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					                               A True Understanding Of Telepathy

 how to learn telepathy
It is not simple to define telepathy, in fact most people do not even believe it exists at all. It is
basically being able to convey a thought or feeling without being in the presence of the other
person involved.

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Communication through telepathy is not done in the normal way we communicate.

However, there have been several scientists and even animal trainers who are completely
convinced that animals have the power of telepathy. While you would think this would be a crazy
thought, they actually believe this can happen by vast distances.

Historically human kind may have had telepathy as a survival tactic when tribes lived far apart
from each other and needed to be in some sort of contact. This may have continued with peoples
who are not modernized today.

Most of our normal behaviors are learned behaviors. Some are more instinctual in nature and
telepathy is considered one of these behaviors. It is thought that we can be taught to be telepathic
again just as we are taught to read or to write. If we can teach those with learning disabilities to
over come them and lean these basic needs, why can we not teach those who are not telepaths
naturally to attain this trait?

It is felt that there is the possibility that telepathy has evolved out of mankind through natural
selection. Perhaps with all the modern advances we no longer need to be telepathic.

Some people consider this another sense altogether. That is considered to be the sixth sense to
many. It also comes in many other names depending on the era and region. It is now basically
considered an instinct.

There are many ways that modern humans may now experience forms of telepathy. The instinct
that we all think of a gut reaction. In an even more base level, when a woman is pregnant, the
baby can not tell the mother what nutrients it is lacking. Instead, the baby communicates
telepathically by sending out cravings to the mother. Not all cravings are the funny ice cream and
pickle types. The mother generally gets cravings that are vitamins and nutrients that may not be
normal in her every day diet. By sending out these telepathic thoughts, the baby can communicate
it's need to the mother without having to speak directly to the mother.

It may not be easy to figure out when and why humans do not experience telepathy as the norm
any more.

You often see this amongst many religious organizations like Christianity and Islam that believe
this is a tool used by Satan and is simply demonic power.

Religion has such influence over our culture and they have used that influence to dismiss
telepathy as actually existing. Followers have been taught to that only the Messiah or the Savior
can possess special abilities and that they need place their faith in that instead of believing in

But this does beg the question, why would religions come to be so distrustful of telepathy in the
first place?

The main theory as to why religion has denounced telepathy is because of a base power struggle
between the spiritual leaders of certain churches and faiths. These unscrupulous leaders would
rather our faith be in the deity of their chosen religion rather than in ourselves. This gives more
weight to their specific god or holy leader and makes it easier to have faith in them.

Another reason telepathy is hit with such skepticism is that it has not scientific proof that it does
actually exist.

Even though we do have open-minded scientists who believe in telepathy, there are some out
there who think it's virtually impossible. The thought behind it is that you cannot taste or touch it,
nor numerically measured. Believing this only keeps the positive thoughts at bay.

It is common knowledge that we all feel emotions and have instinctual behaviors. These can not
be measured either but they are still customary feelings that are accepted by the scientific

Could it be jealousy on the part of those scientists who cannot exercise their own telepathic
abilities so don't want anyone to have them? And could it at other times be labeling a phenomenon
as being the more familiar 'instinctive-ness response' when really it was telepathic in nature?

Have the gods chosen that we do not need telepathy any more or have just lost the ability over
time? It is hard to say, but it is known that humanity, at one time, was telepathic.

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