Medium term plan Setting: Date: by J976r4


									Reception/Medium term plan                  Setting: Model Classroom                                             Date:

Theme: Dinosaurs                                                            Time span: Summer Term 1
       Aspect     Intended learning based on stepping stones / early   Activities            Resources          Links
       of         learning goals                                                                                across the
       learning                                                                                                 curriculum
CL&L   1,2,3,           Enjoy listening to and using spoken and       Re enact stories      See detailed
       4,5,6,            written language, and readily turn to it      using dance and       weekly literacy    Physical
                         in their play and learning                    musical instruments   plan               Creative
                        Listen with enjoyment and respond to          Dinosaur rhyme                           KUW
                         stories, songs and other music, rhymes        bags                  Display words
                         and poems and make up their own               Use OHP to create     and lists
                         stories, songs, rhymes and poems              shadow puppet play    Wellingtons
                        Extend their vocabulary, explore the          Use the dinosaur      Instruments        Physical
                         meanings and sounds of new words              small world play to   outside and
                        Use language to imagine and recreate          re enact familiar     inside
                         roles and experiences                         stories
                        Hear and say sounds in words in the           Read simple
                         order in which they occur                     instructions and      Written
                        Explore and experiment with sounds,           recipes               instructions
                         words and texts                               Digging for           Dinosaur recipes   Creative
                        Read a range of familiar and common           phonemes in the
                         words and simple sentences                    sand tray to make
                         independently                                 CCVC,CVC and long     Ping pong balls
                        Use their phonic knowledge to write           vowel diagraphs       stones
                         simple regular words and make                 Fishing for                              KUW
                         phonetically plausible attempts at more       dinosaur phonemes
                         complex words                                 in the water tray
                        Link sounds to letters, naming and            Beat baby rhymes      Writing props
                         sounding the letters of the alphabet          Link movement to      for small world
                        Attempt writing for different purposes,       action words          play
                         using features of different forms such                              Developing Early
                         as lists, stories and instructions                                  Writing unit 3     KUW
   Write their own names and other things     musical instruments    Words written
    such as labels and captions and begin to   to explore sounds      on cards and
    form simple sentences, sometimes using     of words               displayed in the
    punctuation                                                       outside area

                                               Read words in the
                                               outside area to
                                               make dinosaur

                                               Read list of words
                                               in the museum
                                               Read simple
                                               sentences in the

                                               Write labels for
                                               the small world
                                               Write labels for
                                               the museum

                                               Prepare an
                                               interactive dinosaur
                                               exhibition for



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