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									                         Do Animals Communicate Using Telepathy?

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It is not simple to define telepathy, in fact most people do not even believe it exists at all. It is
basically being able to convey a thought or feeling without being in the presence of the other
person involved.

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In short, we can put telepathy on its own pedestal regarding a language.

It is highly known amongst those involved in animal husbandry, that many species have some
form of telepathic behavior. Whether it be insects that are communal to the dolphins who use a
more obvious form of telepathy called sonar, the fact is that telepathy is real for many critters.

It is thought that there are some people who live together that still share this mental ability to share
ideas within their group or culture.

Esoteric is often a word used to describe telepathy, but it should not be. It should be viewed in a
like manner of any learned ability. If you have difficulties learning a language or reading, why can
you not have trouble perfecting your ability to be telepathic? It is very possible that if you have
some type of learning disorder, it will affect your ability to train this form of communication. It is not
something that is readily considered but it should be.

One thing to understand is that most of our societies over many thousands of years have simply
lost their telepathic powers. Even though it is just as natural, now we use only speech and the
common five senses.

Some people consider this another sense altogether. That is considered to be the sixth sense to
many. It also comes in many other names depending on the era and region. It is now basically
considered an instinct.

This instinct can manifest itself in many ways and can be regarded as telepathic in nature by
some. I am sure we have all heard the instances of people who are just getting ready to board a
flight for a planned trip, just to get a weird feeling and then decided to not to get on the plane.
When they get home there are news stories of the flight they were about to take being in a bad
crash with few survivors. Did that person who chose not to fly have a telepathic insight? What
made them decide not to fly that day? Some might say it is a survival instinct that we all have.
Others will say it was a telepathic intuition that made them feel the danger ahead and that is what
made them falter and not get on the plane.

Why people starting to lose faith in telepathy or stopped practicing their ability to do so is hard to
figure out.

How this began will probably never be answered, but it's believed that it was constantly down
played by religions all over the world. Most predominantly were Christianity and Islam. They
believe that this is the power of Satan and not a tool the human mind already has inside.

If you or someone you know are set in their religious ways, you've probably been told not to put
any sort of faith in telepathy. This is so you reflect this power to only be utilized by the Messiah,
Savior, Prophet, or any other name you use for the almighty.

Of course, the flip side of the argument is why does organized religion preach so vehemently that
telepathy does not exist?

A lot of it has to do with the powerful leaders of each religion. While we will say that there are true
religious leaders, there are some out there that don't want anyone else to have the power. Think of
it as someone challenging you in your workplace. Do you want to acknowledge that they know
more than you do? Of course not, which is why some religious officials do the same thing.

Another issue that we have in today's society with telepathy is that it cannot be scientifically
proven to exist.

Perhaps it has been down played for them because of their religious beliefs or perhaps it is
because faith is needed to believe in it some what, what ever the reason, most scientist think
telepathy is folly. It could be that there are no scientific labels that are associated with telepathy,
as in the periodic chart or other measurements that are used. It can not exist if you can not
measure it. It is a close minded way of thinking, but it happens unfortunately.

Yet, emotions and instincts are known and accepted to exist by scientists. So it would seem that
what we have here is simple prejudice: scientists can feel emotions themselves so they have to
accept them. Instincts can also be felt by humans, and instincts are needed to explain much
animal behavior, so they feel compelled to accept them, too. Yet these things are as elusive as

Whether scientists choose to call it instinct or just refuse to believe because they do not
experience it themselves is mute, the point is it just because you do not feel it does no mean it
does not exist.
This mystery may never be solved, but there are definitely different scenarios that could be true.
Another version dates back to biblical times when the Tower of Babylon story came around. Even
though the languages were brought about to migrate people, it could be the same for telepathy.
Hopefully some day we'll get a definitive answer.

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