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									                              A True Understanding Of Telepathy

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Telepathy is being able to get in tune with someone else no matter where you are located. It is a
direct link mentally without need to be in the vicinity of the other person in question.

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Most people believe this to be a type of communication that is well above every other type.

Over the years animal trainers and scientists have come to understand that animals use telepathic
communications when connecting with one another. However, this can also extend over a far
distance and not just when in close proximety.

While humans in the West consider this to be a phenomenon, there are still primitive tribes around
today who naturally use the power of telepathy. This way they can communicate with one another
silently and secretly.

Esoteric is often a word used to describe telepathy, but it should not be. It should be viewed in a
like manner of any learned ability. If you have difficulties learning a language or reading, why can
you not have trouble perfecting your ability to be telepathic? It is very possible that if you have
some type of learning disorder, it will affect your ability to train this form of communication. It is not
something that is readily considered but it should be.

It's unfortunate, but our civilization has lost its ability to stretch the telepathic mind. Even though
it's a natural part of the human brain, society has created a shell for most people to keep from
using it.

In fact, telepathy is sometimes called the 6th sense or your third eye that sees things your other
two cannot. While these two facets are not actually related to each other, you get the general idea
that these skills are equated to telepathy originating from the second nature that humans and
animals are sometimes talked to possess.

There are many ways that modern humans may now experience forms of telepathy. The instinct
that we all think of a gut reaction. In an even more base level, when a woman is pregnant, the
baby can not tell the mother what nutrients it is lacking. Instead, the baby communicates
telepathically by sending out cravings to the mother. Not all cravings are the funny ice cream and
pickle types. The mother generally gets cravings that are vitamins and nutrients that may not be
normal in her every day diet. By sending out these telepathic thoughts, the baby can communicate
it's need to the mother without having to speak directly to the mother.

It may not be easy to figure out when and why humans do not experience telepathy as the norm
any more.

More formalized religion can surely take some of the blame. Most forms of structured religious
beliefs do not adhere to the fact that telepathy exists, instead it is assumed and associated with
darker cultures. This gives the common man a fear of what telepathy can do that may be evil.

It may be that as the world population grew, our need for telepathy began to wane as our survival
was not dependent upon it and putting this sense on to a higher power made more sense at the

While we aren't trying to offend anyone, you have to ask why religions would be so distrustful of

There are a few religions that do follow the ancient paths and within these religions, telepathy is
not feared. In fact in some of the older religions, it is embraced and has become a tool for those
religions. There are no set leaders to tell the congregation that telepathy is a tool of the devil,
instead they congregation themselves choose what they will practice.

Another reason telepathy is hit with such skepticism is that it has not scientific proof that it does
actually exist.

Perhaps it has been down played for them because of their religious beliefs or perhaps it is
because faith is needed to believe in it some what, what ever the reason, most scientist think
telepathy is folly. It could be that there are no scientific labels that are associated with telepathy,
as in the periodic chart or other measurements that are used. It can not exist if you can not
measure it. It is a close minded way of thinking, but it happens unfortunately.

Yet, emotions and instincts are known and accepted to exist by scientists. So it would seem that
what we have here is simple prejudice: scientists can feel emotions themselves so they have to
accept them. Instincts can also be felt by humans, and instincts are needed to explain much
animal behavior, so they feel compelled to accept them, too. Yet these things are as elusive as

There may be some who are just closed minded out of a sense of envy. Perhaps they can not nor
will not believe or put their trust in to something that they can not feel, therefore they simply
discount it as fallacy. If they could have the power of telepathy, they may be more open to its
This mystery may never be solved, but there are definitely different scenarios that could be true.
Another version dates back to biblical times when the Tower of Babylon story came around. Even
though the languages were brought about to migrate people, it could be the same for telepathy.
Hopefully some day we'll get a definitive answer.

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