Preparing Your Family for a Hurricane

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					Preparing your Family for a Hurricane

For residents of the Florida area, hurricanes are a commonplace occurrence. These disasters strike at
                                     coastal states with ferocity each year.

                                      While most of these storms dissipate or expend their fury early on,
                                      others can have a truly devastating impact. There simply is no way
                                      of knowing how serious the situation will be.

                                    Therefore, preparing your family for one of these storms should
                                    definitely be a priority for you. There are several important ways
that can make the process easier to bear.

Seventy-Two Hour Kits

First of all, seventy two hour kits are a must for any prepared household. These kits are typically packs
that have enough food and water and assorted supplies for three days.

This is a good minimum of readiness to have, and there should be one of these kits for every person in
the home. Most disasters will not last more than that amount of time, and at the very least they will buy
enough time to receive help.

Food storage is another way to be ready that is a little more involved. Storing extra food for a couple of
weeks or more gives your loved ones even more of an edge up against disaster scenarios. Make sure to
store it in a place where it won’t suffer water damage if, for example, you’re living in Tampa.

It is important to have a food storage that is nutritionally varied and is able to still be viable over time.
Be sure to rotate out anything approaching an expiration date.

Watch the News

Another good way to be ready for a hurricane
is to pay close attention to news reports. Most
of these storms need to generate themselves
into hurricanes before they start moving

Paying attention to the news will allow you to
make final preparations and get everything
ready. Be sure to secure things to your home
and stay away from windows during the course
of the storm, should you weather it there.

A basement space is much better for getting
through a hurricane. It is much more protected and viable.

Be Ready To Move

Above all else, have your family ready to move if an evacuation order is called in. Evacuation procedures
happen when a situation has been deemed to represent a true threat to human life.

You can be ready to leave by having seventy two hour kits and money ready to grab, as well as a
fireproof and waterproof box to contain all of your most important documents. Documents which allow
you to prove your identity and claim all of the critical things should be included in this portable box.

Documents like social security cards, deeds, titles, and birth certificates should be included, as well as
homeowner’s policies. When it all comes down to it, you need to be able to have the things that define
your life ready to go, in case there is a disaster situation.

Doing all of these things should help to prepare your family for a hurricane. While there is no way to
fully predict what will happen, being prepared in this way will definitely give you a needed edge when it
comes to getting through the situation safely and securely.

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Description: Disasters happen suddenly, leaving no time for last minute preparations. Start preparing now to protect your family in the event of a natural disaster like a hurricane.