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More About Telepathic Powers


									                     Everything To Help You To Understand Telepathy

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It is not simple to define telepathy, in fact most people do not even believe it exists at all. It is
basically being able to convey a thought or feeling without being in the presence of the other
person involved.

telepathy powers
In short, we can put telepathy on its own pedestal regarding a language.

Many animals use telepathy to transmit danger or food sources. Scientists have discovered this
fact after years of research. Some animals can even communicate over large expanses of areas.
It is not necessary for them to be close to each other in other words.

Historically human kind may have had telepathy as a survival tactic when tribes lived far apart
from each other and needed to be in some sort of contact. This may have continued with peoples
who are not modernized today.

What you need to understand is that telepathy isn't some sort of crazy aberration. Instead, it's
something that we should recognize just as we would when coming across a person with speech
issues. While we classify this as a disability, it should be the same scenario for someone who
cannot utilize their telepathic power. Unfortunately it's not, but hopefully in the near future it will be.

It is not known exactly when we lost our ability to use telepathy on a regular basis, it may be that
we have just simply closed our minds to the fact that we are telepathic.

Some may know about our sixth sense, the intuition as some call it. The idea of telepathy may
have just shifted to be called by a new name.

Most of us have felt a certain type of telepathic ability. How many times has your phone rang and
you instantly knew who it was? This is a very common form of telepathy. Some may even think
about someone and then the phone rings and that person is on the other line. It is felt that this is a
telepathic link to that person. You convey your thoughts to them and they in turn feel this and call
you because something guides them to it. Many may scoff at this and say it is coincidence, but
when this occurs on a regular basis, it is hard to discount that telepathy does indeed exist on some
It is difficult to pinpoint why most of humanity would have lost touch with their telepathic powers
and stopped believing in them.

Because of the elusive nature of telepathy in more modern societies, many may not feel that
telepathy even exists, but that is their chosen god who is sending signals of warning or messages
for them personally. This can benefit churches and organized religions who use this as an aid in
spreading the word of their god.

These religions among us have come to have such power over society that a great many people
have been taught to put no faith in telepathy, but only in 'the Messiah' or 'the Savior' or 'the
Prophet' rather than in their own natural abilities.

Why are religions so against the idea of humanity being able to communicate using telepathy?

There are a few religions that do follow the ancient paths and within these religions, telepathy is
not feared. In fact in some of the older religions, it is embraced and has become a tool for those
religions. There are no set leaders to tell the congregation that telepathy is a tool of the devil,
instead they congregation themselves choose what they will practice.

Another problem the modern world has with telepathy is its elusiveness from an orthodox scientific

Because we do not use our other five senses to access telepathy, the theory is that it can not be a
true sense as we know it. The fact there is a plethora of data to prove that telepathy does exist
does not matter to those who choose to close their eyes to the facts.

Instead you will find that we classify telepathic experiences as connections and instincts. We
believe this is true only because those scientists, who try to bring the negative side to it, can't
experience it themselves. However, they're always quick to acknowledge a strange or gut feeling
as an instinct. While this wouldn't normally be a big deal, it's hard to understand considering these
traits are just as elusive as telepathy.

Could it be jealousy on the part of those scientists who cannot exercise their own telepathic
abilities so don't want anyone to have them? And could it at other times be labeling a phenomenon
as being the more familiar 'instinctive-ness response' when really it was telepathic in nature?

It is hard to pinpoint when or why humans lost their ability to communicate telepathically, but it is
important to realize that in some forms we feel it every day.
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