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					 EMT – A Rewarding Profession

Emergency Medical Technician known as an EMT is an urgent medical care provider in case
of an emergency. An EMT is the first to reach the injured person and provide the initial
medical attention. An EMT is trained to respond to a person trapped in an accident or is
suffering from a sudden attack of life endangering illness. An EMT is also trained to handle
child birth. A professional EMT works with either an ambulance service, the police
department or with the fire department. EMTs are trained to transport the suffering patient to
the nearest health care centre.

A student requires being a high school graduate and also needs to be in excellent physical
condition. Students aspiring to become an EMT professional undergo training and also need
to pass the EMT certification exam.

EMT pay varies from state to state. EMT pay is also decided according to the level of
certification received and the experience acquired throughout the career by the EMT

An EMT professional is required to work for 40 hours in a week which involves irregular
shifts. Due to this the pay of an EMT professional is quite rewarding. The EMT salary
ranges from USD 10.59 to USD 16.09 per hour. In case of overtime, EMTs earn from USD
15.39 to USD 23.98 per hour.

The average salary of an EMT professional in maximum states is around USD 26,000 to
USD 41,000 and in many metropolitan cities like New York, the pay is USD 77,000 and in
Los Angeles the salary of an EMT professional is approximately USD 66,000 in a year.
Because of the expansion of health care, a great deal of jobs is available in the field of EMT.

The average entry-level salary of EMTs employed by the fire fighting department is USD
22,000. This salary is based on the experience of the candidate and the geographical
location of the job; EMT fire fighters in California earn approximately USD 48,000 in a year.

Airline industry also needs to employ EMT professionals, and the average pay of a flight
EMT is USD 44,000 per year. A flight EMT professional in California will earn around USD
48,000 in a year and in New York the pay is approximately USD 56,000 annually.

EMT is a satisfying profession with a good salary and great prospects.

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Description: http://www.emttrainingportal.com/emt-salary - EMT Salary - National Bureau of Labor expects that EMT jobs will increase by nine percent from 2011 to 2021. These increases will be a direct result of the aging population in the United States.