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					   How NEYNL WDC is
supporting the introduction of
         What is e-learning?
Learning using a computer, computer
network, intranet or internet…

For the WDC:
Learning over the Internet using an e-learning
environment (MLE)
• VLE (Virtual Learning Environment)
  – The actual “classroom” where Trainers can add and
    develop courses and Learners can access those courses
• MLE (Managed Learning Environment)
  – The VLE plus the “back office” (administration)
  – It allows administrators to keep track of registrations,
    who’s doing what and when, report on training activity
    and monitor assessment
     Advantages of e-learning
• Self-paced
• Consistent
• Accessible - Martini-effect (any time, any
  place, anywhere)
• Stronger grasp of subject through use of
  quizzes, video, audio, etc.
• Faster
  Where does e-learning fit?
• In certain circumstances, it can replace a
  tutor-led course
• But usually integrated within a training
• Another method of training delivery -
  “Blended” approach
        And the training staff?
• Need trainers/subject experts to design,
  develop and quality assure courses
• Need trainers to support the learners (it can
  be a lonely place in cyberspace)
• Administrators to add users and report on
    Why implement it locally?
• Strategic drivers:
  – National: To meet stated objectives under
    “Working Together Learning Together
  – Local: To progress the e-learning Strategy for
    all health communities within the NEYNL
    WDC using “joined up thinking” with other
    national/local initiatives i.e. NHSU, HYMS etc.
                Role of the WDC
• Appointed 3 e-learning co-ordinators and web developer to
  support local health communities
• Start up funding to implement an MLE across NEYNL
• Procurement and hosting of an MLE
    – Tender issued in November
    – Contract awarded beginning January 04
•   Initially fund licences
•   Initial funding to train trainers and administrators
•   Support the development of courses
•   Develop networks for e-learning across NEYNL
NEYNL E-learning Environment
                 Role of Trusts
• Technology:
  – Identify appropriate work areas/access to IT
  – Local IT support
• Training
  –   Identify local priorities for content development
  –   Release staff to collaborate on developing materials
  –   Identify trainers and administrators
  –   Release identified staff to do the training
             Steps taken or to do
• Toolkit to assess state of readiness of early adopters sent
  out in December
• Leads to action plan with Trusts in January
• Development/commissioning of first e-learning courses
• First cohort for “e-tutor” training with Hull University (Jan
  – March)
• Supplier to train group of administrators and trainers on
• Initial e-learning programmes launched in April (pilot
E-Learning Co-ordinators (elcs)
North Yorkshire - Jackie Smith
E-mail: Mobile phone: 07775 993 908
Tel: 01904 825196
Hull & East Riding - Caroline Smith.
Email: Mobile phone: 07879 494 085
Northern Lincolnshire - Carole Sheard
Email: Mobile phone: 07775 993 874
Tel: 01652 601184
Angie Clarke – Knowledge Services Manager
Mobile: 07958 335451 Tel: 01652 601184
Keith Ollerton – Resource Centre Manager
E-Mail: keith.ollerton@neynlha.NHS.UK Tel: 01904 724565
Eve Mryka – Web Developer
E-mail: Tel: 01904 724565

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