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					       Advance Placement U.S. History (APUSH) Summer Reading
                       Assignment Addendum

For those students who have e-mailed me this summer, thank you for your
correspondence and questions pertaining to your summer reading assignment. For those
students who have not acquired the required supplemental texts and started the
assignment, you are running out of time.

Many of your questions pertained to MLA format and the questions aligned to the,
Voices of a People’s History of the United States reading and DBQ’s.

I apologize for the confusion; please find clarification on the expectations of the
      Since you are not writing a research paper, my only request is that you follow the
        general guidelines for paper format, i.e. Doc. settings, page header, title block,
        etc., and in-text citation (system for referencing sources through parenthetical
        citation). To further assist you, I recommend looking at In regard to in-text citation, I
        believe there are only two questions (3 & 5 from Lies My Teacher Told Me), that
        asks to compare “Lies” information from another source. Bottom line, don’t
        worry about it, do your best and we will discuss MLA format further when we
        return in August. I am more concerned with the substance, insight and
        comprehensive responses to the questions.
      The questions you are asked to answer aligned with, Voices of a People’s History
        of the United States, are simply questions aligned with the primary documents
        read. There is a specific more through DBQ process and format we will be using
        as we prepare for the APUSH assessment.

If you go the Sunnyslope High School Home web site, Contact Us, Faculty Directory,
Dallas Hickman, I have downloaded this letter, the MLA site, and the Summer Reading
Assignment. I hope this helps, contact me if you have any questions and or concerns.

Best Wishes, Respectfully Yours,

Mr. Hickman

                 “Words without deeds is like a garden full of weeds”
                                  Mother Goose

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