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                          JBE PickupsTM
                         Joe Barden Engineering
                           Product Guide
                             June 2012
Danny Gatton T-Style Pickups
T-Neck, T-Bridge, and Pickup Sets
The legendary Joe Barden pickup, originally designed for and used by Danny
Gatton, exhibits Classic Tele twang, but with full output, incredible fidelity, and
absolutely no hum or noise. The T-Neck solves the age-old Tele problem
because its output and tone are equal to the bridge pickup. The T-bridge pickup
features our unique “staggered-blade” design for perfect response on the outer
strings. This is the best pickup imaginable for the instrument that defines the
“electric guitar”. No modification to the guitar is required.

                                Neck or Bridge Sold Separately
                                List Price      $169.95 each
                                 Street         $159.95 each
                                Part #:           T-Bridge
                                 Part #:           T-Neck
                                Colors:          Black or White

                                      Prepackaged Sets:
                                Set            $293.95 SET

                                 June 2012
Modern T-Style Bridge Pickup

The Modern T-Style bridge pickup is similar in appearance to its Gatton T-Style
counterpart. It was originally designed for a leading artist who wanted a fatter tone
in the bridge position of his Tele, but did not want to sacrifice the great tone offered
by the Gatton T-Styles. The Modern T-Style bridge pickup fits that need with its
heavier coil winding and more aggressive tone and performance.

The Modern T-Style bridge pickup is particularly suited for today's modern country
and rock styles, while the original Gatton T-Styles remain the pickups of choice for
Tele overall Tele tone, twang, and performance.

The Modern T-Style is a bridge pickup variant only. The Gatton T-Style neck
pickup remains unchanged and performs flawlessly with the new Modern T-Style
winding in the bridge position.

Like the Gatton T-Styles they are available in black or white as well as packaged in
a Modern T-Style Set.

                                List Price: $169.95 each
                               Street:       $159.95 each
                               Part #: Modern T-Bridge
                                 Colors: Black or White

                                 Prepackaged Sets:
                               Set       $293.95 SET
                               Part #: Modern T-Style Set

Telecaster, Tele, Stratocaster and Strat are trademarks of Fender Musical Instrument Corp.

                                       June 2012
 S-Deluxe Pickups for Stratocasters™

 The S-Deluxe pickups are for use in Strat™ and Strat-styled guitars. They fit into
 standard Stratocaster™ body routs without modification to the guitar. Like all
 other Joe Barden double-blade designs, the pickups give you vintage tone but
 with greater articulation, punch, clarity and dead quiet operation. The
 characteristic “in-between” sounds of the Strat are preserved.

 The S-Deluxe pickups are available separately or in pre-packaged sets and in
 Black or White.

                                 List Price        $169.95 each
                                 Street            $159.95 each
                                 Part #:             S-D Bridge
                                 Part #:             S-D N/M (Neck/Middle)
                        Specify Bridge or Neck/Middle positions and color

                                       Prepackaged SET
                   Consists of (1) S-D Bridge and (2) S-D N/M
                                  List Price        $509.85 Set
                                  Street            $439.85 Set
                                   Part #            S-D SET
                                           Specify Color

Telecaster, Tele, Stratocaster and Strat are trademarks of Fender Musical Instrument Corp.

                                       June 2012
Humbucker (HB)
and Humbucker Two/Tone TM
 The HB and HB Two/Tone TM series are high performance humbucker pickups
 designed to fit into standard Gibson full humbucker body routs without
 modification to the guitar.

 Although similar in appearance, the HB pickup is a single mode humbucker
 while the HB Two/Tone TM offers two modes (full humbucker and single coil) . The
 HB Two/Tone is wired with a 6 conductor cable that allows players to engage the
 pickup’s unique coil tap feature that switches the HB Two/Tone TM to its single-
 coil sounding mode. Unlike the often used coil-split method traditional used to
 coax faux single coil tones from a standard humbucker pickup, the HB Two/Tone TM
 used a coil-tapped method that is fully hum cancelling in either mode, making
 it the perfect choice for players who want the flexibility of a full humbucker and
 a single coil sound in the same pickup.

 In application, the HB Two/Tone TM is a boon for Strat players with HSS or
 HSH configured guitars. In its alternate (coil tapped) mode, the HB Two/Tone TM
 drops in volume to preserve the balance with the other S-Deluxes in the neck and
 middle positions as well allowing the player to retain the characteristic in-
 between sounds of Strat-styled guitars.

                HB                                                    HB Two/Tone TM
        List Price      $175.95 each                      List Price         $199.95 each
        STREET/Street   $165.95 each                      STREET             $189.95 each
        Part #:         HB Bridge                         Part #:            HB T/T Bridge
        Part #:         HB Neck                           Part #:            HB T/T Neck

        HB SET                                            HB Two/Tone SET
        List Price     $351.90                            List Price     $379.95
         STREET/Street $299.00                             STREET/Street $325.95

               Available in Black or White and in value priced SETS
                   Consult your Dealer Price list for Set Pricing.

HB Two/Tone ™ is a trademark of Joe Barden Engineering / JBE Pickups

                                   June 2012
J-Style Bass Guitar Pickups

J-Style Bass pickups offer the same great JBE tone, power, and response for the
bass guitar as our groundbreaking double-blade guitar pickups have done for 6
string guitars for the last 25 years.

Our J-Style pickups were designed to maintain authentic J-Bass™ tone and
character but with extended frequency response and articulation that characterizes
all JBE pickups. And, like all models in our pickup line, the J-Style pickups
deliver quiet performance for high gain live performance or recording.

Now, bass players can tailor their sound more precisely than was possible with
stock pickups by selecting one or both pickups without fear of noise or hum often
induced by traditional single coil bass pickups.

Neck and bridge position pickups differ in size to fit into the cavities of traditional
J-Bass and similarly styled guitars without modification to the instrument.

J-Style bass pickups are available for both 4 and 5 string models.

                          List Price        $169.95 each
                          Street            $159.95 each
                           List Set         $325 Set
                           Street Set        $284.95 Set

                           Part #:          JB4 Bridge
                                            JB5 Bridge
                            Part #:          JB4 Neck
                                             JB5 Neck
                             Part#:           JB4 Set
                                              JB5 Set

        J-Bass and P-Bass are trademarks of Fender Musical Instrument Corp

                                      June 2012
P-Style Bass Pickup

The P-Style Bass pickup is a 2 piece, split-type pickup. Like our J-Style pickups
they were designed to maintain authentic P-Bass™ tone and character but with
extended frequency response and articulation that characterizes all Joe Barden

The P-Style pickup delivers the quiet performance you would expect of any JBE

P-Styles may be mixed in a P or PJ arrangement for guitars that are routed to
accept standard P and J-Bass™ pickups.

P-Style bass pickups are available for 4 string P-Bass models only.

                            List Price       $169.95 each
                            Street           $159.95 each
                            Part#:           PB4

     J-Bass and P-Bass are trademarks of Fender Musical Instrument Corp.

                                 June 2012
                         R4000-Style™ Bass Pickups for
                         Rickenbacker® 4001/4003 Basses

The R400-Style™ Bass pickups for Rickenbacker® 4001/4003 series basses are a major
improvement over stock and even most replacement pickups for this iconic bass. Like all
JBE pickups, the R4000 Styles solve the most common problem of noise and hum that
plagues RIC™ bassists and often relegated this iconic instrument as prizes within the
arsenals of many RIC™ bass enthusiasts. The R4000 Styles are so quiet you may even
question if they are on, allowing you to use your RIC™ bass on more gigs and recording
sessions without fear of noise.

But the benefits do not stop with noise-free and hum-free performance. Other benefits
     Retention of the classic RIC™ vibe and tone
     An expanded tonal palate that allows the bass to be used for a broader variety of
        musical styles.
     Powerful operation with a highly articulate response and feel that lifts your RIC™
        out of the mix.
     Visually compliments the character of your RIC™ by reuse of the RIC’s chrome
        pickup hardware for drop-in installation with no modification to the instrument.
     Simple 2-wire installation
     Above all, the R4000 Style bass pickups are JBE designed pickups renowned for
        hi-fidelity sound and performance.

                                         SET Pricing
                                        List   $349.50
                                        Street $299.95

                                  Available in Black Only

                  Rickenbacker® is registered to Rickenbacker International Corp
                     RIK™ is a trademark of Rickenbacker International Corp.
             Rickenbacker® and Joe Barden Engineering/JBE Pickups are not affiliated.

                                           June 2012
JBE Soapbar Pickups

JBE Soapbar pickups offer authentic soapbar tone with the presence, musicality,
and noise free performance that are characteristic of all JBE pickups.

Our Soapbar pickups were not designed as simply another vintage recreation.
Instead, they meet the critical demands and expectations of today’s players for a
high fidelity pickups that is also able to retain all the characteristic vibe of the
beloved soapbar pickup…. but with “ more”.

The bridge pickup has the “attitude” players expect from a soapbar pickup, taking
guitar solos to great heights. The neck pickup is wonderfully warm, clear, and
present…never dull or lifeless. With both pickups switched “on’ you get a
hollow/woody sound that seems to belie the tonal character of each pickup
separately. Equally impressive is that the noise and hum of traditional Soapbars
are totally eliminated in the JBE design, making them perfect for recording and
liver performance.

JBE Soapbars fit the body routes of any guitar that conforms to the Gibson
soapbar/P90 specification.

                       Individual Neck or Bridge Pickup:
                         List Price       $169.95 each
                         Street           $159.95 each
                         Part#:           Sbar N (Neck : specify black or cream)
                                          Sbar B (Bridge: specify black or cream)

                                 Set Pricing
                          List              $339.90
                          STREET            $279.95
                          Part #             Sbar Set

                          Available in Black or Cream

                                  June 2012
                 JM Two/Tone for the Jazzmaster™

The JM Two/Tone ™ for the Jazzmaster™ is a variation of our HB Two/Tone™
pickups that adds a new dimension to the Jazzmaster. Retained are all the
beloved surfy single coil tones, but now for the first time a range of full-bodied
humbucker tones for Jazz, Rock, Country and other musical styles are also
available extending the capabilities offered by the Jazzmaster™. All these sounds
are at your fingertips using the noiseless mode switching inherent in the JM
   /Tone ™ design.

The JM Two/Tone has been physically modified to fit beneath a specially made
slotted Jazzmaster cover for drop-in replacement of your stock Jazzmaster
pickups. A simple replacement of the existing “lead” Volume and Tone pots on
the lower control section of the guitar with Push/Pull pots offer easy mode
switching without modification to this classic instrument.

               Sold in value-prices packages SETS only.

                             List      $399.90/Set
                             Street    $325.95 Set
                             Part #:    JMTT (B,W,C)

       Choose from White (traditional), Black or Cream colors.

           Jazzmaster is a trademark of Fender Musical Instrument Corp

                                  June 2012

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