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					      Fedco ® Depositors…

A Complete Range of Depositors to Meet
       All Your Bakery Needs
Piston Depositors…
“A” Series
The “A” Series is the ultimate Depositor. It is designed to deliver
high speed depositing with extremely accurate scaling weights, even
when using the most difficult batters, such as cold muffin batters
with particulates.
Among its many features is motorized adjustment for fine
calibration of each individual deposit. This adjustment can be
made while in operation directly from the operator interface panel.

                                   “W” Series
                                   The “W” Series Depositor provides high speed depositing of heavy
                                   muffin and cake batters, with or without particulates, while delivering very
                                   accurate scaling weights.
                                   The “W” Series features the perfect balance between speed,
                                   accuracy and value.

“R” Series
The “R” Series is ideal for bakeries where variety and flexibility are most important.
The “R” Series is available as a fully conveyorized unit, a tabletop unit with or without pneumatic lift,
or as a free standing cantilevered unit. Fedco also offers a full line of Single Piston Depositors.
Excalibur Depositor
The Excalibur is designed for extremely high speed depositing
(over 100 cycles/minute) of free flowing cake batters without particulates.
Flexibility in accommodating a wide range of pan configurations is
a key feature of the Excalibur.

Depositor/ Extruder
The Brownie Depositor/Extruder supplies a continuous or intermittent
deposit of viscous brownie type batters, with or without particulates. The
Brownie Depositor/Extruder accommodates a variety of pans, foils
and boxes.
An edge-to-edge deposit is a key feature of the Brownie

Manifold Depositor
The Manifold Depositor is used for continuous or intermittent depositing
of toaster pastry fillings, certain batter types, icing and other specialty products.
It can deposit drops, strips of various lengths and widths, as well as
continuous strips or sheets of product.
Other Fedco® Products…
In addition to offering one of the broadest ranges of unit machines for producing a variety of bakery products,
Fedco also provides system capabilities for cake, muffin and icing production, from mixing through final
product cooling.

Mixing Equipment
    • Continuous Mixers                                              • Holding Tanks
    • Slurry Mixers

Icing & Topping Equipment
    • String/waterfall Icers                                         • Manifold Icers
    • Strip Icers                                                    • Dry Ingredient Toppers
    • Cupcake Icers                                                  • Streusel Toppers
    • Hot Print Icers                                                • Salt and Seasoning Toppers
    • Squiggle Icers                                                 • Flour Dusters

Related Products
    • Paper Cup Placers                                              • Enrobers & Bottomers
    • Liquid Coaters & Applicators                                   • Cooling Tunnels
    • Cream Injectors                                                • Pan Handling


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