Multicultural Play Festival by JK42AfX


									Multicultural Play Festival
    Multicultural Play Festival
  Keisha John Zee Santiago
  ED 200 Curriculum Project
  Spring 2006

   Keisha John & Zaydee Santiago
        ED 200 Curriculum Project
               Spring 2006
• Our main objective with this
  curriculum project is to
  introduce students to a more
  transformative approach to
  learning by having them
  analyze the lives of historical
  figures from minority groups.
  Students will research the lives
  of an assigned figure and write,
  direct and perform an original
• Hartford Magnet Middle
• 7th Grade Classroom
• Social Studies / Academic
• 80 min. / 5 days
• Week 2 in a 4 week project
• Students will learn how to collect and
  organize information about their
  historical figure for their understanding
  and later application
• Students will apply their linguistic and
  intrapersonal intelligences to work
  collectively on writing and performing
  an original play about their historical
• Students will use their inter-
  /intrapersonal skills as well as their
  body kinesthetic intelligences to act
  out their plays for their peers who will
  be analyzing and evaluating their
• Students will analyze the lives and
  accomplishments of historical figures
• Bloom’s Taxonomy

• Gardner’s Theory of Multiple
• CT Framework
• Day 1- Research
  – Students will be given a
    choice (short bio) of 8
    historical figures from minority
    groups and instructed to
    indicate their top 3 choices
  – 4 person groups will be
    assigned based on interest
  – Students will spend class time
    in the media center
    researching general info on
    their figure
• Day 2 ~ Group Work
  – Students will teach their
    group members about their
  – Students will analyze the
    information that they
    researched and fill out a
    worksheet on their figure
  – As a group the students will
    pick their favorite life
    experience of their historical
• Day 3 ~ Report
  – Group will write a report on
    the life experience that they
    chose – including an
    explanation as to why they
    chose it
 • Day 4 ~ What makes a good
  – Class will watch a short play
  – Whole class will talk about what
    they saw and discuss important
    components of a play – students
    will also create their own
    evaluation sheet
  – Students will break up into their
    groups and make a list of what
    makes a good play
  Good play = entertaining & informative
• Day 5~ Play Writing
  – Using their report and
    research as references and
    list from Day 4, students will
    begin to write their 5-10 min.
    1 Act plays
~4 Week Project~
Wk. 1   Students will learn researching skills

Wk. 2   Students will conduct research their
        historical figure and start work on
        their original plays
Wk. 3   Students will work on plays and get
        peer reviews/peer editing

Wk. 4   Students will continue to work
        on/edit plays - at end of week
        students will perform for classmates
        and fill out evaluation sheet which
        will be used for grading
• Students will create their
  own evaluation sheets
• Students will evaluate
  each other on creativity,
  performance and content
  at the end of the project
              THE END
   The evaluations students
  complete will determine the
 winners of the HMMS Tony
awards, which will end the four-
         week project

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