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									There are a lot of disenchanted Americans in this country right now.
Not too many people are enjoying the direction America is going in and
since President Barack Obama has been elected into the office lots of
organizations have sprung up to try and stop his administration. One
group in particular that is trying to get the attention of the White House
is Americans for Prosperity. They have started the Obama’s Failing
Agenda Tour that is traveling the country rallying American citizens
together to voice their concerns against this administration.

When you visit their website you will immediately see upcoming tour
dates where key conservative talk show hosts are meeting to discuss
the downward trend of the economy and to rally people together in
support of their agenda. The goal is to establish grassroots
organizations and to put informational tools into the hands of people to
spread the word about the President.

Currently there is a petition going forward on the site that people can
sign to show their support for what this organization is doing. If you are
desiring to get involved please visit FailingAgenda.com.

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