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									                        Do Animals Communicate Using Telepathy?

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Telepathy means 'feelings over a distance'. Telepathy is the direct transmission of emotions or
mental imagery from one person to another without using words, sight, hearing, touching, tasting,
or smelling.

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When we use our minds to convey what we are thinking without speaking is like having another
step on a ladder only you can use.

Even scientists and animal trainers have done extensive research and found that animals are able
to do this from very far distances. Keep in mind this isn't some small study, it's actually to a point
where they believe this beyond a shadow of a doubt.

It is believed that many natives who have not been modernized may be able to share ideas
through telepathy. This is an amazing observation in this technical day and age.

Most of our normal behaviors are learned behaviors. Some are more instinctual in nature and
telepathy is considered one of these behaviors. It is thought that we can be taught to be telepathic
again just as we are taught to read or to write. If we can teach those with learning disabilities to
over come them and lean these basic needs, why can we not teach those who are not telepaths
naturally to attain this trait?

But instead, our civilization has mostly lost the telepathic powers that are just as much part of the
natural human brain and capabilities as speech, response to music, and the five senses.

We all have a sixth sense that we are familiar with. There was even a movie by this name so it is
not an uncommon way of looking at telepathy.

This instinct can manifest itself in many ways and can be regarded as telepathic in nature by
some. I am sure we have all heard the instances of people who are just getting ready to board a
flight for a planned trip, just to get a weird feeling and then decided to not to get on the plane.
When they get home there are news stories of the flight they were about to take being in a bad
crash with few survivors. Did that person who chose not to fly have a telepathic insight? What
made them decide not to fly that day? Some might say it is a survival instinct that we all have.
Others will say it was a telepathic intuition that made them feel the danger ahead and that is what
made them falter and not get on the plane.

Why people starting to lose faith in telepathy or stopped practicing their ability to do so is hard to
figure out.

One problem with learning telepathy today definitely has to do with ascendant religions. Religions
today, especially Christianity and Islam, tend to distrust telepathy as being some kind of Satanic
tool or proof of demon possession.

These religions among us have come to have such power over society that a great many people
have been taught to put no faith in telepathy, but only in 'the Messiah' or 'the Savior' or 'the
Prophet' rather than in their own natural abilities.

Why, you may ask yourself, are the major religions so vehemently against the idea of telepathy?

A lot of it has to do with the powerful leaders of each religion. While we will say that there are true
religious leaders, there are some out there that don't want anyone else to have the power. Think of
it as someone challenging you in your workplace. Do you want to acknowledge that they know
more than you do? Of course not, which is why some religious officials do the same thing.

While this is a major problem, there are many other issues as well. One of the biggest has to do
with the assurance that comes from science.

Perhaps they have closed their minds to the concept entirely. It is hard to say as scientists do
accept intuition which is a form of telepathy. It may be because it has been rendering so far out of
normal human existence that they can not open their minds to this event being an actuality.

It's a big dilemma considering scientists have no problem accepting emotions and instincts. Are
these individuals being prejudice? It's possible, but since scientists can feel emotions and instincts
themselves, they consider this okay. When it comes to telepathy though, there is a lot left to be
explained, so they don't acknowledge it.

Could it be jealousy on the part of those scientists who cannot exercise their own telepathic
abilities so don't want anyone to have them? And could it at other times be labeling a phenomenon
as being the more familiar 'instinctive-ness response' when really it was telepathic in nature?

It is hard to say when we humans became bereft of our natural telepathy. Perhaps the gods
decided that we no longer needed it.

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