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									Dear Parents / Carers,                                              July 2012


We are pleased to announce that from this September the school will be taking over
the catering company that has previously been on contract to a profit-based
company. This has been as a result of student concerns, the canteen staff’s wish to be
more responsive and our evolving co-operative ethos.

Following consultations with the student council, Eco-committee and staff, the old
canteen will be renamed as part of the launch as ‘The Diner’.

New menus have been devised with student input, which meet the government’s
nutritional guidelines. The menu will revolve around a three week cycle as follows:

              MONDAY         TUESDAY        WEDNESDAY THURSDAY            FRIDAY
Week 1        Chicken &      Beef           Roast Turkey   Sweet & Sour   Crispy
              Vegetable      Lasagna        Vegetarian     pork           Battered
              stir fry       Macaroni       Toad in the    Vegetarian     Cod
                             ‘Double’       Hole, Roast    Chilli         Cheese &
              Vegetarian     Cheese         Potato,        Rice / Mixed   Tomato
              Risotto        Green Beans    Broccoli,      Vegetables     Quiche
                                            Swede                         Chips
              Sweet corn                                                  Mushy Peas
                                                                          Baked Beans
                                            Steamed        Bread &
              Dundee         Chocolate      Marble         Butter         Apple &
              cake&          Fudge          sponge with    pudding with   Blackberry
              custard        pudding with   custard        custard        crumble with
                             custard                                      custard

              MONDAY         TUESDAY        WEDNESDAY THURSDAY            FRIDAY
Week 2        Jumbo          Chilli Con     Roast Lamb     Chicken        Crispy
              Sausage        Carne          Nut Roast      Tikka          Battered
              Vegetarian     Vegetable      Roast Potato   Vegetable      Cod
              Cottage Pie    Medley         Cabbage        Bolognaise     Spicy Been
              Mash Potato    Spinach        Swede          Rice           burger
              Cauliflower    Carrots                       Spaghetti      Chips
              Peas                                         Sweet Corn     Mushy Peas
                                                                          Baked Beans
              Carrot Cake    Jam Roly       Apricot Rice   Pineapple
              with custard   Poly with      Pudding        Upside down    Eton Mess
                             custard        Custard        cake with
              MONDAY         TUESDAY          WEDNESDAY THURSDAY             FRIDAY
Week 3        Spaghetti      Traditional      Roast Pork     Chicken         Crispy
              Bolognese      English Brekki   Macaroni       Stroganoff      Battered
              Vegetable      Vegetable        ‘Double’       Sweet & Sour    Cod
              Curry          Lasagna          Cheese         Quorn           Cheese &
              Mixed          Baked Beans      Roast Potato   Rice            Broccoli
              Vegetable      Chopped          Carrots        Peas            Quiche
                             Tomatoes         Swede          Sweet Corn      Chips
                                                                             Mushy Peas
                                                                             Baked Beans

              Pear crumble   Sticky Toffee    Chocolate      Fruit Salad &   Syrup
              with custard   Pudding with     Brownie with   Custard         Sponge and
                             custard          custard                        custard

Other snacks and a full range of sandwiches and baguettes will also be available from
the three serving areas in school.

The Diner will be arranging free ‘taster sessions’ for students with our new suppliers so
that students can sample some of the new menus and ideas that we wish to introduce.
There will also be termly consultation with the school council for feedback on the menu,
including price, quality and service to ensure the school meets student expectations.

The menus will also include produce from local suppliers to ensure the school continues
to support local business and to support our Eco aims to reduce transport / CO2

We also aim to introduce ‘Theme days’ by bringing in / making specialty foods from
different countries from around the world as well as a ‘Fair Trade’ day as the school
participates in the Fair Trade fortnight and aims to become a Fair Trade school.

Students will be able to receive information, updates and special offers from ‘The Diner’
via the network of TV screens in school as well as the dedicated electronic menu
screen within ‘The Diner’. We will also include menu information on the school’s

From September, Free School Meal tickets will also increase to £2.00 so that students
can purchase a hot meal, cold dessert and a drink. Further information on Free School
Meals can be found on the school’s website at

The school will also continue to cater for pupils from St Nicholas & St Laurence Primary
School who visit ‘The Diner’ daily before the Wey Valley lunchtime.

We do hope you agree that the changes to the Diner will provide a varied healthy diet
for students. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at the school.

Yours sincerely

Rob Cole                                  Kerri Walker

Rob Cole                                  Kerri Walker
Finance & Business Manager                Canteen Manager

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