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SA Site Offers Search Engine Optimization Tips


Search Engine Rankings offers comprehensive information about improving rankings through the use of social media. Every avenue for expanding the exposure of a business on the internet is utilized.

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									SA Site Offers Search Engine Optimization Tips

Mendham, NJ, 05-OCT-2012 - SEO Rankings is pleased to announce that SEO
tips offered on the web pages are focused on utilizing various types of
marketing media to enhance the visibility of a business both locally and
globally. A strong contender among the latest techniques is the Facebook
Like Button.

Today, a Facebook Like Button is found on more and more business
locations on the social media leader. What may be surprising to many is
that by using the SEO tips found on the SEO Rankings web pages, a Like
button is easy to add to an existing website, blog of other marketing

Ignoring the utilization of such marketing techniques is done at the risk
of not taking advantage of the popularity of social networking sites.
Growth and prosperity is the goal of every business. Low or no-cost tips
that add additional revenue streams makes perfect sense for businesses.

The need to keep up with the ever-changing search engine algorithms is
another helpful feature offered by the professionals connected with the
SEO Rankings website. Just keeping up with the various releases and
launches by Google and similar search engines can be made more simple
when there is a single, comprehensive website to view.

Learn more about the ability to add a Facebook Like Button easily and
quickly by checking out the web pages at seorankings.co.za or
http://www.seorankings.co.za/?p=599 today. Members of the press and
others who have questions about the contents of this specific press
release are encouraged to contact the individual identified below.

Contact Person Name: Susan Smith, Public Relations

Company Name: Justin Harrison Marketing

Address: P. O Box 311, Mendham, NJ, USA, 07945

Contact Phone Number: + 00 1 973 531 4982

Contact Fax Number: + 00 1 973 543 5683

Email: pr@justinharrisonmarketing.com

Website: seorankings.co.za or http://www.seorankings.co.za/?p=599

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