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									              HARRISON MUSEUM
And The Roanoke Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta
                   Sorority, Inc.
Sweet Potato Pie Bakeoff Contest –
        Day of the Festival – September 15, 2012
 People’s Choice Awards: 1st prize = $75; 2nd prize = $50;
                 3rd prize $25 and ribbons.

     Overall Judges’ Choice Award - $100 plus trophy
                       Applications now being accepted
    First 30 Applications will be eligible to participate – Get yours in now.

           Judging by Chefs will be done on
 Saturday, August 25, 2012 at Claude Moore Education

                         Entry fee is $5.00
               Sweet Potato Pie Bake Off - 2012
               Official Contest Rules and Entry Form
Who’s Eligible?
Participants and tasters must be 16 years or older. Professional bakers are not eligible.

How to Enter
Fill out an entry form and drop it by the Harrison Museum of African American Culture
with the $5 entry fee (cash or money order) at the Center in the Square by 5:00 pm by
August 15, 2012.

Pies must be thoroughly cooked. Printed recipes are also required by the judging chefs.

Nuts are permitted. The HMAAC will not be held responsible for inaccurate labeling
of items containing nuts or derivatives

Recipes for entry must be emailed to prior to the
judging or typed/neatly written on a separate piece of paper and submitted with the pie at
drop off site.

List all ingredients in the order used with exact measurements and package sizes. Submit
complete directions including times, temperatures and number of servings, if your recipe
is not your own invention, please give credit to its source.

Recipes may be published, at the HMAAC’s discretion, with entrants’ recognition,
without further compensation

For the 6 Final Winners for September 15, 2012
Bring small/bite sized (no bigger than 1 inch, if possible) portions of one pie baked in 8
or 9 inch disposable pie tin. We suggest you bring a knife and plastic wrap if you plan on
cutting your pie after drop-off. Moist pies may dry out between set-up and the start of the
qualifying judging.
Approximately of 30 entries may be accepted in total for the qualifying judging event. See the
museum’s website at for up to the moment information on available
entry spots and other contest news.

If you make the top six cut, deliver your pie (s) to the festival between 11:00 am and 12 noon on
Saturday, September 17, 2011 at the Elwood Park. Due to high number of “tasters” try to bring
enough portions (no bigger than 1 inch, if possible) to serve at least 100 to 200 tasters. Assume
that all your pie samplings will be consumed in their entirety at the festival. We suggest you bring
a knife and plastic wrap if you plan on cutting your pie(s) after drop-off. Moist pies may dry out
between set-up and the start of the tasting competition. .

Official Rules:
1.      One entry per person.
2.      Provide two pies for the first judging. One will be for the judges and the other will be
        auctioned off to benefit Harrison Museum.
3.      Pies may be two crusted or single crusted.
4.      Pies must be made from scratch. No store bought pies or store bought crusts.
5.      We recommend pies made in an 8"
         or 9" non-returnable dish. Pie plate will not be returned.
6.      Pies must be delivered to the judging table by 5:45 pm.
7.      All proceeds from the Pie Auction will benefit Harrison Museum of African American
8.      All decisions of the judges are final.
9.      The Chef’s Choice Winner and the People’s Choice winners from 2011 will not be
        eligible to enter into the 2012 contest.

Judging and Prizes
Festival opens at 11:00 am and the public tasting begins at 12:30 pm. Awards are given after
tasting. Contestants are encouraged to stay for awards. Expect the awards to be announced on
Center Stage of the Festival at around 2:00 pm.

Judging will be based upon the following: Taste (50%), Appearance = before and after
slicing (25%), Overall Appeal (25%).

Judging will be conducted by the panel of appointed judges of the qualifying competition event
and by the voting public tasters. The judges will determine the Overall Judges Choice Award and
the public will vote for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd People’s Choice Award.
                              Attach with your $5 Entry Fee

                     Sweet Potato Pie Bake Off
                                  Entry Form
Entry is due at the Harrison Museum of African American Culture by 5:00pm, Wednesday,
August 15, 2012.

Your Name __________________________________________________________

Your Address _________________________________________________________

City_______________________________ State: ________ Zip Code ____________

Phone, Home:_________________________ Cell: ____________________________

Email Address: ________________________________________________________
Agreement of Official Rules: By participating in this contest each entrant
unconditionally accepts these official rules and the decision of the judges, promoters, and
administrators. Failure to comply could result in disqualifying the pie entry.

Signature_____________________________________________ Date ______________
                                   Return with $5 entry fee to:
                           Harrison Museum of African American Culture
                                           P O Box 12544
                                        Roanoke, VA 24026
                                      Phone: 540- 857 – 4395
                                FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY:
    Date Received______________________________________________________________________

   Person Receiving Form and $5__________________________________________________________

      Signature of person______________________________________________________________

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