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					\title{\textcolor{blue}{\LaTeX{} Report}}
        Unit: Unix \\



This lab report describes the use of latex application.

Latex, let concentrate users on content rather than appearance of their
document.latex saves time for design and produce decent layout for document.
it is very easy to write complex mathematical formula in latex compare to other
word processors.
latex also supports user defines packages to format layout of
documentation.latex contains typesetting for books,articals etc.\cite{intro}\\
\begin{center}\emph{\bf{\LaTeX{} FAQs}}\end{center}

\item\emph{What is the purpose of the LATEX pre-amble?\\}
"The preamble file defines the style of the document and tells Latex which
packages to use, such as packages for including figures."\cite{preamble}\\

\item\emph{What are LATEX packages and how are they included?\\}
Latex packages are like predefined classses in programming languages available
at library.latex packages contains set of commands.
packages are included using usepackage{\emph {package name}}.\\

\item\emph{How do you generate bulleted/numbered lists?\\}
it is very simple to generate latex bulleted/number lists.The questions in this
report are generated using numbered list and the example of
bullteted list is given below.\\
\emph{itemize list}
\item item one
\item item two

\item\emph{How do you create tables under LATEX?\\}
1 & 2 & 3\\
4 & 5 & 6\\
7 & 8 & 9\\

\item\emph{How do you insert images into a LATEX document?\\}
\item\emph{Why does the image move around the document under LATEX s control?\\}
ImageImage can be moved around in latex using floats package.which helps image
to move around latex document.\\
\item\emph{How do you add a caption to a table/figure?\\}
\begin{center}\caption{A picture of a tiger}\end{center}
\paragraph{The above answers are based on the publications,books and articals
available at following websites.}\cite{Figure},\cite{TableAndNumlist}\\
Latex command takes input file from user and by typing latex filename user can
generate latex
dvi file, once after generating dvi file user can run pslatex command which is
PostScript latex to solve latex font problem and generate nice latex printout.
pdflatex , as the name indicates pdflatex command is used to generate pdf
files.The difference between latex and pdflatex is
latex uses postscript images where as pdflatex uses pdf or jpeg images.\\
ps2pdf converts post scripts to pdf.\\
dvips converts dvi to post script file.

\begin{center}\emph{\bf{\LaTeX{} labels,referencing and citation}}\end{center}
Latex label is used to find any numbered document for example sections , figures
one can easily reference figure on latex document, for example picture at
Figure~\ref{fig:Tiger} is a (which is already labeled with name "Tiger")\\
Latex referencing and citation used together, both are handle by file bibTeX.all
databases for referencing are stored in a filename(report)
extension (.bib).To automate the referencing i have created file named
report.bib as my refernced database.every time i update my database referenced
i have to compile report.bib file using "bibtex report" command which will give
me errors if any there in my report.bib file for example auther name is
missing.That was about referencing but how am i going to cite my reference in
document.answer is command "\"cite{Chirag}, the word "Chirag" refers to name of
one of those reference database stored in my report.bib file.\\
To refernce report.bib file in my document i have used the commands
style file contains different style.
Once i have created report.bib file i have to follow the latex compile cycle
thus, the next step is to complile report.tex file
using pdflatex report.tex file wich will create report.aux file.this report.aux
file will be used by bibTeX file to find cited publications from
report.bib database file.once ihave done that i need to compile report.tex file
to refine citation references.\cite{Ref}\\
Finally, latex is good way to design and document report,book or general.latex
gives wide range of options and flexibility to write different
kind of documents.


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