The 1000 Acre Citizens Advisory Committee met on January 2nd 2008 by 6pIR9453


									                 1000 Acre CAC Meeting Minutes 1/2/08

The 1000 Acre Citizens Advisory Committee met on January 2nd 2008 at 11 North Street
Russell Library Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The Meeting was called to order at 7:00PM by Chairman Richard Quintal

Present at the meeting were Chairman Richard Quintal, Vice Chairman Paul McAlduff,
Alle Lanza-Cosgrove, Paul Cripps, Timothy Grandy, Richard Doonan and Scott

Also Present Mark Sylvia, Town Manager, Town of Plymouth, Edmund Starzec
MassDevelopment, Representatives of Good News Holdings David Kirkpatrick, Joe
DiLorenzo, Kevin O’Reilly Creative Strategies and Ken Caputo from Coler and
Colantonio. Martin and Roberta Shindler,The Shindler Perspective.

Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting
A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of
12/5/07 CAC Meeting

Report Public Service Impact Review
Town Manager Mark Sylvia gave an extensive overview of the Town Department Heads
Coordinating Committee meeting and report of issues submitted to him by the committee
for further review. Sylvia discussed the items identified as potential issues facing their
departments if a project like the one proposed is built on the 1000 Acre site.

Financial Impact Study Presentation
David Kirkpatrick of Good News Holdings introduced Roberta and Martin Shindler from
the Shindler Perspective, a husband and wife consulting team which specializes in of
entertainment industry. Mr. Kirkpatrick said that the he has acquired the services of the
Shindler Perspective to conduct a financial impact study in regards to the impact that the
proposed studio project will have on the local and regional economy. Kirkpatrick gave an
overview of the Shindlers’ experience in the entertainment industry.

Martin and Roberta Shindler opened their presentation by giving the committee further
information about their background as management consultants in the entertainment
industry. Roberta Shindler said they are going to do a study and give a report about jobs
created and the positive financial impact on the entire town if this project is built.
Martin Shindler said the initial process will be getting to know the community a lot
better. They will be meeting with members of the business community and the public to
get as much feedback as possible so they understand the concerns and needs of the
community. The study will study the local economy and the impact the movie industry
will have on it. The study will use historical data from other communities where the
entertainment industry currently exists and reveal the multiplying factors that this type of
industry could have on the local economy. The Shindlers said that the difference between
this project and other studios in the industry is the comprehensive plan to build a campus
style complex with an educational element that will lead to more homegrown jobs for the
David Kirkpatrick closed the presentation by giving further overview of what the project
is looking to accomplish as a community partner. He explained further the number good
jobs that will be created if the studio is built and said that the preliminary pro-former
numbers look excellent. Kirkpatrick closed by saying they will be sharing the results of
the study with the town as it comes in

Paul McAlduff asked the Shindlers to describe the types of jobs that will be created in the
film industry.

Martin Shindler described a list of new industry jobs that would be created if the studio is

CAC Member Scott Gustafson thanked the Shindlers for their presentation and spoke
about the excitement that the talk about the project has generated around town.

CAC Member Alle Cosgrove said that she is concerned that Plymouth may not benefit as
much due to the location of the site near other towns amenities. She also said that people
in town want to see the figures broken down on how much this project will cost the town
in infrastructure improvements.

Plymouth1000 Member Helen Hapgood asked the Shindlers if they would also be
conducting and reporting on the negative impacts such a project may have on the

Town Manager Mark Sylvia said it is the responsibility of the town to conduct those
reviews and they are being assisted in the studies by MassDevelopment.

Public Comment

Plymouth resident William White asked if the municipal airport would be seeing
increased activity due to celebrities and film crews flying in. flying in.

Martin Shindler said that most people coming in would use Logan or Greene Airport in
Rhode Island. He said that the small regional airports may see some increased activity.

James Houston Local Business Manager for the Construction Laborers Union said that he
represents many working families in Plymouth. He said the chance of added jobs will be
a big boom for the local economy and create opportunities for tradesmen who normally
travel up to an hour and one half each way for work.
Local resident Mark Barbieri said that he lives across from the Plantation and sees the
types of jobs it creates. Barbieri said as a life long resident he supports the project and
what it will bring to the town.

Bournehurst Estate resident Cullen Gustafson said that he is in full support of the project
and is looking forward to having the studio as his new neighbor. Gustafson said he is
tired of having to drive south to the Bourne Bridge just to head north and pass his
neighborhood ten minutes later. E said he is excited about the construction jobs that will
be created and finally he is very happy about the improvement that will be made to
Bourne Road due to the fact that his teenage daughter will be driving I a few years.

As there was no other business to attend to, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn
at 8:30Pm

Respectfully Submitted,
Scott Gustafsion

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