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Learn how to protect yourself from getting tinnitus as well as how to take good care of your ears.

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									Protecting your Ears from Tinnitus
Tinnitus is that ringing in your ears that you get after attending a particularly loud concert or firework
display? It can be an annoying distraction that is still present when you wake up in the morning.

If it lasts too long or happens too often, you might begin seeking out a cure for tinnitus. In a lot of cases,
the best cure for tinnitus is avoiding the problem all together.

Preventive measures against tinnitus
There are a few things that you can do to ensure you do not have many problems with it in the future.
Avoid loud noises as often as possible.

Standing next to a car that backfires is obviously unavoidable, but standing next to the bass speaker at a
rock concert very much is. Whenever you decide to go out, think about how loud the venue will be and
where you can go to avoid being at the center of the noise.

                                  If there is no escape of the awesome sounds, you can always bring
                                  hearing protection to help minimize the effect it has on your ears. You
                                  go to a rock concert to hear the music, but it comes through just as
                                  good through earplugs as it does to exposed ears.

                                 If you still worry about hearing the clarity of the music though, you
might want still want to consider wearing them anyway. If you go to too many concerts, you soon will
not be able to hear any of the aforementioned clarity that you want to hear so much.

Musicians would do good to live by this rule as well. Too often, drummers can get so involved with their
music and image that they forget that practicing in an enclosed room with no protection can kill your

Everyone should find a way to protect their ears in these situations. Leave nothing to chance and
actively prevent it from happening again.

Taking Care of your Ears
Avoid cleaning your ears with cotton swabs or much of anything else that you have to insert into your
ears. You will likely have a tendency to dig too deep, damaging some
part of your ear.

Your hearing is very much connected to the amount of blood flow to
your ear. Anything that could affect that blood flow will hurt you in
other ways than just your heart.

Increased or decreased blood pressure for any reason can affect
your likelihood of getting tinnitus. Out of control diabetes will have
much the same effect.
Be aware of your health conditions and keep your body in balance and you will not have to worry about
getting a cure for tinnitus. In that same vein, be careful with what medicines you are taking.

Some medications can cause hearing impairment. Avoiding and finding substitutes for these
medications will make a long-term change in your hearing.

Consult with your doctor to find out what you can do to substitute medications that are harmful to your
hearing. Finding a cure for tinnitus is best done by avoiding it altogether.

Although you cannot always avoid it, you can keep it at bay for a very long time. You can prevent

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