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					                         Do Animals Communicate Using Telepathy?

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Telepathy can have many meanings to many people, the simply put definition is that it is being
able to feel what another feels without being around them. This must be done without being able
to see them, hear them, or touch them physically.

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Telepathy is simply a natural, although misunderstood level of communication.

While humans have lost most of their natural telepathic ability, animals have retained their
telepathic ability. Most of those people who work with animals swear that they exhibit some form of
mental telepathy within their group unit. How is it that birds always know when to fly south or north
for seasons? Ok, instinct has something to do with it, but how about how an entire flock will
suddenly take flight when a predator is around with out making a sound? Surely they do not all see
or sense the threat? It may well be that there is a telepathic link that when one bird feels the
danger it is telepathically communicated to the other birds of the flock.

Many years ago it was believed that primitive tribes possessed the power of telepathy, and
anthropologists still believe it today.

The truth of the matter is that telepathy isn't some esoteric subject. If we would believe that it's just
as reputable as learning a new language, people would accept it much easier. Seriously, we
always recognize those who have issues with speech, so why is it so difficult to acknowledge
those individuals who possess extraordinary powers. Shouldn't we consider the people who can't
do it as just having defectiveness?

But instead, our civilization has mostly lost the telepathic powers that are just as much part of the
natural human brain and capabilities as speech, response to music, and the five senses.

Telepathy has often been called the 6th sense. You may have also heard it called the third eye.
While these are not nearly the same thing, they are both linked to the ability of being telepathic.

We have many ways of expressing our intuition, or telepathy. You may get sudden shivvers down
your spine, some people say that is someone walking on their grave. This sensation is often a
precursor to a telepathic thought or feeling. Perhaps right after that some thing very good or some
thing very bad happens. Did you just have a telepathic moment or is it coincidence? Some may
have a feeling of dread for no reason at all, then they may get some bad news that they did not
want to hear. This also can be a form of telepathy in it's purest form.

It may be wondered by some when did we stop having more profound telepathy as opposed to

More formalized religion can surely take some of the blame. Most forms of structured religious
beliefs do not adhere to the fact that telepathy exists, instead it is assumed and associated with
darker cultures. This gives the common man a fear of what telepathy can do that may be evil.

Because of the nature of these older religions and the stigma of telepathy, it is hard for some to
have any thoughts of telepathy even truly existing. The only faith any more is in specific religious
leaders or prophets instead of putting faith in themselves as people.

So exactly why are religions so against the concept of telepathic powers?

Because of the celestial quality of formalized religious gods, whether they be Christian, Jewish or
Muslim, most of the traditional influential people have nixed the idea of telepathy as it does not fit
in with faith of said gods. It is rare, but more modern day theology pursuers are beginning to
realize that telepathy may indeed exist.

Telepathy is not thought of as a genuine article by most in the scientific community.

Perhaps it has been down played for them because of their religious beliefs or perhaps it is
because faith is needed to believe in it some what, what ever the reason, most scientist think
telepathy is folly. It could be that there are no scientific labels that are associated with telepathy,
as in the periodic chart or other measurements that are used. It can not exist if you can not
measure it. It is a close minded way of thinking, but it happens unfortunately.

Instead you will find that we classify telepathic experiences as connections and instincts. We
believe this is true only because those scientists, who try to bring the negative side to it, can't
experience it themselves. However, they're always quick to acknowledge a strange or gut feeling
as an instinct. While this wouldn't normally be a big deal, it's hard to understand considering these
traits are just as elusive as telepathy.

There may be some who are just closed minded out of a sense of envy. Perhaps they can not nor
will not believe or put their trust in to something that they can not feel, therefore they simply
discount it as fallacy. If they could have the power of telepathy, they may be more open to its

It is hard to say when we humans became bereft of our natural telepathy. Perhaps the gods
decided that we no longer needed it.

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