                              that gave military leaders visibility   He was instrumental in laying the
DL Standards Panel .................................2                                                 ground work for the initiative to
                                                              into the state academic issues
CCME Call for Scholarship Nominations ...3                    and took those efforts forward to       field the Military Spouse Career
                                                              develop the first memorandum of         Advancement Accounts that plowed
Hawaii Must See ......................................3       agreement between the ACMEs             the path in delivering educational
                                                              and CCME. His efforts broke down        opportunities to Military Spouses.
Concurrent Call for Proposals ............... 3-4
                                                              barriers and helped to alleviate the    Gary served as CCME President
Sponsorship And Exhibit Opportunities ...4                    academic silos within each state.       in 1981.
Board Nominations ..................................4         As a visionary leader, he saw the
                                                                                                      Gary epitomizes this year’s CCME
                                                              criticality of collaboration and
                                                                                                      Theme of Embracing Our Heroes;
CCME Membership.................................5             advocate for working together in
                                                                                                      Strengthening Our World as
CCME Executive Board ....................... 6-7                                                                  Contin ued on page 2
President’s Letter: A Tribute to Gary Woods                                          DL Standards
for Continuous Contributions to The Council
of Colleges and Military Educators. (cont.)                                          Panel Added
                                                                                 You Asked and We Listened! In
evidenced by his unyielding support     In closing, I want to let you know
for the Military education of           that the CCME Board had an               response to a request from last
Servicemembers and their Families       opportunity to meet onsite at the        years’ attendees at CCME, we are
throughout his long career. His         Hawaii Conference Center and             introducing DL Standards panel at
conceptualization of new programs       the Waikiki Marriott Resort and          this year’s CCME annual symposium
has assisted CCME in continuing         Spa early this month. We were            in Hawaii. The panel titled: ““Using
to advocate with DoD support for        able to personally see the first-class
                                                                                 Standards to Evaluate the Design
the academic and vocational needs       accommodations for this year’s
of our college and military educators   Annual Conference as well as plan        Quality of Online Learning Programs”
in both CONUS and OCONUS                and review transportation, food          is scheduled for Tuesday during the
locations. Gary’s commitment to         menus and hotel accommodations.          lunch period, 1130-1300. A follow-up
CCME has helped ensure that             We are sure you will enjoy the           concurrent session discussion on the
topics at the annual conferences        beautiful setting of this year’s         same topic is scheduled for Wednesday.
are timely and relevant, but more       conference, but more importantly
                                                                                 The panel consists of the following
importantly the issues facing both      the important and stimulating
communities in the area of military     discussions brought to you by our        members and will be moderated by:
education are brought forward           outstanding membership in the            Dr. Lawrence C. Ragan, Director of
and discussed. He has ensured           form of concurrent sessions and          Faculty Development at Penn State.
the highest level of support for        invited guest speakers. There is         Members of the panel include: Dr.
the CCME membership who                 still time to submit a concurrent        Alan Davis, President, Empire State
often faced obstacles in getting in     session proposal and I encourage
                                                                                 College, SUNY; Dr. Vernon Smith,
front of the top military leaders.      you to review the nominations
His stewardship of the Office of        that have been submitted for the         Dean of Instruction, Rio Salado
Educational Opportunities has           vacant Board positions. You can          College; Dr. Bill Pepicello, President,
meant that off-duty voluntary           find the applications for concurrent     The University of Phoenix; and Dr.
education has remained a key            sessions and the nominations for         Frank Mayadas, Program Director,
component of military readiness.        vacant CCME Board positions              Sloan Foundation. Please prepare to
                                        on our website. We look forward
The CCME community and Board                                                     join us for this important discussion
                                        to your participation in this year’s
are thankful for Gary’s leadership      conference and can’t wait to see you     on Distance Education and Learning.
and look forward to his continued       in Hawaii!
collaboration with the transition
community. Please join me in
recognition and thanks for the many     M. Kathleen Connolly
contributions that Gary Woods has       President
made to our CCME family!

ccme    2       Fa l l 2 0 0 8
CCME Call for                              3. BEACHES:                               Concurrent Call for
Scholarship                                The beaches throughout Hawaii are         Proposals
                                           beautiful, but some local favorites
Nominations                                include the Kailua/Lani Kai Beaches.      Help us spread the word about how
                                           These two beaches are next to one         academe, corporations and federal
The President of the Council of College    another on the Windward side of the
and Military Educators (CCME)                                                        organizations are embracing our
                                           island and are considered some of the     heroes and their families through
presents several scholarships during       most beautiful with white, soft sand.
the CCME Annual Symposium                                                            innovative educational programs
                                           A recommendation for those driving        and service partnerships. Share
Awards       Banquet,      recognizing     is that no valuables be left in the
outstanding students in the military’s                                               “Best Practices” that will engage
                                           vehicles as it is common for them to      conversation and promote community
voluntary education program. This          be broken into.
year’s Symposium is being held in                                                    interests for all attendees.
Honolulu, Hawaii January 26-29, 2009.
The CCME Scholarship Committee             4. NORTH SHORE:                           The theme for the 2009 CCME
is now inviting the submission of                                                    Annual Symposium is Embracing
                                           The North Shore will be completely
scholarship nominations. Members                                                     Our Heroes Shaping Our World;
                                           different from the Waikiki/
of the CCME scholarship committee                                                    Educating Servicemembers, Spouses
                                           Downtown Honolulu area and is
include Mebane Harrison – Navy                                                       and Families
                                           definitely something to see. It’s very
College ESO (retired), Dr. Stephanie       rural up there and is a big surfing
Robinson Ph.D. – Faculty / Military                                                  Proposals can be submitted on line
                                           area. There are a lot of different
Spouse, Sam Bagwell – ESO Life                                                       at CCME Concurrent Session
                                           beaches, including “Turtle Beach”
Long Learning Center Henderson                                                       Proposals from August 11 - October
                                           which is infamous for seeing turtles
Hall, USMC and Douglas Barr (chair)                                                  18, 2008.
                                           swimming right up to the shore.
– National University. Applications are    Waimea Bay is another popular
being accepted in the following two                                                  The demands placed today upon our
                                           beach that is worth going to. Dole
scholarship categories: Active Military                                              military members and their families
                                           Plantation is another place to stop
and Spouses of Active Military                                                       are unprecedented. According to
                                           while you’re there. Make time for
personnel.                                                                           the APA Presidential Task Force on
                                           the Pineapple Dole Whip, which is
                                                                                     Military Deployment Services for
                                                                                     Youth, Families and Service Members
                                                                                     dated February 2007, over 1.5 million
Hawaii Must See:                           5. HANAUMA BAY:                           troops have been deployed since
                                           This is a nature preserve where           September 11, 2001; 500,000 of them
1. LUAU:                                   tourists can snorkel and see all          served at least two tours in a combat
A Luau in Hawaii is a wonderful way        kinds of fish. It is fun and is highly    zone, 70,000 have been deployed
to experience the culture of the region.   recommended for every guest who           three times and 20,000 have been
Some good suggestions include              visits the islands. Most Waikiki hotels   deployed at least five times, leaving
Paradise Cove on the Leeward (West)        may have a shuttle that goes there.       over 700,000 children in America
side of the island in the Ko’Olina                                                   with at least one parent deployed.
Resort. There are also longer options                                                As of August 2, 2008, 34,000 military
                                           6. DIAMOND HEAD HIKE:                     have been physically wounded in
available at the Polynesian Cultural
Center which offers a more family          This “hike” is basically an inclined      action. The widespread psychological
oriented experience and a much longer      paved path, which offers beautiful        effects of this war will not be known
show. Information is available from        views. Hikers are in the sun              for years to come. Undoubtedly,
any of the hotel concierge desks.          throughout their trip, so going           the military community needs our
                                           early may be a good idea. The climb       support.
                                           through the big crater is about a mile
2. SUNSET AT KO’OLINA                      and a half.                               We want to hear your perspectives
RESORT:                                                                              on ways this population is being
Numerous coves and calm waters                                                       served and encourage you to actively
help accentuate the beautiful sunsets                                                participate in the 2009 Symposium
in Hawaii. One special location is the                                               by submitting a proposal for a
coves and beaches at the Ko’Olina                                                    concurrent session.
Resort. There are hammocks available
to make the event even more special.

                                                                                                    Fa l l 2 0 0 8   3   ccme
Some suggestions for this year’s        Sponsorship                                 Included with your space rental fee
concurrent sessions are:                                                            are several ancillary benefits:
                                        And Exhibit
1. Achieving quality, equity and        Opportunities                               ** A link to your website on the
efficiency in higher education;                                                     CCME webpage
                                        AN INVITATION
2. Innovative program outreach and                                                  ** Exhibitors will have access to
delivery methods;                       TO UNIVERSITIES /
                                        SUPPLIERS SUPPORTING                        over 700 professionals / key decision
3. How to meet student aspirations      PROFESSIONAL MILITARY                       makers
and enhance motivation;                 EDUCATORS…..
                                                                                    ** A comprehensive database of
4. Introduction of new tools and        Exhibitors and sponsors reach many          Symposium registrants will be
technologies;                           decision makers that they would not         made available exclusively to 2009
                                        usually see on a day-to-day basis.          exhibitors
5. Federal, state and corporate
programs for students and families      They increase their visibility and
                                        name recognition. Record attendance         ** Free full symposium registration
with special needs.                                                                 included – one per booth (a $450
                                        was set at the CCME 2008 Annual
                                        Symposium and Exhibition in San             value)
The deadline for proposal submissions
is Saturday, October 18, 2008. All      Francisco—nearly 1,000 registrants!
                                        The government paid over a billion          ** Earn valuable exhibit space
presenters are expected to pay the                                                  preference points for future CCME
CCME conference registration fee        dollars in tuition assistance in Fiscal
                                        Year (FY) 08 and will likely pay even       exhibitions
if attending the entire conference.
Everyone who submits a proposal by      more in FY 09! Vendors will continue
                                        to access this vital market at the          ** Optional lead retrieval service
the deadline will be eligible to win
one free registration for the 2010      CCME annual event!
                                                                                    An offer of an exhibit space
CCME conference. The winner             Sponsorships range from Platinum            assignment will be made based upon
will be determined in a random          ($5000) to Bronze ($500). There are         a neutral priority point system that
drawing. Proposals will be evaluated    several other promotional advertising       takes into account: Number of years
and selected based on the following     opportunities available also. Currently     exhibiting, number of booths reserved
criteria:                               available are sponsorships for the          each year, and sponsorship level, with
                                        padfolios which will be included in         the date an application is received by
• Description and quality of content                                                CCME show management serving as
                                        every attendee’s registration bag; as
• Adherence to conference theme and     well as key card sponsorship and bus        a tiebreaker.
category                                sponsorship.
                                                                                    For more information, please see
• Application of content to practice    Please consider one of the                  the Exhibitor Application and the
engagement of the audience              sponsorship opportunities to leave          Sponsorship Form on the 2009
                                        your mark on the minds of decision          Symposium page on the CCME
Electronic submissions are required     makers in the military voluntary            website.
on the CCME conference website          education and higher education
under the Concurrent Sessions           community.
drop down.
                                        Many exhibitors that participated in
If you have any questions, please
                                        the CCME 2008 Annual Symposium
contact Linda Richardson,
                                        have already reserved exhibit space
Concurrent Sessions Chair,
                                        for the CCME 2009 event. Renew,
                                        important sales contacts, meet new
Phone (609) 754-5343.
                                        prospects, plus retain your fair share of
For problems or questions about this    a vast marketplace. Early reservations
website contact us.                     have the advantage of preferred floor

                                        Nominations Posted
         Nominations for the open CCME Board positions have been received and are
        posted to the CCME website. Please take a moment to review the nominations
                                   for this year’s Board.

ccme   4       Fa l l 2 0 0 8

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Institutions and others                       quantity: ______@         $50.00            $____________         CCMe membership
Institutional Dues                                                                                              Committee Chairman
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Institution (designate 10 school representatives with contact information) $500.00        $____________
Corporate Dues:                                                         $1,000.00         $____________
                                                                               TOTAL      $____________
Membership Type: n New                   n Renewal
Name(s) (Institutions – attach POC information for school representatives as needed)
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                                                                                                                   Fa l l 2 0 0 8    5     ccme
CCME Executive Board
                            President                                   Vice-President, Military
                            M. Kathleen Connolly                        Belinda Jones
                            Education Services Officer                  Senior Ed. Specialist/Assoc. Project Director
                            Army Continuing Education System (ACES)     Contractor, Indtai, Inc.
                            P.O. Box 339500, MS 85                      Headquarters Marine Corps
                            6242 Colorado Avenue                        Lifelong Learning Programs (MRRV)
                            Fort Lewis, WA, 98433-9500                  3280 Russell Road
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                            Vice President, Military Program            Amy Moorash
                            American Military University                Education Services Officer
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                            Fax: 304.724.3803                           Ph: 202.782.7144
                                             Fax: 202.782.7097
                            Immediate Past President
                            Louis Martini                               Treasurer
                            Director of Military Education              Bonnie Orvick
                            Thomas Edison State College                 Director, Military Education Program (Ret)
                            101 West State Street                       Vincennes University
                            Trenton, NJ, 08608-1176                     P.O Box 66
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                            Fax: 609.984.7143                           Ph: 812.890.3628
                                             Fax: 812.888.5862
                            Institutions                                Assistant Secretary
                            Linda Frank                                 Joycelyn Groot
                            Director, Corporate and Military Programs   Director, Contract Education and
                            Center for Distance Learning                Operations
                            Empire State College, SUNY                  Coastline Community College
                            111 West Avenue                             11460 Warner Ave
                            Saratoga Springs, NY, 12866                 Fountain Valley, CA, 92708
                            Ph: 518.587.2100 x 2360                     Ph: 714-241-6161
                            Fax: 518.587.2660                 

ccme   6   Fa l l 2 0 0 8
Membership Committee                     Public Relations                       Co-Historian
Chairman                                 Committee Chairman                     Val Valente (Ret)
Bill Alexander                           John Jones (“JJ”)                      Ph: 661.945.5499
Deputy Chancellor, Educational Program   Vice President, DOD Relations
& Support Services                       Univ. of Maryland University College
Central Texas College                    3501 University Boulevard East         Co-Historian
6200 West Central Texas Expressway       Adelphi, MD 20783-8060                 Mebane Harrison
Killeen, TX, 76549                       Ph: 240.582.2710                       Director, Navy College (Ret)
Ph: 254.526.7161, 800.792.3348           Fax: 240.582.2711                      Ph: 619.435.7037                      

Sponsors and Exhibits                    Scholarships Committee                 President Emeritus
Committee Chairman                       Chairman                               Dr. Fred Huber
Valerie Halseth                          Douglas R. Barr                        44740 Cupa Lane
Chief, Force Development Flight          Associate Regional Dean                Temecula CA 92592
Andrews AFB                              Military Base Program                  Ph: 909.303.8069
1413 Arkansas Road                       National University
Andrews AFB, MD, 20762                   Ph: 619.563.7481                       Director, Technology
Ph: 301.981.4315 (DSN 858)               Fax: 619.563.2592                      Support Svcs
Fax: 301-981-7456 (DSN 858)                               Larry Dempsey                                        
                                         Concurrent Agenda
Awards Committee                         Chairman                               ACME Representative
Chairman                                 Linda Richardson                       COL (Ret.) Billy Wells
Ginny Newman                             Chief, Education and Training Flight   Executive Assistant to the President
Assistant Director Military Education    305 MSS/DPE
                                                                                North Georgia College & State
Penn State University                    2903 McGuire Blvd
501 Keller Building                      McGuire AFB, NJ, 08641
                                                                                82 College Circle
University Park, PA 16802                Ph: DSN: 650-5343 or (609) 754-5343
                                      Dahlonega, GA, 30597
Ph: 814.865.6016
                                                                                Ph: Ph: 706.864.1630
Fax: 814-865.4840                             Agenda Committee Co-Chair              Fax: Fax: 706.864.1689
                                         Richard W. Little            
                                         Associate V-P for Outreach
Symposium Site Selection                 College of Continuing Education        DANTES Representative
Committee Chair                          University of Oklahoma                 Jeffrey P. Cropsey
Misty Isak                               1700 Asp Ave. Room 126                 Director, DANTES
Associate Director of Military           Norman, OK, 73072-6400                 6490 Saufley Field Road
Education                                Ph: 405.325.1931                       Pensacola, FL 32504-5243
Thomas Edison State College              Fax: 405.325.7643
                                                                                Ph: 850.452-1111 X 3149
101 West State Street          
                                                                                FAX: 850.452.1159
Trenton, NJ, 08608-1176
Ph: 609.777.5696 x 2202                  Agenda Committee Co-Chair
Fax: 609.984.7143                        Cristina Dewey                           Coastline Community College
                                         11460 Warner Ave
                                         Fountain Valley, CA, 92708

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