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									Best Dental Services
Best Dental Services
Visit Geelong Dental Centre and
check out our best dental services
like dental implants, crowns and
bridges. We provide best services to
keep the whole family smiling.
The Geelong Dental and Implant Centre is
an ideal environment for the family visit to
the dentist. The large waiting room has a
relaxing ambiance with a comfortable
decor. Our dentists are experienced with
nervous patients (both young and old) and
will make the family visit as easy and fun
as possible.
At Geelong Dental and Implant Centre, we aim to equip you
with the knowledge to help maintain good dental health.

This includes dietary advice and the impact of different
foods on rates of decay and how to best manage these food
groups. Smoking, and the effect on gum health, teeth
grinding and its management are other things that will be
considered in formulating appropriate treatment.

Our advice on the best treatment is tailored to each
individual as no two mouths are the same.
               Feel Free to Contact:-
        Geelong Dental & Implant Centre
                 200 Malop Street
                   Geelong 3220
                 Ph:03 5223 2833
                 Fax:03 5229 2619
Email us on for an appointment
                  Opening Hours
Our opening hours are: Monday to Friday 8.30am
                     to 5.30pm

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