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									                         Do Animals Communicate Using Telepathy?

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The basic definition of telepathy is feeling another's reactions or thoughts without using what is
categorical called the five senses. Telepathy is often referred to as the sixth sense. This allows us
to sense things without being face to face with someone.

a telepathic subsonic frequency
Telepathy is simply a natural, although misunderstood level of communication.

While humans have lost most of their natural telepathic ability, animals have retained their
telepathic ability. Most of those people who work with animals swear that they exhibit some form of
mental telepathy within their group unit. How is it that birds always know when to fly south or north
for seasons? Ok, instinct has something to do with it, but how about how an entire flock will
suddenly take flight when a predator is around with out making a sound? Surely they do not all see
or sense the threat? It may well be that there is a telepathic link that when one bird feels the
danger it is telepathically communicated to the other birds of the flock.

While humans in the West consider this to be a phenomenon, there are still primitive tribes around
today who naturally use the power of telepathy. This way they can communicate with one another
silently and secretly.

It is not that telepathy is a cryptic thought process, it is that many do not know what it is or if they
have felt it before. At one time in our historic history, humans have been telepathic. Just as easily
as humans could read or write, they were able to communicate telepathically.

While humans have kept their other senses; sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste, the sense of
telepathy is no longer evident in modern humanity.

Telepathy is in fact linked with the 'sixth sense', sometimes referred to also as the 'third eye'.
These two things are not exactly the same thing, but telepathic powers come from that same
second nature of human beings and animals.

We have many ways of expressing our intuition, or telepathy. You may get sudden shivvers down
your spine, some people say that is someone walking on their grave. This sensation is often a
precursor to a telepathic thought or feeling. Perhaps right after that some thing very good or some
thing very bad happens. Did you just have a telepathic moment or is it coincidence? Some may
have a feeling of dread for no reason at all, then they may get some bad news that they did not
want to hear. This also can be a form of telepathy in it's purest form.

Why did society lose their abilities of telepathy for the most part?

Then of course there are many religions out there that don't believe this is a transcendent power
from God. Instead religions like Christianity and Islam believe this to be a Satanic tool that has
possessed the person with demonic powers.

Because formal religion has gained in power over the last hundreds of years, many have been
trained to put their thoughts and beliefs into their religion instead of into their own inner powers. By
idolizing religious icons, the church has gained some power over the faith of its followers.

Knowing this, you have to wonder why they are so distrustful when it comes to telepathy.

Our own opinion is that if others possess a power such as this, they can challenge the leaders of
the church. Since no one wants to lose their power, they keep everyone suppressed about the
matter. Granted, it's not like this everyone, but when cases arise it's usually the reason.

It is to be said that modern science does not accept the statement that telepathy does exist.

While most scientists believe there is a connection between telepathy and the mind, there are
some out there that just can't accept it. On a lawful approach, some scientists believe that
telepathy cannot be numerically measured, tasted, or touched.

Scientists do not however have a problem in believing that intuition is a true emotion. Intuition is
not far from telepathy so it is wondered why the disparity can happen when it comes to telepathy.

There may be some who are just closed minded out of a sense of envy. Perhaps they can not nor
will not believe or put their trust in to something that they can not feel, therefore they simply
discount it as fallacy. If they could have the power of telepathy, they may be more open to its

Why we as a people have become out of touch with our ability of telepathy is an unknown mystery
but perhaps it can be traced back the biblical story of the Tower of Babylon. Perhaps the reason
that there was so much confusion in language was because some of those languages were
actually telepathy and it created chaos. One will never know but the lesson learned is that just
because you cannot do it, does not mean that it doesn't exist.

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