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					Workshop on the International Measurement of Culture

7. Updating the International Standard for the Classification of Occupations (ISCO)

Item 7.1 Discussion of proposed changes and formation of expert group to finalize
submission of recommendations to the International Labour Office
(OECD Secretariat)

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Paris, OECD Headquarters, La Muette
4-5 December 2006
OECD, 2006                                     1
The following table shows an analysis of the draft ISCO-08. The draft is compared with the already-existing Canadian Framework for Cultural Statistics and
the Australian Culture and Leisure Classifications (Occupation component) as well as the LEG framework.

The ISCO-08 draft is available at

                                                  Extracts from the Draft ISCO-08 relating to Culture.
ISCO-08      Description                     Canadian    Australian    Comments
  (Draft)                                      FCS          ACLC
1120         Company directors and chief                               LEG: Managers of cultural enterprises and Institutions and Directors of Museums
             executives                                                OECD: Directors of sport centres

134X         Education,      health    and                                 EE: Wonders where culture portion of former group 1229 ‘production and operation
             welfare service managers                                      manager’ went. Would this be appropriate?
             Ex      “Culture      Services
1432         Sports,      recreation and A341,                             OECD: Cultural management: at the very least this needs to be split between sports and
             cultural centre managers       A342,                          culture and definition made clear that the culture portion includes managers of a variety
                                            B413                           of culture organizations viz. libraries archives, museums, art galleries; publishing, film,
                                                                           broadcasting, performing arts; etc

                                                                           suggest 143X as culture mgrs, 144X as sports mgrs, 145X service mgrs nec
143X         Other services managers                                       LEG breaks out:
                                                                                Stage managers
                                                                                Stage producers
                                                                                Theatre managers
                                                                                Television & Radio producers
                                                                                Film Producers
                                                                                orchestra curastors (musical directors)
                                                                           LEG: managers of small enterprises in cultural activities (cinemas, theatres, art
                                                                           galleries, etc.)
215X         Architects,        planners,                                  LEG: Interior architects
             surveyors and designers                      2121-11          AUS: Conservation architect, heritage architect
2153         Product     and     garment                  2533-13          AUS: separate out fashion designer

OECD, 2006                                                                     2
231X         University    and     higher                           LEG: College, university, higher education art teachers
             education teachers
232X         Vocational         education                           LEG: Vocational education art teachers
233X         Secondary          education                           LEG: Secondary education art teachers
2355         Extra-systemic        music            2491-11, -13, - OECD: What about other private teachers? What does “extra-systemic”mean (e.g.
             teachers                               15, -17         French Conservatoire system)?
                                                                    AUS: also private Art, Dance, Drama incl. elocution teachers

243X         Archivists, librarians and                             LEG: Archivists; curators art gallery
             related           information                          AUS: museum/gallery curator; librarians; Information; professionals related to libraries
             professionals                          2549-21         AUS: Curators stand-alone category
2432         Librarians     and     related                         OECD: Do information professionals belong here?
             information professionals
             library technicians            F111    3997-11         OECD: The above 2 definitions do not seem to include library techs.
             Landscape technicians          C125                    OECD: Can’t find in ISCO
             museum technicians                     3999-13         OECD: Can’t find in ISCO
244X         Social, religious and related                          OECD: Are archaeologists in 2442 Sociologists etc.?
             professionals                          2529-11         LEG: Archaeologists; Translators of literature and interpreters
                                                    2529-13, -15    AUS: Historians incl. art, cultural, economic, geographical
                                                                    AUS separates interpreters from translators
245X         Creative or performing                                 LEG: Chief editors, critics, publishing editors, (cf 2457) playwrights and dramaturges,
             artists, and writers                                   scriptwriters in TV radio and film
                                                    2534-11         AUS: :newspaper, book, script editor
2452         Visual artists                                         AUS: breaks our painters from sculptors; also illustrators (CF leg 2453)
                                                    2533-19         AUS Illustrator, art conservator
2453         Graphic and         multimedia                         LEG: multimedia designers, graphic designers, illustrators, industrial designers and
             designers                                              artists (of furniture, glass etc.),
                                                    2533-13         AUS: separate graphic designer
2454         Musicians,       singers   and F033    2537-11         Canada: splits conductors, composers, arrangers; producers directors choreographers
             composers                      F032p                   which would seem correct since these have different skill from the base artists. Band
                                                                    leaders who were part of3473 should stand with conductors

OECD, 2006                                                             3
                                                              LEG: composers, conductors (orchestra & vocal groups), orchestra musicians, church
                                                              musicians, opera singers, other singers, musicians (entertainment, pop, rock, etc);
                                                              chorus, nightclub, tap dancers etc.
                                                              AUS music director, singer, instrumental musician, composer
2455         Dancers and choreographers     F034              OECD: Canada splits out choreographers
                                            F031p             LEG: also request split
2456         Film, stage and        related F035              OECD: Canada/AUS split out directors
             actors and directors           F031p             LEG: actors in theatre, TV, radio, film, dubbing, storytellers; TV and radio directors,
                                                              film directors, theatre directors
                                                    1296-11   AUS: art director (film/TV/stage), Director of photography, film editor, stage manager,
                                                              technical director, actor
                                                              EE: two classes, film actors and directors, theatre actors and directors
                                                              AUS: breaks out media producers under managers
2457         Journalists                            2534-11   EE: wants journalists and copywriters in separate group. Are advertising copywriters
                                                              include here?
                                                              AUS: breaks out Editors; separate print. TV radio journalist; also copywriters technical
2458         Announcers       on     radio,                   LEG: TV announcers and interviewers, radio announcers, disc jockeys,
             television and other media                       AUS: separate radio, TV presenters
2459         Other creative or performing                     LEG: other live performers (music hall artists, ventriloquists, bull fighters, etc.)
             artists                                          OECD: Avoid “catch all group” that doesn’t match a culture framework.
2461         Advertising and marketing                        EE: more detail on occupations connected to advertising
             professionals                          2221-17   AUS: Advertising specialist
251X         Software and multimedia                          OECD: Is the breakdown sufficient to allow the Culture component to be identified?
             developers and analysts
314          Life science technicians and                     OECD: Where are heritage site personnel (e.g. park rangers, wardens)?
             related              associate
3329         Business services agents and                     LEG: Agents and promoters related to Cultural activities
             trade brokers not elsewhere                      OECD: What about sports agents and promoters?
3431         Social     work      associate                   LEG: cultural animators
3541         Broadcasting and recording             4992-11   LEG: TV cameramen, Film cameramen, Film editors, sound recorders in TV and film,

OECD, 2006                                                       4
             technicians                          4992-33   operators of studio equipment in TV and Radio, sound mixers and recorders in sound
                                                  4992-15   recording studios
                                                            AUS: sound tech; camera operator (film/TT/video); TGV equipment operator
3452         Interior   designers       and                 LEG: fashion designers, textile designers, costume designers (theatre film TV), set
             decorators                                     designers, light and sound designers
                                                  2533-17   AUS: separate interior designer
345X         Artistic             associate       3121-13   AUS: architectural associate
             professionals                        4992-19   AUS: motion picture projectionist
                                                  4992-21   AUS: light technicians
                                                  4992-23   AUS: production assistant (film/TV/radio)
                                                  4992-27   AUS: make up artist
                                                  5999-17   AUS: photographer’s assistant
                                                  6199-11   AUS: proof reader
421X         Cashiers, tellers and related        8312-11   AUS: ticket collector/usher
4141         Library and filing clerks     B551             OECD: Split library clerks from filing clerks
                                                  6192-11   AUS: library clerk
5113         Travel guides                                  LEG: museum professionals (guides in museums, galleries)
                                                  6399-11   AUS museum guide
514          Hairdressers, beauticians and                  OECD: Separate out those working in the film, magazine, etc. sectors?
             related workers
5231         Fashion and other models                       OECD: If Fashion design is included, should models be included? What about artists’
7125         Carpenters and joiners                         OECD: Should stage carpenters be separate?
7312         Musical instrument makers            4999-17   AUS: separates out piano tuners
             and tuners
7313         Jewellery and precious-                        OECD: Is it possible to separate out craft workers from industrial?
             metal workers
7321         Abrasive wheel formers,                        OECD: Should we try to separate craft workers from industrial?
             potters and related workers          2531-15   AUS splits out potters
7322         Glass     makers,      cutters,                OECD: Should we try to separate craft workers from industrial?
             grinders and finishers
7323         Glass      and       ceramics                  OECD: Should we try to separate craft workers from industrial?
             engravers,     etchers     and

OECD, 2006                                                     5
734X         Printing and related trades    4911-11,-81   AUS: Graphic pre-press tradesperson, apprentice; printing binder and finisher
             workers                        4913-81
7524         Basketry weavers, brush                      OECD: Should Basketry weavers be separated (part of Crafts)?
             makers and related workers
7345         Bookbinders and related        3212-21       AUS: Bookmaker
735X         Textile, garment and related                 OECD: Is there a “creative” component here (e.g. tailors, hatters)?
             trades workers

OECD, 2006                                                   6

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