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					                                                                                                                   P.O Box 98
                                                                                                         220 North Tubb Street
                                                                                                        Oakland, Florida 34760
                                                                                      407.656.1117 (Voice) 407.656.2940 (Fax)

News from Town Hall                                                                     July 2011
                    Update from Town Hall:                                  Update from Oakland Coalition of Churches
                       Triple “A” Festival                                               Community Garden
The Town of Oakland’s Commission and staff would like to thank      The Oakland Community Garden is moving forward but is in
everyone that came out for the Fifth Annual Triple “A” Festival.    need of donations and/or volunteers. We need to have fencing
The Town would also like to say a very special thank you to this    put up around the garden and supplies to build the 4’ x 16’
year’s honorees, R.L. Lewis and Issac H. Knight, both original      plots. A workday for interested gardeners will be scheduled
members of the famous HIGHWAYMEN landscape painters. The            sometime in late July or mid-August prior to the August 20
Festival was a great success and the Town looks forward to this     kickoff. Anyone interested in donating or joining please call
celebration for years to come.                                      Mike Mullen at 407-877-2498. Any gardening experts that are
                    Business Tax Renewal                            interested in helping are very welcome.

Attention Business owners, your Local Business Tax (formerly                           Vacation Bible School
Occupational License) renewal forms will be mailed in July. Your
current certificate is good until September 30. Late fees will be   The ‘combined’ VBS, held at the Oakland Avenue Charter
applied October 1. For more information please call                 School, was a resounding success with over 200 children
(407) 656-1117 Ext 11.                                              participating. Kudos to Kerri Ann Hayes for planning and
                                                                    executing this outstanding event.
              Take Time for Hurricane Planning
Plan an evacuation route.                                                     Update from Oakland Police Department
Contact the local emergency management office or American                         Protect Your Homes & Vehicles
Red Cross chapter and ask for the community hurricane
preparedness plan. This plan should include information on the      While we have had a decrease in the number of car break-ins
safest evacuation routes and nearby shelters.                       and burglaries in recent months, we want to remind each of
                                                                    you to keep your cars locked; even in your own driveways.
Have disaster supplies on hand.                                     Please do not leave any valuables or visible electronic devices
Flashlight and extra batteries                                      such as GPS’s in your car overnight. The Oakland Police
Portable, battery-operated radio and extra batteries                Department recommends keeping your garage doors closed
First aid kit and manual                                            whenever possible. Oakland is a very safe community, but
Emergency food and water (1 week’s worth)                           doing these simple common sense things will help to keep you
Non-electric can opener                                             from becoming a victim of opportunity.
Essential medicines
Cash and credit cards                                                                     Summer Vaction
Sturdy shoes
                                                                    With the middle of June comes the end of the school year. For
Make arrangements for pets.                                         the next two months the schoolaged youth of Oakland will be
Pets may not be allowed into emergency shelters. Contact your       playing in your neighborhoods and traveling our streets on
local humane society for information on local animal shelters .     bicycles, scooters and skateboards. We encourage everyone
                   Water Meter Change Out                           to drive more defensively during this time of the year.
                                                                                              Buckle up
In preparation for a water meter change-out project, meters are
being flagged for the contractor's location convenience. Please     Remember to always wear your seat belt, even if you’re just
protect and maintain the flags at the meters through September      going around the block or down to the store. Seat belts save
24.                                                                 lives and reduce serious injuries. Besides, it’s the law!
For other work: Call 811 at least 72 hours ahead of planned
excavation to allow for the utility companies to respond.                      Update from Oakland Nature Preserve

                   Watering Days Reminder                           The Oakland Nature Preserve will be offering an
                                                                    Environmental Day Camp this summer. For more information
Residents, please note that there is No Watering between the        call (407) 905 0054 or email
hours of 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. If you have questions in reference to The following schedule
your watering days, please call the Water Department.               is being offered for $125 per week
(407) 656-1117 Ext 10.
                                                                            Week 1: July 18 - July 22 / Group Dragonfly
                                                                             (3rd, 4th, 5th Graders)
                                                                            Week 2: July 24 – July 29 / Group Otter
                                                                             (1st and 2nd Graders)

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